Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Meowloween!

Hai, Furriends!

   It is Meowloween today.  We no haz to wurry about a lotta noise where we live.  Dere are no sidewalks, no street lighting, and no little kids live on our street.  So is furry quiet here.  Da beans, sumtimes go to dere daughter's house.  Dat's where Tigger's sisfur Kaylee lives.  Dey has lotsa kids on dere street, and is furry noisy all nite.  Kaylee no likes, and hides under da beans' bed, we iss told.  Since our sisfur, Sootsie crossed da bridge last year, we no effun haz a black kitty anymores.  :::Pout:::  We still misses her, and mom's eyes still get leaky when she finks about her.

   We no likes to wear costooms anyhow, so da quiet iss okay wid us.   We jus haz a nice quiet day an night wif lots of nappy time.  Duz you finks we nappys too much?  Mom sez we iss getting lazy cuz we nappys and don't wanna play so much ennymore.  Hmm...but nappys are sooooo nice.  We likes to play when da beans are asleep.  Dey no likes.  We gits kicked off da bed!  Mewf!

  Mom wuz doin sum reading, an haz learned dat Meowloween started out from an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain, which was to celebrate da last harvest of da year, and purrpare fur winter. Da things dat are said by peeps on Samhain iss things like, "Happy Samhain,"   "Blessed Be,"  or "Merry Meet, Merry Part, till Merry Meet Again."
It wuz allus on October 31/November 1, but in da odder haff of da world, where things are upside down and backwards, it iss in May.  Nacherly, dat don't mean dat our furriends who lives dere iss upside down and backwards... just da place dey live.  MOL

   Happy Tricker Treaing, furrineds!  Meooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwl !!!

S. Tigger and Munchkin

Friday, October 30, 2009

Furriday Stuff

  Dis iss Tigger agin.    We wuz laffin at da cute name our furriends thot up.  Mom thot dey wuz all furry cute, and she speshully likes 'Breaks Into Cupboards' and 'Knocks Over Chairs.'  Hee hee  Well, I finally thot up Munchkin's she ackchulyy haz a few:  "Chews on Shoelaces,"   "Combs Peeples Hair,"  and "Drinks frum Faucits."

   Furriday iss treats day, and Dad gave us extry treats.   But den he said 'Dat's it--we iss all out.'  Uh, oh; we no likes to heer dat!  I allus tries to purrtend in a few minints like I didn't git any, and follow him goin' 'meooww' ... but Dad no falls fur it. He allus says, 'You already had yur stuff--I don' wanna heer no ...s*** !'  (I fink its a word we issnt s'powsed to say.)   I keep tryin', tho.

  I feels lazy today.  I fink I will go haz a nappy. 

  Talk to yous all laters, mai furriends.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Really Thursday!

Hai, Furriends!

   This is Tigger speakin.  Iss my turn to write da bloggie.  Today iss really truly Thursday, mom told me so!

Mom said she iss gonna pick da poma. ..pomi...(sumpin) granits offa da tree and takes dem to da kids at da dojo (whatefurr dat iss) so dey don't goes to waste on accounta she and dad no eats dem.  We kin sees dem frum da window in da beans' room.  Dey iss big red froots.  I don know why mom and dad no likes.

Well, I haz an idea fur a fun game, if any of our furriends wants to play.  It's called "what iss yur Indian name?"  Mom wuz reading sumpin and it said dat mos American Indian names were deescriptive..either of a purrson's akomplishmints, fizicul trayts, or behavyoors.

Patches' Indian name, den, I fink, would be, "Walks-Into-Walls."   Jigsaw's, I fink would be 'Thundering Paws."  MOL
I dunno for Munchkin..she haz me stumped.

Jest leave yur names on our bloggie comments, an we will all haz funs.  Iss not really a contest; der are no purrizes...but mom mite pick one she finks is best or cutest or funniest. 

Haz a good day, efurryone!

S...Tigger  ...a.k.a. "Big Beeyootiful Floofball"   Das my odder name, I fink.  (I no likes da Indian name mommy gaved me..she said it iss 'Scared-of-Shadows'  MEOWL!!)

P.S.   Here iss a linky to anodder fun thing--dis kitty blogger is Freya, and she liffs in da U.K.  and she iss collectin all da kitty bloggers on a big map of da world.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We're Told Today is Thursday--and we wuz lied to by Jiggy!


  Furry's Wensdee...Jiggy played za trick on me!

   Well, hello.  Jigsaw told me I haz to share da bloggie writin.  WELL, mewf!  As if!  Here he iz, sitting up dere alla time like da king...and haz da nerve to tells us we iznt doin our share when he's hogging da spot!   We iz lucky to sneeky in oncet in a while to wrtie a post.

   Anyways, it is still furry windy today, and we still no likes it!  An da beans heerd on da TV las nite dat one of da bridges dey use to go acrost da bay got broke in all da wind.  Mom's son-in-law haz to make dat trip efuury day, so now he haz to go da long way around.. furry scary.

   So, I wants to tells you all, dat we haz fun reading effuryones bloggie, an we apurrceeate all your bisits to ours and you comments.   We is furry sorry dat our typist iz so bizzy alla time, and dosen't git to bisit as many of your bloggies as offen az she would like.  We heerd da beans talkin about orderz, and having to do extry works.  Seems dey iz allus workin, and we no gits our playtime until aftur dinner.  Humf.

   So las nite, we wuz playin in our blue cubes, me an my best buddy Tigger, and da beans was laffin at us.  We wuz hazin funs!  Next thing, tho...they starts makin fun of my furz, sayin, 'how many spots duz it take to make a stripe?'  OMC!  I finks I haz purrty furz, an I spend a lot of time grooming so I look purrfect alla time, and den to git made funs of...well, dat wuz jus too much! 

  OK..I haz had my say, I took a turn, I hope Jiggy iz happy gettin us all in trubble for nuthin.
Wishing all our furriends a furry beeyootiful and not-so-windy day.

Signed,  Munchkin

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hai, Furriends.

   It is furry windy today, and we no likes.  We iss trying to stay nappying on da beans' bed.  Not looking out da windows.  Stuff iss blowin all offur da place.

  Mom said a naybor down da street losted a whole big tree...but lucky it fell away from dere house an car! But it did break dere fence.  Mom iss nervus, cuz dere is a same kinda tree next door, and dere is a big tall old phone pole rite in our front yard.

  Dad don't fink da phone pole would fall toward our house, but mom iss nervus anyways.  I iss sleepying in dad's chair..I mean my chair...hee hee!  Mom took a pickchur.  See:

 Oh, By The Cat... we heered it was "TockTober," but mom no has any tock's pickchurs.  Mebee we should give her sum hints.   MOL!  (Oh--I just wondered...iss my pickchur for today a 'tocks' pickchur??)

  I iss going to tell mom to put da mew pickchur into da compooter now, so I kin post my bloggie for today. 

    Say, has anyone noticed dat I iss doin most of da work blogging?  Hardly any of da odder kittehs do dere share..MEW!  I fink I iss gonna go start sumpin 'bout dat rite now!

S...Jigsaw Puzzle

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mondee Madness

We iss trying hard to stay out of mom's way today.. She wuz working at da compooter, and wuz having trubble wif sumpin.  She kept pounding da desk and saying stuff we don' usully heer her say.  An she sounded mad.

Der wuz papers all offur da desk, and dey wuz fallin on da floor.  She went out to talk to dad twicet, and we don' fink he could fix whatever it wuz for her, cuz he didn' com back in da house.  Mom and Dad beans no fight wid each odder...dis iss a furry nice house wid no argyments goin on, but sumtimes one of dem gits mad at sumpin else, an dey iss not happy fur a whiles.

We jus stay in da odder room so we don get stepsed on or sumpin.  I hope mom feels better soon so we can haz our scritches and belly rubs.

I know las nite, mom was upset wid da Patchy cat...she seems to haz a problem ... she finks if her face is offur da litter box, den she mus be in it... and alllus makes a mess on da floor dat mom haz ta clean up... but I don' fink dat's da problem today.. dat has nuthin to do wif da compooter.  I fink mom gits mad at da compooter a lot.   

