Saturday, February 27, 2010

Caturday Arguments

Well, well, mewf!  I wuz mindin' my own bizniss last nite, when Mom got home from goin' owt wif her dotters.  She got owt a toy, an Munchkin, as usual, wuz hoggin' it.  Well, I wuz just walkin' in da hall, takin' a stroll like I allus to, an out of nowhere, wif no warning at all, Munchie pownced at da toy, an she landed right on top of me!!  Nacherly, I screamed, cuz it skeered me, comin frum behind an all.

I wuz furry upset, and did not calm down at all until after mom put me safe unner da covers in her bed!  She had to give me extry pets an cuddles.  I wuz furry upset.  Dat Munchkin is a toy hog an a klutz and she no watches where she iz goin!  Iz not da first time she haz at least bumped into me.  I no likes.  Iz bad enuf I haz to take medicins dat makes me sleepy alla time, wifowt havin to put up wif dat kinda stuff.

Signed, Patches.

Now, Patches, you knows you iz allus walkin unnerfoot an trippin da beans, so I no wanna heerz about any 'not watchin where I iz goin!'  You just walks around in a haze an you no watch where you're goin!  Iz not my fawlt you wuz in da way of my game!

Signed, Munchkin

But Patches iz rite abowt you bein a toy hog!  I gits furry little play time, cuz you allus chase first, and scare me away frum da toyz.  Tigger runs off, too, an hides.  An you know what?  Mom caught you, Munchkin, doin' a furry notty fing.  She saw you in da litter box, liftin up yur butt and sprayin offur da top of da box!  You made a puddle on da floor, so iz not allus Patches doin dat, I finks!  Dat wuz not furry lady-cat-like, Munchie!  What will Inigo say???  Hmmm....  You iz allus tellin tales about effurrybuddy else.  You iz no angel!

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thots

   If you iz lookin fur our post, we wrote it today offur at da NKC blog.  Heer is da linky:


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordy Wendsdee by Patches

Ok, furriends...I iz sitting here meditatin' on what is my next move.  Should I nap, do mischief, eat,or what?  This is a very tough choice, and reeqwires a lot of concentrashun!

Sumtimes, I like to walk around and around in circles thru da howse.  Sumtimes I trip offurr da food bowlz.  I fink dat iz funny.  Makes mom come runnin.  Da bowlz are not effen out in da way.  I jus like to cut da corner close on my circle walks. MOL

But, really, I iz a purrty good kitty mos of da time. 

Heer iz a pickchur of me meditatin.

See, I haz found a nice qwiet corner where nobuddy come to bother me.

Signed, Patches.

Patches????  Um.... you wuz a purrty notty kitteh... you pooped in da hallway!  Mom wuz mad at you!  She jus scooped out our box an it wuz all clean, an you come along an poop in da hall!  How iz dat not being notty?

Signed, Munchkin

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Furry Impawtent Mews!!

Oh, boy, oh boy!  We iz so excited!  Mom haz finnally done it!  She haz got us our furry own TWITTER accownt ID.  Dis will make if MUCH less confusling when we iz at a pawpawty or sumpin, instead of havin to use mom's accownt.

Purrlease, all or our furriends dat iz already following our Mom's accownt (@DzyMsLizzy) ..Purrlease add our noo accownt to follow us kittehs:

See?  Mom was furry cleffur, we finks.  She putted da first 2 letters of each of our names...dat way, we iz all inkluded, and it still fitted in da furry few letters you iz allowed to haz!

We iz going to go into our mom's accownt now, an DM our furriends who may not see our bloogie.  So if you reads dis, and gits a tweetie fing too... purrlease escuuse da dooplicashun.

It took mom an awfully long time to git around to doin this, don't you fink?  But, is dere, now so we iz so happy an excited!

Meow fur now!

S...Munchkin & Tigger

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Late Nite

Hai, furriends!

    It iz already only 2 hours to tomorrow, and we iz only finally gettin our turn on da compooter.   Mom haz been heer all day long hoggin' it to herself.  We finks she wuz playin an goofin' around. 

    So, now, we iz gonna play all nite, an keep da beans awake.  MOL!

  Ok..we iz back.  Now iz only 1 hour to tomorrow!  Meowf!  Mom got out da fevver toy fur us to play wif.  Dat's more like it!  I got da fevvers.. Tigger wuz hidin in da cubez, and got dem a few times.  Me and Jiggy gots da mostest play time.  I gotted da whole fing away from mom an run down da hall wif it!  MOL  Dat iz my bestest trick!

  Fevvers iz our faffurrite toy.  What iz yours?

Headbutts, from Munchkin

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quickie notice

Mom haz a noo bloggie.  Well, iz not really noo....she jus' shifted her old one into this same 'dashboard' so she can more easily cross-linkify it.

She haz sum funny stuffs in dat one, an also sum essays an sum fings she calls 'comminterrys.'

Her noo post she made today iz about da garden.  Iz outside da odder winnows in da living room.  But those are da winnows wif those scary roller-shade thingees dat attacked me oncet.

We will check out her noo bloggie, an lets you know frum time to time if der are any innersting posts in it.  For now, we will try to sneek up on da winnows and hope we no gets attacked by da roller-shade monster again.  We iz hoping fur more birdies to look at, if she puts in plants.

P.S.  Oh, an one more fing--mom wuz fixing dinner, an we smelled sumpin tasty.  It wuz shrimp.  Mom gave us each a little piece.  Mew!  We is weird kittehs, she said!  We no liked it!  Me an Tigger an Jigsaw all sniffed our shrimp an walked away.  Mom wuz furry puzzled.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Freaky Furriday

Hai, Furriends!

Ok, so all dis stuffs happened yesterday, but it wuz late, an mom wuz tired, so we is postin it today instead.  We hopes you enjoys da pickchurs.
You kin click on any of dem to biggify, but you has to click 'back' an not "X" to come back heer, or da whole fing will close.

Tigger & Munchkin:  "Oh, boy!  Dad haz da catnip bubbles!" ***
Jigsaw:  "What iz bubbles?"
Tigger:  "You'll see!  Funz!"

*** (Mom's note: we found them at Wal-Mart!)

Jigsaw:  "Hey! It went away when I gotted it!"
Munchkin:  "You haz to be fast!"

Tigger:  "HA!  I got me one!"

Jigsaw: "I sees a bubble by da Tigger's tail! I wonner if I dares pounce on it?" (See arrow.)
Munchkin: "Common, Dad, blow summore!"

Munchkin:  "Oh, boy, I gotted da fevvers!  Auntie thot she wuz fast wif dem, but I haz lightning paws.  Mom sez so!"

Tigger:  "OK, Mom--enuf wif da flashy box!"

Jigsaw:  "Ha, ha!  MOL!!  Spotlite on da Tigger into da trash bucket!  He gotted caught!"

Mom:  "Hold still, Jigsaw!  How can I take a pickchur of your purrty face?"
Jigsaw:  "Maybe I don' want my purrty face all offur da place!"

Mom:  "There we go--that's our purrty boy!  But did you hafta flatten your ears??"

Jigsaw:  "I'm outta heer!  I don' wanna git caught nappin next to dem kittehs--I gots a repootashun to maintain!"

Munchkin:  "Do you mind???  I wuz nappin, heer!!"

And last but not least, Patches puts in a personal moment:

Patches:  "I dunno.  Mebbee I wuz a notty girl?  I can't remember.  I guess I'll jus give myself a time-out heer...."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursdee Thots

Las nite, da Dad cooked fish.  We kin still smells it, and he didn't give us any!  Meowf!  An he had da nerve to say on accownt of little bones.  Does he fink dat kittehs who lives alone an catches fish no eats da bones?  Mai goodness!  We will try beggin frum Mom instead tonite.  Mebbee she will fix sum for us.

Our poor beans are still haffing all kinds of trubbles.  Just when it seems like fings mite be startin to git better, sumpin else goes wrong.  Las nite, Dad's compooter would not connect to da innernets.  He wuz on da phone to da tekkie peoples, an it seems dat sumpin called a 'rowter' haz gone bad.  We iz just lucky dat mom's computer kin still get online, cuz dey iz both plugged into da same rowter thingee.  So dat's more extry moneys for a noo one of those.

