Sunday, October 17, 2010

How to Give Your Pet a Pill, by Meowmy

Today, a little humor…we allow mom to use our bloggie.



1)  Hide the pill in some canned food, a piece of cheese, chunk of hot dog, glob of margarine, or any other kind of food.  Offer it to the dog, (who is prancing about in eager anticipation),  and watch as he swallows it whole and wants more.  You are done.  Repeat for all remaining doses.


1)  Hide the pill in a piece of cheese, soft treat, or anything else the cat likes.  Watch as he      thoughtfully chews it and swallows.
2)  At the next dose, watch the cat now refuse to eat his former favorite treat.  Add the pill to a different food.  Watch as the cat sniffs the food, and tries to bury it.
3)  Attempt to place the pill directly into the cat’s mouth.
4)  Discard soggy pill.  Fetch bandages for your fingers.  Call your doctor to see if your tetanus shot is  current.
5)  Get fresh pill.  Get a towel, and try to wrap the cat to hold it still.  Remove pill from your ear, and fetch bandages for your arms.
6)  Ask for assistance.  Have helper get cat down from on top of china cabinet.  Both of you wrap cat in towel to immobilize him.  Retrieve pill from folds of towel.  Call your insurance to see if your  friend is covered for multiple scratches.
7)  Sneak up on the cat from behind, blocking his rearward escape with your feet.  Reach over his  head, covering his eyes, and pry open his mouth.  Get bandages for the fingers of your other  hand.
8)  Spend half an hour looking for the cat.  Use push-broom to shove him out from under the exact center of your bed.  Repeat a dozen times, as the cat runs to the opposite side and scoots to the same hiding place.  He loves this new game!
9)   Decide to wait until the cat is asleep to sneak up and deliver the pill on the sly.  Wake up from your own nap to find the cat wide awake and staring at you with an evil eye.
10)  Crush the pill and add it to the cat’s water.
11)  Take cat to vet for dehydration after he’s refused to drink the contaminated water.  While there, tell the vet to just give the cat an injection of the medicine.
12)  Go home and pour yourself a good stiff drink.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Finicky Furriday

Hai, pals--

  Wouldn't you finks da mom should respect naptime?  I mean, we sure appurrciate a nice, clean litter box and all, but mai goodness...she sure makes a lot of thumpin' bumpin' and bangin' abowt it.

  We wuz all nappin' havin' nice catnip and mousie dreams, and all of a sudden, all dis racket.  Well, of course we hadda go see wot wuz goin' on to make so much noise.

  Der wuz mom, scootin' and shovin, and bumpin' our boxes into a bag...and den she tooked dem da door kept on openin' and closin' ...

  We finks it iz furry rude of her to be so noisy abowt it and wakes us all up.  Don't you finks da litter should just be quietly just there nice & clean alla time?

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle