Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Short Update

Hai Furriends..

   We just want to let our furriends  know dat we haz not disappeered, but mom iz not feeling at all well, and she can't stop coughing all day long, an she has losted herz voice so she squeeks an croaks instead of speakin.

   We finks she is starting to loose her brains out her nose, too.  So she haz been purrty crabby and not wantin to play wif us furry much.  We just tries to stay close enuf to sing her sum purr songs, and snuggles wif her.

  Mom iz resting an takin lots of naps just like us.  But she let us write just this message to effurry buddy, so our furrineds won t finks we haz furgotted dem.  We will be back when mom feels all better.

Meows, purrs, nosetaps and headbutts to all.

Signed, Tigger

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hai, effurryone!

   We haz made an embarassin' mistake and oversight, and we would like to clear it up nows.  We wuz so excieted to get our noo toy, dat we furgot to say fanks you to our auntie for giving it to us!  Effen tho mom ordered it, was a purresent frum auntie, cuz she told mom, 'heer is sum green papers to git a noo toy fur da kittehs.  Pick owt whateffur you finks dey would likes to haz.'

  OMC..  Iz a good fing we iz covered in furz, or we would be furry red rite now!  We got confuzled on accownt of mom orderin it ...

   I fink we haz inter-dooced Kaylee oncet before? 

 Her is Tigger's real sisfur, and she belongs to mom's dotter.  (Well, I mean mom's dotter belongs to Kaylee.)  So I guess dat makes da dotter our auntie?  MOL

  Anyways, we wants to fank our auntie fur da lovely noo toy!  Iz a lot of funz!  (Even if Tigger still preefurrs da shipping box!)

  I don't know if dis oversight wuz our fawlt, or if it wuz becuz our typist wuz not feeling so good, an is sick.  Mebee her brains not werking so well.  But anyways, becuz she no feels good, dis is all da compooter time we git today.  Mebee we will be on Twitter for a while later on, but mom says, 'no promises.'

Signed, Munchkin

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Noo Toy in Da Howse!

Yesfurrday wuz a furry good day!  We had funz gettin' tagged in a photo game, den we gotted an award, den, our noo toy mom got us arrived!

Mom ordered dis toy speshul fur us from our furriend Baby Patches and her mom offur at Nip and Bones .

Heer are sum pickchurs mom took of us checkin it owt:

Well, ackchooly, da furrst thing was dat Tigger had to check owt da shippin box while dad wuz putting our toy together.

Next, Tigger checks it owt frum inside his 'safety box.'  Jigsaw and Munchkin are next in line.  (Tigger is still in the shipping box!  He loves boxes.  Mom and Dad don't need to buy toys for Tigger..jus give him boxes! MOL)

And here is Munchkin, the toy hog. Jiggy ran away, Tigger iz still in da box!  Oh, Mai Goodness!

Finally, Mom can't figger owt why dis pickchur keeps comin' owt sideways.  Iz not dat way in our pickchur folder, an' she even went back into her Photoshop program to check it owt.  Iz not like dis--iz da odder way up...so, imagine dis pickchur rotated 90 degrees clockwise, mom sez.

But, da furry lastest pickchur iz of da bottom of da box.  Mom wuz furry excited abowt what it says:

Mom said:  "  "Made in USA"   Woo-Hoo!!  Thank you, Bergan Company of OK for helping save America's jobs!"

But, we likes our noo toy, and mom iz gonna get sum video, rite mom?  Rite?  

Signed, Jigsaw

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We Haz an Award!!!

OMC!!  When we checked our bloggie dis mornin', wot a surprize we got!  Our furriend, Baby Patches, haz tagged us twicet!  Furrst, we iz tagged in a photo game, and den, she gave us dis award! 

We iz furry honored and surprized and pleezed. (We haz also put da award pickchur further down by da list of awardees..so dey kin grab it rite there...we should have thot of dat in da first place.  ...or our typist should have!)

Fanks you furry much, Baby Patches, fur choosin' us.  We will be more than happy to play da photo game, and pass it along, as well as choosin' sum blogs fur da award. Here goes: 

Heer iz da rulez for da photo game:
Our beeyooteeful furriend BabyPatches tagged us for the photo tag game. What you’re supposed to do is open up your first photo folder, take da 10th photo down and post it on your blog, and tell da story behind it. Then you’re supposed to tag 5 more bloggers.

Dis iz Munchkin wif Patches in a leg-vise trap.  It doesn't look too polite da way she haz her trapped, an mom thot this wuz just too funny to not get owt da flashy-box.

(We had to cheat a tiny bit on where we found da pickchur to post--mom haz all kinds of photo folders effurrywhere, and not all of dem is abowt us kittehs.  Aftur dat, she has sum folders dat don't even haz 10 photos in dem!  Finally, dis one iz really pickchur #9 in da list, on accownt of #10 wuz da same fing, 'cept it wuz blurry.)

So, now we tag for da photo game:

And now, fur da Sunshine Award.  We would like to pass dis along to (And let us jus make furry clear dat pickin only 12 wuz furry hard!):

Our pawsome furriend Baby Patches awarded us this Sunshine Award. Fanks you Baby Patches!

The rules for accepting the Sunshine Award are as follows:
1.Put the Sunshine Award flower logo on your blog or within your post (iz a jpeg pickchur--eazy to pick up)

2.Pass the award onto 12 bloggers who fill your life with Sunshine

3.Link the winners within your post

4.Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they’ve received the Sunshine Award

5.Post these instructions so they’ll know what to do!

Haz funz!!
Fanks yoo, agin, Baby Patches fur dis honor!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Grumpy Old Lady in Da Howse!

Hello, Furriends!

  Mai, goodness, but Patches was an old grump dis morning!  She ran away down da hall when Mom wuz trying to give her da daily medicins, and when Mom finally gotted her, she screamed and screeched and growled, and hissed, and struggled and made Mom drop herz!

  Then Dad came to help, an he picked her up, and she screeched summore!  We don't know what got into her, but you can believe we all kept our distance!  We wants no part of dat cattitude!  Usually, Mom haz no problems given her da medicins.  She gits it in before da Patchy-Cat knows what's goin' on.  Not today!

  What set her off like dat?  We don't knows...Mom and Dad were busy, and Patches wuz just roamin' around da howse like normal.  No one stepped on her paws or tripped offur her, or anything.  She jus decided to be an old grouch!  Mewf!  

  After three tries, Mom finally gotted her medicins into her, but what a battle!  We don't blame Patches fur not likin' pillz stuffed into herz mowf, but like we said, usually not so hard...she's used to it, we finks.

  Now, Mom sez she haz to go do sum werks, cuz she iz not gonna be home on Mondee, so she haz to make up in ad-vance fur takin time off.  I guess dat means we git extry naps today.

  We sees you later, furriends!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Furst Wordless Wendsee instead of Wordy! MOL

Munchkin is in trubble now!  Lookee wot she haz done to mom's winnow blinds!

OMC!!  We furgot to put up dis odder pickchur fur our Wordless Wensdee!  Dis is da Patches...she gets to go owt sumtimes wif her harness to get sum sunshine.  Is dat fair?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Easy like Sundee

Hai, Furriends

   Satidee wuz fun at da SciFi Pawty, and we wants to fanks BorisKitty furry much fur bein da host, and da pawsome snacks.  Concatulations are also in order fur da costoom contest winnahs!  We had funz.

  Satidee did not end up so good fur mom, tho.  She hadda go see her dockter to git a refurral to a 'op-ta-molo-gist' abwot her eye.  She haz been haffin a problem fur almost 2 yeers, an iz gettin worser.  So, she said dey iz gonna call her wif an appointmint...she iz nervus, cuz dey said sumpin abowt checkin fur sumpin called a "dee-tached ret-in-a." She is  furry reel nervus.

Den, as if dat iz not bad enuf, da Munchkin gotted in trubble last nite.  Mom wuz playin wif her an Tigger in da kewbs, an Munchkin wuz battin at da string on mom's sweatshirt, instead of da toy.  She missed, an hit mom rite in da eye...da very one dat iz gibbin her all da trubble.  Today, herz eye iz kinda red and a little bit kinda haff clozed.  Mom sez it feels like sandy papers in herz eye effurrytime she blinks.

She knows Munchie did not do it on purpose, but she iz still not speakin to herz much today.

And so, Satidee ended on a not so good note.  Today mom iz goin to pull weedz in her vege-table garden, so we iz on our own fur a while.  Will haff to refer to Munchkin's checklist of stuffs to do.

Haff a happy Sundee, furriends.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun Like Satidee

Hai, Furriends..

   We iz offur at da SciFiPawty today hosted by BorisKitty on Twitter.  We iz havin funz!  Heer is our pickchur in our costooms:

Az you kin see, Munckin iz posin' as Counselor Deanna Troi; Patches finks she iz Dr. Beverly Crusher; Jigsaw finks he haz wot it takes to be Captain Picard, an Tigger finks he kin replace Will Riker.

We iz allowed our fantasies, rite?  Iz only a costoom pawty, aftur all.  MOL

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle

Friday, March 12, 2010

Freakish Furriday

Hai, Furriends!
   Heer it is, Furriday agin.  Today mom haz cot Tigger in a spot he no can deny, she haz pickchur to prove it!  He finks he iz keepin da beans laundree warm.  But dat iz just a bad excuse!  He jus likes to lay in da laundree.