Den, las nite, when dey wuz cleanin up da kitchen, sumpin broke inside da faucet, an water wuz comin out all offur da floor  from unner da sink.  OMC.  Such fings Dad wuz sayin'!   Da kitchen wuz all fixed up nice in 2007, so dat faucet iz not furry old.  Mom wuz upset on accownt of water on da floor, cuz iz a wood lam-in-ate floor, an no good fur water to floods on it.  Dey cleaned up all dey could reach, but no way to get unner da sink to dry what went unner der.

So, now we haz to cloze today's post, cuz Dad needs to look sumpin up on da innernet, and he haz to put hiz compooter directly into da mow-dem.. dat will disconnect Mom's compooter.

So, we will see you laters, furriends!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday's Here

Hai, Furriends.

   Well, da beans went out in der dancin' cloze last nite.  It seems dey had a Valentine's gift from Mom's dotter for an evening out.  It helped dem feel a lot better, on accownt of dey has had no extry green papers of der own to go haz any funz. So, all four of dem went out together an had a nice time lissenin to a band an doin sum dancin.

   In fact, dey wuz in such a good mood at gettin to go out dat I fink dey furgot it wuzn't treats day, an we gotted treats agin.  (Was we bad kittehs fur not remindin' dem we allready had treats on Furriday, or regoolar treats day?)

   Heer is sum more dis time, cuz Inigo asked, haz sum of  me. I hopes Inigo won't be jellus..cuz dey iz of both me an Tigger.  But remember...Tigger is my brofur, an furriend who lives heer. 

  He helps keep me warm on cold nites when we sleeps wif our pawsies together (cuz he iz big an floofy, an I iz not), an he helped me when I was sad when my sisfur died.  But, he iz mai brofur, an sumtimes he iz a brat, too.   Heer iz 2 pickchurs mom took.  See, he iz holding me down, an I fink you kin see where I iz tryin' to rabbit-kick him.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mom Sez it's 'Valentine's Day."

Well, we don't know about that!  Shouldn't it be "Meowlentine's" or even "Woofentine's" or "Pawsentine's."   Yeah..that's it... "Pawsentine's."  Dat way all da anipals is covered!

So, we wants to purrrsonally wish each and effurryone of our anipals a furry happy PAWSENTINE'S DAY!

So, we iz not gonna tell any tattle-tails on each odder today, cuz we purrromised mom we would be good kittehs today.  We iz postin' dis short bit fur now, but purrlease check back agin later on, cuz mom haz purromised to put up sum pickchurs of da first sines of spring.  An it is sunny today.. Yippee! 

We will has sum more to say in a bit, abowt mom's noo pickchurs when dey get heer.

S...Jigsaw Puzzle

OK--mom haz kept her purromise, an heer are da pickchurs:
(You kin click to biggify dem, but you haz to use da 'back' button to come back heer, cuz if you click da big "X" it will close da page.)

First signs of Spring!

Dis iz da All-Mond tree we kin see owt our winnow.  Mom wuz surprized it was starting to show flowers already. She discofurred dat when she wuz cleanin da al-gee owt of herz fowntin, an found flower petals in da water.  We likes mom's fowntin...iz rite owtside our winnow, and lotsa birdies come der to drink and baff.

Dis iz anodder plant dat is rite owtside our winnow, Mom calls it a Hi-drane-Ja.  (Beans haz funny names fur things, don't you fink?  I mean, iz a green plant. Dat's all.)  When dis one is in da middle of da hot weather, iz alla way up to our winnow, and iz rite next to mom's fowntin, so sumtimes da birdies are in dis plant, too.

  These plants live in these buckit-pot things, on accownt of mom sez if dey iz in da ground, da go-furs will nom dems.  