So, we haz to cut dis short, now... heer she comes back agin.


Peeyess...I wuz pouting las nite, too.. I  gotted in trubble fur trying to help mom clean up after Patchy cat... I wuz jus tryin to bury da mess Patches left... nacherly da sand got on da floor--how else wuz I gonna bury da mess??

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Easy Sundee

Hai, Furriends!

     We gots to go to da pawparty last nite, and we had sum fun.  We met sum mew furriends, and saw sum odders we alreddy knew.  We shoulda brot a bigger toona pie, tho.  

    Today, we iss just taking it easy and kickin back.. We wishes mom had a webcamra thingee so we could show off our sleeping pose talents all day long!  MOL

     Haff a good Sundee, furriends!



Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Furriday

Hai, pals!

     Mom wuz runnin around wid da noisy cleaner macheen, and we all had to runs and hide.  Den she sprayed sum stinky stuff in da room...  Why do hoomans do dat?

   Well, anyways, she wuz so buzy she furgot to open da window drape for us to look at da birdies.  Meow!  We tried an tried to make hints, but she no listen. 

   At least dad gave us our treats, and since mom wuzn't makin toona, Tigger got his treats dis time. 

   Finully, after mom stopped runnin around, she open da window covers.  Mew, mew, mew!  She needs to git her pryoritees rite!

   We wishes a happy furriday to yous all!

.S...Munchkin & Jigsaw


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Hai, effurryone!

   Fanks again fur all yur kind wishes and purrs.  Mom really appreciates it.

    For effurryone dat was wishing Patches better wid her seeshurs... we iss afraid she iss as good as she gits.   She has what da beans call epawlepsy, since she wuz a kitten.  (If you missed it, you kin read her story here: ). 

 She is on medicins fur it, but she haz what da beans call 'breakthroos' about oncet or twicet a month.  Dat iss much better than when she wuz a little kit, and da beans say dey couldn't get throo efun a week widdout her hazing at least 2 seeshurs.  So, she iss 'better,' and we fanks you fur your good wishes fur her.  We will lets her know.

Now we iss getting da boot off da compooter, cuz mom sez she has 'stuffs' to do.  Beans allus gottat do 'stuffs.'  We don know why dey don just take nappys.

Bye fur now, furriends.  Fanks you for ur furriendships.





Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordy Wensdee

Hai, Furriends.

   Mom tol us to send her thanks fur all yur good wishes an suppawt.  She tinks it is furry nice dat all dese kits and their moms dat she nefur even met fur reals iss so nice to send all da good wishes.

   Dat made her feel sum better, an we gots extry cuddles, too.  'Cept she tried to cuddles Tigger an Jigsaw both at da same time, and dey no likes to share da same space.  MOL.  dey didnt know what to do... accept da cuddles or struggle to get down an git away frum each odder.  Dey iss funny boys.

    Den, in da afternoon, Patches had anodder one of her shaky-sickness things.  I lerned wat it iss.. I herd mom call it a 'seeshur.'  I tink dat was about da end of mom.  she allus gits upset when dat happens to da Patchy-cat, even wif her medicins.

   Fanks you all fur your good wishes.  We iss sticking furry close to mom now, in case she needs more fur and purr.  Hers eyes were leaky yesfurday. 

    Fanks you fur being our furriends, and furriends to our beans.

S.. Munchkin

P.S.   Jigsaw just gave dad and mom a turrible scare!  Da back door blew open, and dey wuz in da back room.  Dey came back and found da door open, and Jiggy wuz out on da porch!  He not s'posed to be out widdout his harness & leash!  Dad had a liddle trubble catchings Jigsaw, cuz he went under da chairs and wuz tryin to sneek out under da railing.  Dad gots him, tho... bad boy, Jigsaw Puzzle!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Terrible Toosday

Mom iss sad today.  We iss trying to cheer her up.  She gots a email dat said a good furiend of her and dads iss gonna move outta da state on account of he no can find a job here.  An dat makes 2 of dere furiends dat hass moved outta da state. 

Den she foun out dat a  liddle girl in her karate class died of a asthma attack on Furriday, plus da lady dat works wid dem fell down on Furriday.

As if all dat wuzn't enuf, anodder good furiend of mom's iss in da hospidal wid sumpin called 'dubble noomonia'.

So mom iss furry sads today, an we iss having trubble makin her laff.


Sunday, October 18, 2009


Just saying a quick hai to all our furriends so dey know we iss tinking about dem.  We iss going to be lazy today and not rite a hole regoolar bloggie post.

S...Jigsaw, Munchkin, Tigger and Patches

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well, well, furriends...

     Anodder week iss gone, and wee is still waiting on our videeo... NOW mom says she doesn't have anymore tapes, and didn't have any extra munny to get sum..  MEW!   We kittehs do just fine widout dis munny stuff the hoomans is allus fussing about.

    Mom says mebbee we should be out doin' sumpin called 'panhandling' to earn us sum extra munny stuff.  I don't tink dat's a kitteh's job.  I tink she wuz teazin, I know dey would never put us out on da street, as careful as dey are about keepin us away frum open doors.

     I woke up mom today wid whisker tickles and purr songs.... hee hee  meww....  she no like da whisker in da nose, but den da purr song makes up fur it..  MOL...    den I pounce on her feets under da blankies.  Well...she wuz sleepin thru our brekkfist time!   Sumpin about "Hey, it's Sattiday--we gits to sleep in."  I no get it....dey never sleeps ouside.....always sleeps in.... ... and besides, it's CATurday!

    Well, I gonna go see what mishciff I kin find today.  Have a meowerful day, furriends!


Friday, October 16, 2009


MEW...Hee hee hee.... Da Tigger gots in trubble...

   Well, not zackly trubble, but he missed out on his Furriday treats.   Mom wuz usin his perch for sum pickchurs she wuz takin', and Tigger went and told Dad it was Furrriday, and treat day.  Dad tol him he had to wait til Mom wuz done.

   So.. Mom got done, and Dad got out da treats.  All us other kits came runnin, and gobbled up our treats like always.  But Mom wuz making tuna for Dad's lunch, and Tigger smelled it, and wanted tuna instead.  But his treats wuz already on his perch, and Dad tol him, 'here, Tigger--this is your treats.'  Da Tigger just kept goin to da kitchen and beggin for tuna.   Dad tol Mom  not to give him any, so she didn't.

   Tigger never went back for his treats, so Dad put dem back in da bag.  Now Tigger iss givin Mom da evil eye.  He got greedy, and got nuttin.  Me an Munchie, we gots our treats.  We don't tink it iss Mom's or Dad's fault... Tigger done it to hisself.  He is a bad kitteh!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Thoughts


   Hai, furriends!  Mom is letting us haff a few minits to blog, but she says we has to be quick, cuz she is writing a article in her own bloggie.  She writes sumethings called 'photo tutorials.'  Dat bloggie iss at:

  We has read it, but it iss too confusling for us kits.  We don't take pickchurs, either, so we rather read about furry mices and nip toys.  MOL

   Iss sunny and nice out again today, after 2 days of gray stuff.  1 day stormy and 1 day just gray all day.  Not so purrrty.  Mom sez it iss gonna be like dat a lot coming up dis time of year.  Phooey... we likes sunny days better...Dere are more birdies to look at outside, and specially sunspots to nappy in next to da windows.

  Well, dat iss about all we haff time for now.. Mom is coming back, and wants to finish her artickle.

Mew for now!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordless Wensdee

Tigger and Munchkin on the people's bed!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hai, Furriends..

   Mom wuz buzy at the compooter all day yestidy, and she kept chasing us out, so we didn't get to write in our bloggie. Meowl!

   Today, iss just a furry short note to say hello mew to all our furriends, and hope you iss all safe and dry.  It is furry stormy here, raining, windy, kinda scary, so we can't be online today, either.  Mom says best not to have compooter on at all in dis weather.

   So, she is just gonna check her blogs, tweets, stores and stuff, and then shut down the compooter.

