Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Furry Impawtent Informashuns!

Hello, effurryone!

   Mom haz just published anodder artikle on her Hub Pages space, and it is abouwt us anipals, and taking care of fleas and nasty ticks wifout hurting us.

  She haz found owt that the stuffs dey sell in da stores has bad fings inside dat can make us kittehs and woofies furry sick or even go to da Bridge!

  Der iz a speshul group and website called Tiny Timmy, and a group on da Facebooky to follow him and his hard times from getting sick from dis stuff.  You kin learn abowt da Timmy Stones project, too!

Purrleeze, if you can, read mom's artikle, and share it around any and all ways you can.  It will help very much with Tiny Timmy's cause, and edumacate hoomanz to help get rid of dese bad produks.

Fanks you furry much.
Signed, Tigger and Munchkin