Dis last pickchur is da lemon tree.  Iz still liddle, az you kin see, iz in a buckit-pot thing.  But it haz budz already.  We kin see dis one owt da odder winnow, by our kitty tree.  Is a big winnow-door dat sumtimes da beans open an walk rite thru.  So we kin see owt frum down on da floor, too.

Fanks you fur stoppin by agin to see our mew pickchurs.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday da 13th

Hai, furriends!

   Mom sez we had a 'narrow furrscape' frum haffin a Furriday da 13th.  What is it wif dees beans an 13?  Iz a number.  Der are lotsa numbers da beans use.  13 iz a purrfeckly good one.  13 treats iz better than 10 or 12 treats.  13 scritches is better than 12 or none!  Mai goodness, such silliness.  An da beans call us silly kittehs!  Meowf!

  Anyways... mom haz a lim-er-ick she wrote about our sisfur, Sootsie.  After Soot went to da bridge, mom changed it into a memorial piece.  We will move offur, an let her write it herself:

"Soot was a very nice cat
Who wore a soft coat, velvet black.
Pet her, she'd purr
As you stroked her fur.
And add a cute tail to all that."
© 2007-2008 Liz Elias

We finks dat is furry nice.  Iz a furry good description of Sootsie.  She wuz all black, wif no odder colors anywhere, an she had a furry short little tail.  It wuz so short, she couldn't swish it around,  We still misses her, an mom's eyes still leak when she finks of how young she was and how she went to da bridge too soon.  Even dad's eyes leak when he finks about it.  We fink Sootsie wuz hiz fafurrite kitteh.  She went to da bridge on Octofur 15, 2008, only 4-1/2 years old.

See--more numbers.  Evfurrything wif da beans is numbers.  We no cares what da number iz, as long as dey remember da number of times a day we git fed, an petted, an played wif an brushed an our boxes scooped. Those are da only impawtent numbers!

S.  Tigger

Friday, February 12, 2010

Furry Furriday


  We haz all been attacked wif da floof-flattener!  We losted a lots of furz to da wastebasket!  We finks dat is so rude!  Jiggy losted da most after da Patchy-cat!  Then me.  I tries to hide, but mom knows all my hidey-spots.  No fair!

  Dad says "Jiggy has dander-ruff an needs a baff!"  MOL  I no finks he will like dat. Me an Munchkin iz da bestest kittehs, cuz we has neffur needed a baff.  Not effen oncet.

  Patches gets a baff purrty offen, cuz her gets stinky feets frum missin da litter box an walkin rite in her puddle.  But sumtimes she slips an falls in her puddle.  Dat iz so messy-stinky!  Da beans haz to shut her in da baff place to clean up after her, an den she gets a baff.  She no likes at all ..  her screams .. da rest of us go hide.  She makes it sound like she iz bein' hurt.  We knows mom an dad would neffur hurt any of us, but mai goodness, Patches haz a furry loud voice an it hurts our ears!

  Dad iz not home, so we know we iz baff-safe for today, cuz it takes both of dem to hold a kitteh still for a baff.  Tomorrow, tho, Jiggy mite get a baff. I will hide and laff.

  Jiggy haz been a notty boy, anyways.  Heer iz a pickchur mom took today of him sneekin up behind da fax masheen to look out dat winnow.  He iz not s'powsed to be up on da desk!

(You kin see all da smears on da winnow from da rain we haz had.  Mom says no point in washing da winnow before da rainy seeson is offur wif.) 

   After she took hiz pickchur, cuz she thot he wuz cute effen if he wuz bein notty, mom snagged him and put him outta da office.  MOL!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursdee Thrashings

Confuzled we are again.  Still here... Still cold.  Hey!  No fair!  Isn't it supposed to make warm sunpuddle is the sun is shining?  Iz cold!  Brrrrrsss instead of Purrrrss.  I haz put red writin' today, cuz it looks warm!

We finks mom iz loosin' her mind.  She opend up a "hub pages" accownt, fur writing stuf...iz not zackly like a bloggie.  But, now, she furgots what she wuz gonna write on der.  Hers is not happy wif herself.

We has been doing extry purring for her, and I effen woked her up wif my speshul whisker-kisses dis mornin, an singin purr songs, but she didn't laff like usual.  She just petted me, an said I wuz a sweet kitteh.  Den she put me off da bed an ran fur dat liddle room where da beans spend time gettin wet an sittin on a furry strange lookin chair dat makes noises!

Duz anyone know why dey has to get into dat wet box?  Izn't da tongue much more effishint?  An kin anyone tell me why, iz cold weather, dey sayin iz cold, and still reach into dat big cold box, and drink cold stuffs?  Beans is furry, furry strange.

Mom just had to clean all da messy papers off her desk in a big hurry, so dat man could come look at her printer.  Let me see.. he is ummmm...what's da word da beans use.... "married"??  to mom's duz dat make him our uncle? 

Mom's printer haz died, an so he let her use one that dey were not usin' anymore...till mom kin save up sum green papers for a repair.  She iz not happy or in a good mood today, dat iz fur sure.

We iz all purring extra hard around her, so she feels better.  WE knows it iz helpin, cuz when we iz by her an purrin, we usully get snagged up into her lap fur pets and cuddles and neck scritches, and kisses.

Signed, Munchkin

OK--what happened here???  We wuz tryin to skedjool dis post fur midnite, cuz iz not Thursday yet where we lives, an it sumhow got publisheded already anyhow on Wensdee at only 9at nite.   Meowf!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Still no Toesies pickchurs.  I guess mom haz been too busy tryin' to make ends meet.  What ends?  Ends of ham?  Nope--no haz any.  Ends of toona?  noes ... none of dat, either dis week.  Meowf!  We no unnerstands what she means by dat... hoomans iz furry strange, an dey say furry strange fings.

Fur example, now she wants ta know how duz you "spell" dat gargling kinda sound in da middle of sum of our 'meows.'  What iz gargling? 

Mew!  Well. we promises to werk on her fur sum toesies pickchurs...but in da meantime, she wants to pass on anodder fanks you to all da wonnerful beans an der kittehs and woofies who is continuin to make donashuns.  It iz all helping to get much closer to da amownt dey needed to get da back bills paid, an dey appurrciates effuryone furry, furry much.

S...Jigsaw Puzzle ...  (an now, Munchkin wants to haff a word)...


I feels so furry bad.  I wuz playin wif mom today, an I wuz jus tryin to help her comb her hair an I acksadentally scritched her face.  I iz furry sorry, mom, and I didn't mean to scritch you in da face.  :::  Puts up paws an hides little face. :::

S... Munchkin

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday P.S.

Mom wuz readin' on Face Book  (dat's a furry funny thing...a book for a face?? MOL!) .. dat some beans iz havin' trubble wif da comments form on a lot of bloggies where iz rite unner da post, but dat iffen it iz a "pop-up" winnow, it werks better.

So, mom haz changed ours to da pop-up-winnow kind, so we hopes nobuddy haz any trubbles wif it.  If yous do, purrlease lets us know.

Fanks you.

S...Jigsaw Puzzle

Sooper Bowl Sundee???

So, all da beans are so 'cited abowt dis sooper bowl thingee.  Well, we wants ta know...what's so sooper abowt it?  Iz it a big bowl filled wif toona?  Dat mite be sumpin to brag abowt.  We no sees any big bowlz anywherz.  Jus dad sittin on da cowch watchin da TV, showin a bunch of beans jus talkin!

Sounds like a normal 'easy like Sundee' to us.. Yawwn.. No smells toona, no pawty... nuffing out of da ordinary.  Ok, we iz done checkin' stuff out.  Back to our seerius bizness of nappin.  We iz, after all, purrfesshunal nappers.  We must stay in form and practice alla time!


:::  looks around slyly to see if anywun iz lookin, an sends smoochies to Inigo...:::

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kitties' Mom Here Today

Greetings, one and all.

    I must say, my husband and I are overwhelmed by the caring generosity of folks from around the world, who truly don't even know us in any real sense.   It certainly warms the heart, and goes a long way towards restoring our faith in humanity.

   We appreciate each and every one of you, and words cannot express our heartfelt thanks for your kind assistance in our current time of need.  All of your caring thoughts and well-wishes and "purrayers" are very much appreciated as well.