So we will mew at you another day.  Be safe, stay dry!  Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssss   extra hard for poor kitties who live outside.

S...Tigger and Munchkin

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Saturday in Octofurr

Hai, Furriends!

    Today iss a furry nice day.  It iss sunny, and der are lots of birds flying arounds outside for us to look at.  Munchkin, she pushed a bunch of mom's stuffs on da floor off da dresser wid jumpin up and sliding across, and switching her tail.  MOL  Mom didn't tink is wuz so funny, tho.

   Mom and dad are working today, so it is a lot like a regoolar day for us.  We iss almost alone in da house.  But, since mom and dad work at home, dey are in and out all day, so we can't gets away wid too much mischiff.

   Last nite, a big moth got in da house.  We wuz all chasin it, but it went sumwheres and hid.  We losted it, and we didn't get a snack.  Mew!  Da Munchkin, tho, she is lightning paws, and bein the toy hog of all of us, she prolly woudda been da one to catch it anyhows.  Mumpf!

   Mom iss out in her stoodio lookin for sum stuff she can't find.  She keeps coming in here, and saying stuff to herself.  She finding a bunch of stuff she was not lookin for, tho, and sum of it, she seems happy she found, and some stuff, she's saying, "what did I save this for?"  But I don't tink she found what she started out lookin for yet.  She keeps sayin',  "Arrrghh."  Hmm... we thot 'talk like a pirate day' wuz all over with... MOL

    Well, we iss getting kicked outta da office now, so mom must be goin back out to look for summore stuffs.  We will mew at yous all later.  Haff a furry nice day!

S... Jigsaw

Friday, October 9, 2009



   Dis iss Patches writin today, an I jus wanna say fanks you to all my furriends fur there good wishes.  Mom says sum stoopid peeples dat wuz sposed to know better, when I was a baby made dis happen to me, so I will has to live wid it all my life.  Mom sticks pills down my troat twicet efurry day.  I no likes it, but I guess it duz helps some.  

  Da pills makes me sleepys a lot, tho, I tink more than da odder kittehs.  I usully too sleepy to play furry much.  Sumtimes I trys to put da bitey on a toy, but better watch out your fingers aren't in da way, cuz sumtimes I has trubble seeing the  difrence.

   Fanks you again, my furriends for your nice words and purrrss...  

I iss sleepys agin now,   I will see you agin laters.  I wud send purrs back, by mom says my purr motor iss broke,   but pawlease know I wud send dem to yous all, so purrrs in spirits.  Your furriend, Patches.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Uh, oh, last nites was purrty scary.  Patches, she hads anodder one of her shaky-sickness times.  She feels it comings on, we tink, and she tries to run away froms it.  She goes crashing around da house widout looking where she iss going, and bangs into all sorts of things, makings a big noise.

It was in what da beans call 'da wee hours,' cuz dey wuz sounds asleep, but da noise woke up mom, and she came hurrying out of bed to rescue Patches from hurting herself.  She had knocked offur a pile of da beans music discs, and made a racket banging into da table, and da walls.

Mom cames out and grabbed her up, and took her to da baffroom, and cuddled her under a soft pad; she said it seems to help to block da light from her eyes.  But der was no lights on till mom got up.  Dat is confuzing. 

We wuz all hiding on high places to gets out of her way.  Da Tigger wuz up on da dining room table, and mom didn't even scold him; I wuz on da scratcher-tree, and Munchie was in da hallway..I tink she'd been on mom's bed when all dis happened.

After Patches stopped shaking, mom wrapped her in a towel and took her back to bed wit her, until Patches calmed down and stopped breathing hard...Den, she wants to get up and eat.  Mom says dey iss going to haff to ajust Patches medicines.  Dis is twicet in dis week, now.  

We feels sorry for our purrty furriend.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Update on our Furrriends

We has just learned that Samantha is back home.  Please continue the pawcircle and purrrrrsss for Mr. Tigger to come home as well.  Chatzy Room on the Cat Blogosphere site.  Please re-post.

Fanks you.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hai, Furriends!

