Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Mom haz brot MONSKERS into da howse!!  Howdya like dat??!!  And heer I thot I wuz her fafurrite Tigger, and along comes dese liddle monskers!


Lil' Miss Fuzz

Mr. Tabbs

As if dis wuzn't bads enuf, she haz da nerve to gives dem names!!  She sez is only fur a liddle while, till dey finds furreffur homes, but Dad is actin' like he wants US to be da furreffuur home fur Miss Fuzzy Butt! 
I iz goin' on strike!! I iz not gonna play wif mom anymore--she is a traitor!  Munchkin agrees wif me.  We iz boff goin' on strike, and we gives dem liddle monskers a piece of our mind if dey gits too close to our purrrsonal space!

Signed, Tigger