   We realize times are rough all over, and it was a very difficult and distasteful decision to even create the post to ask for help.  It is very humbling to know there are so many caring people who are willing to help without passing judgement.  And we know some of you may not be much better off, and yet, you found a way to offer help. 

We love you all!

   We were very distraught to think we might have to give up our beautiful kitty babies, and we realized that no matter what, we simply cannot do that.  It would go against everything we believe about having pets; i.e. a committement was made to that animal to care for it for its entire lifespan.  For us, it would be no less horrible than giving up flesh-and-blood children.  Besides, with things as rough as they are, the kitties are almost our only remaining link to sanity. 

  Thank you, thank you all, a thousand times over, and over again. 


Friday, February 5, 2010

Furrriday Mews

Hai, Furriends.

    We wants to be sure an gives purry many fanks to effurryone who has donated so far to help our beans. 

 Der wuz sum crying goin' on (both of dem) an dey decided dat no matter what happens, dey cannot bear to part wif us, so dat iz a big reeleef.  But dey is stull furry worrieds about all da odder fings, and don't know how to keep dad's tempachur in control if da heats goes off.
   S..Jigsaw Puzzle

P.S. Purrleese bisit Tigger's latest post at da Naughty Kitty Club:  click here

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursdee Thots--Oh, Noes!

Hai, furriends..

    We iz gittin very real skeert, on account of Mom and Dad is haffin seerius trubbles wif da green papers.  We heered dem talkin' bout how we mite have to go to odder homes and dey mite haff to seel off der compooters and loose da innernets.

    Dad has a heart condishun, an iz 'disabled'.  Hiz medicine makes it furry hard fur hiz body to stay at da rite tempachur, so da heat or da air allus haz to be on.  Mom haz problems wif her knee, but she not kwalified to git disability, and she haz had no luck trying finds werk.  All she haz iz her liddle store on Etsy, an it iz not bringin in much.  She's too old fur werk (she tried really hard, and got 'age diskrimiashun' problems, an kin proves it by what dat was way back 10 years ago, before Me an Munchkin came to live heer.)

    Den, we heered dat mom's ceramiks bizness iz off so much on account of 'da ekonomee' dat der whole 'lectricks mite get shut down, and dat would be furry bad.  Dey haz used up all da help from agensees dat will help wif da lecktric bills, an dey didn't help enuf, an der are none dat offers 'alla time' helps.  Der iz still almos' a thousan green papers owed, an da beans no haz it.

   Dere are odder bills, too, an da gas an lectricks peeples didn' want to werk wif da beans budgit, so today, mom went out fur a long walk to try an find luminiumnum cans to turn in fur sum green papers.

   We finks those green papers iz an awful lots of trubble,  We no unnerstans.  But we unnerstans about mebee loosin our furrefurr home, and about bein cold.  We is furry skeerts to heer da beans talk like dis, and we reeely, reeely hates to resorts to beggin, but if our furrineds could each mebbee chip in a liddle bit by clickin on da 'donate' button offur on da rite side... we woulds shur appurrciate it a whole bunch.  We likes it heer, an we no wanna leave and git all separateds.

  Fanks you so furry much furriends, fur any liddle bit you kin do to help our beans keep da gas an' lecktricks on.  We purromoise to personally fank each an effurry person who helps, and mom sez she will make a list of all da peeeples who helps, an put der names in a hat  (dat's kinda furry strange, don't you fink?) , and she will pull a name, and dat person will get to choose any item in her Etsy shop fur free.  She will fix up da 'rangements wif dat person at da time she lets dem know dey won.

   Our kitteh hearts is breakin, and we iz soo furry sorry to post such a bad mews post, an we really hates to beg.  Mom no likes it either...but she gived us purrrmisshun fur jus dis onecet.  Fanks you a million mews over again.

S...Jigsaw Puzzle


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordy Wensdee

Hai, Furriends

    We iz bored.  Suggestions fur mischiff all welcome!   MOL

Signed, "anoneemouse"