   We iss doing da happy kitty dance.  Wheee.. Mom got out da video cam, and dusted it off.  She and dad went out Saturdee, to a model car race, and she tooks videos of da race.  Yestidee, she wuz working with da video in da computer, "edding" it, I tink she called it..

   Dat means our turn to be in video can't be toooo far behind... We iss doing da happy dance all offur da house.  Do yous tink we should praktiss acting for da camra??


Wheee...Meeeewwwwww  meeeeeeewwwhhhwwweeeehheeewww


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Purrs and Purrayers: Emergency Purring Circle

Purrs and Purrayers: Emergency Purring Circle

Send Purrs for Samantha and Mr. Tigger to be found safe and returned to their loving home.

Click on link above to go to the Cat Blogosphere's Chatzy Room for the Purr Circle.


Sundee Supplimint

Hai--dis is Tigger speakin' ...

  Da Munchie gots in trubble dis morning... dad woke up and found da rolly-paper all unrolled and all offur da bathroom floor.  He chased Munchkin out, and tol' her she wuz a bad kitteh.

  Hee, hee..  mom tol' dad, See?  I tol' you.  If the paper is coming off ofur da top of da roll, iss too tempting for da kits.  Gotta haf it come off da bottom against da wall.. then they don't sees it waving around and try to catch it.

Uh, ohs, I gotta go hide.  Heer comes da Munchie...she gonna catch me tellin tales on her. 

Later, furriends...


Sunday Stories


   Last, but certainly not least, is Jigsaw, whose full name is actually Jigsaw Puzzle, he being named after the many intricate patterns in his fur:  there is a heart, and a cursive letter 'h' among his other stripes and swirls.

   Unlike the others, who we deliberately chose to rescue from various circumstances, Jigsaw chose us. 

   It was February, 2008, and hubby and a friend were outside working on a project.  Up through the carport came Jigsaw, with a bird in his mouth. Hubby noticed at once that the kitty was hurt.  He had a nasty looking wound in his side, and it made my husband angry, because at first sight, he though it looked as if the poor little guy had been shot with a BB gun.  Jigsaw set the bird down, looked right up at my husband, and exclaimed, "Mrow!"  as if to say, "See?  I'm hurt and I still caught a bird and brought it to you."

   We had never seen this cat before anywhere in the area.   He just appeared that day.  We asked around, but no one else knew anything about him, either.  We fear he may have been dumped by some irresponsible jerk.

   Hubby has a very soft spot for all animals, and they know they have nothing to fear from him, and always gravitate to him.  He picked up this little kitty, who was fairly thin, and started to examine the wound.  Jigsaw kept looking at hubby, then down at the bird, and back again, doing a little bit of struggling.  Meanwhile, the bird recovered, shook, and flew away.  Oh, my goodness, the scolding that went on! "MOW!  Meerow! Mrrrow!  Mew, mew, mew!"  As if to say, "Hey, you let my dinner get away; now you have to feed me!"

   Since he'd been outdoors, and we had no idea of his history, we sadly left him outside and gave him some food and water.  Next, we arranged a litter box and a crate with an old blanket, and closed him up out in the shop overnight. 

    Next day, we took him to the vet to be checked out.  Turns out the wound was a ruptured abcess, the vet said likely the result of coming out on the losing end of a cat fight.   He passed his tests well..he didn't have kitty aids or FeLv.  The vet said he was "about 8 months old" at that point.  So, we decided he could be slowly introduced to the rest of the clan.  They'd been 'visiting' and hissing at each other, through the patio door ever since Jiggy had shown up on the scene.

   At first, Jigsaw was quite skittish and nervous around the other cats, but he eventually fit in.  At this point, we now had 5 cats, as we still had our Sootsie then.  Soot would not take any nonsense from him, and swatted him and hissed at him a few times.  Patches either ignored him, or growled and hissed and swatted, depending on where she was in her medication cycle.  If she was fully dosed up, she ignored him; if she was coming down, she wasn't having any sass from a kitten.

  Tigger was another story.  Jigsaw quickly discovered that he could cow Tigger, and take the upper hand.  Tigger, who is the largest of the cats, the eldest (next to Patches), and so second in seniority, should be the king of the castle.  But, as big as he is, he is also cat-dom's biggest wuss.  I cannot make him grasp the concept that "If you don't run, Jiggy can't chase you!"

  So, the chase was on, and continues to be on!   Several times a day, Tigger gets chased up or down the hall.....sometimes short-cutting to his bed across our bed...often after we are in bed...and we get trampled in the kitty stampede.   The two of them sound like a herd of elephants thundering down the hall.  I think they missed the chapter explaining that cats are light on their feet!

  Early on, they were so bad that I would sometimes put them both in Tigger's large carrier.  "There!  sit there for a while, and learn to get along!"  They were just fine then.  They made no attempt to battle inside the carrier.  However, when they were released, they would head in opposite directions as far from each other as they could get.  Jigsaw would toss a look over his shoulder as if to say, "See? You got us in trouble!"   As if it was Tigger's fault!  OY!  

   At this point, I'm unsure if they've arrived at some kind of truce, and are 'just playing' when they carry on, or if they are just showing off.  There does not seem to be any evidence of chasing when we come home from being out for a while....'evidence' meaning tufts of Tigger fur on the carpet...which I will find often enough if I am home and seeing or hearing chase scenes.     

   Munchkin will not tolerate any crap from Jigsaw, either.  In fact, she will chase him.  Tigger and Munchkin play together very well, and will playfully chase each other.  It is funny; in a way, we have a 'pecking order' going on:  Jigsaw chases Tigger; Munchkin chases Jigsaw; Tigger chases Munchkin.   We call it "The Kitty 500."  It can be quite a hazard to objects on the lower shelf of the coffee table, which they view as a shortcut.

   Jigsaw Puzzle is a very sweet and loving kitty.  He loves lap time, eats up pets and scritches, and sleeps right between our heads most nights.  Sometimes, he will sleep on the extra pillows above my head.  Tigger may feel displaced, as he used to sleep with us, but he got kicked off the bed too many times (long before Jiggy's arrival) for disturbing our sleep by sucking his tail (loudly!) while mushing.  Soot used to sleep right between us like that quite a bit.  In a way, Jigsaw has taken over for her, beiing the same kind of 'little lover,' but we do not miss Soot any the less.

  We have no way to know how long Jigsaw was outside on his own, but I think for some time, given how thin he was, and the fact that to this day, he remains fairly skittish and easily startled.  He is very wary, and is on alert at the least little noise that Munchie and Tigger will sleep right through.  But, he has found his forever home here, and like the rest of the lot, we love him dearly, quirks and all. 

   And that finishes the series on the acquisitions of each of our 'fur kids.'  You've now met the whole family.  I now return the Sunday blog to the cats.  ;-)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Freaky Furriday

Well, Furrriends....

   The story goes like this:  Mom gots da video cam battery all charged up, and she is reading da manyool.  But der iss a snag.  She wuz going to install da sofware on her compooter, and it said she had to have some card thingee installed furrst.
   Well, she don't know where da card thingy iss, and she tinks it is in her old compooter.  Dis is a job for dad to change it to da noo compooter.  Da problem iss, dad iss not home today or tomorrow, he iss busy offisshyating at a big nationals radeeo control model car race being held at da local hobby store.

   Well, now, dis iss a big event, and he will be home furry late both nites, so we don't sees how mom iss gonna upload any videos before nex week sumtime.  :::pouting::: Mew, mew, mew, meoowwl !!

Meanwhile, fur your entertainment, here is a cupple of Freakish Furriday photos of da Munchkin and da Patches.  We don't even wanna comment on what wuz goin' on here...


 And dat is da update fur today.


Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hai, Furriends..

    Well, oh, fish!   Mom says she has to read da manyool, and re-learn how to use her video camra cuz it been too long since she used to...

   So we hopes no kittehs is holding dere breaths waiting fur our videos.  We iss not amuzed.

Now we iss gettin kicked off da computer cuz mom has to do sum errands..  Fooey... mebbee we will be able to add more laters.

All for now... S...Jigsaw