And now for da Munchkin!  She haz been furry notty effur since she wrote up dat checklist fur da Naughty Kitty Club!  Heer is what she haz been doin to mom:

No, dis pickchur iz not really upsidey-down. Dis is da "Mom's-eye-view" when she puts her head back in her chair and looks up behind her!

An now, dis iz me, enjoyin my brushin' after my (ugh!  shudder!) baff:

See, I lets dad hold da brush, and I iz really brushin' myself by rubbin aginst it.  Oh, mai goodness!  Lookit all dos furz in da brush. I hopes I no goes bald!  I wuz moving so much, it took mom three tries to git dis pickchur!  MOL

And finally, I would like to give a furry big fanks-you and purrs, nosetaps an headbutts to our furry good furriends Kirzon, Lola, Barney and Virgil offur at Amy and The House of Cats fur makin me dis purrfect sign I kin keep handy so mom an dad sees it all da time:


Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle

Thursday, March 11, 2010

NOT Nice!

Da beans were not nice to me last nite!  Furst, dey gotted me and clipped my clawz, den dey dumped me into da sink wif water, and gotted me all wet!  Dey added sham-poo too!  I wuz all soapy an wet and I no liked.  I tried furry hard to hide, but I finks da beans know all my hidey-spots.  Mewf!!  Hisss...Mrowl!

As if dat wuz not bad enuf, I heered da Tigger laffin at me frum da odder room.  I fink da Munchkin wuz snickerin' at me, too! 

I thot I wuz gonna drown!  I no likes being all wet!  Kin you drowns frum your furz gettin all soggy?  I fink my furz holds a lot of water, cuz da beans had to use 2 of da big towels to dry me off.  I still wuz not furry dry, so mom put a towel up on da top shelf of da kitty tree where I likes to rest.  It is rite unnerneath of dat heater vent, so at least she tried to be nice to me afterwards.  But why did dey haz to get me wet in da furst place?!

After I groomed myself dry an sat unner da heat fur a while, I went an found Dad, and he had da brush.  So I let him brush me to let him know I iz still hiz boy.  (Don't spread it around, but I ackchooly likes bein' brushed.) 

I guess dey wuz not mad at me, cuz I still got to sleep on da pillows wif dem, so I don't know why I wuz punished wif a baff.  I don't fink I did anything dat bad.  I no likes baffs!  Kin sumone purrlease help me fix up a 'no baff zone' sign dat I kin wear?  Fanks you!

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordy Wensdee

Hai, Furriends,

   We haz been off da bloggie for a bit while mom tweaked sum stuff.  We finks it iz all workin' now, but she still iz lookin fur summore fun stuffs fur dat page.

   Today, she played a furry dirty trick on me.  She wuz fixing her and Dad sammiches, and she had da cheeez owt.  Well, you knows we kittehs love cheeez, and yous also knows da rulez abowt food left all alone.

   Well, mom went owt to bring dad his sammich, and I thot I would snag a piece of cheeez. Pttoooey!  Terrible!  Mom had sum awful cheeez wif hot pepper stuffs inside!  I wuz furry disappointed.  Nacherly, I jumped rite down an mom thot I wuz innocent when she came back in da howse.

   Kin I effur trust cheeez agin?  Meowf!

  Next, I heerd mom an dad talkin, and dey picked up Jiggy, an said, 'peewie, he iz stinky agin.'  We don't know why he gits stinky.  We no goes owtside, an he had his hoo-ha-ectomy a long time ago.  But, I iz gonna hide, so da beans don't get any ideas later, cuz dey said Jiggy iz gonna get a baff.  MOL.  I iz gonna hide and laff.

  Signed, Tigger

P.S.  don't you finks dis type color matches my furz just purrfectly?  MOL

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursdee Awready?

Mai goodness, dis week haz gone by purrty fast, what wif mom's birfday an all.  She iz still workin on the noo look fur our bloggie, too.

But in da meantime, looky at what haz arrived:  Our memorial Angel VSquillion "Soot" in memory of our sisfur, Soot.  We wants to give lots of purrs an headbutts to Gracie fur da furry nice job on dat, and it came qwickly, too.  Fanks yoo!  Fur today, or until we makes anodder post, you kin see it eggzackly to da left of dis furry pary-graf.

We had sum furry skeery weather heer yestidee.  It made big flashy-stuff--way bigger dan mom's flashy box, an den der wuz all kinds of rumblin and roarin goin on.  We thot der must be a lion or two on da loose in our yard!

We didn't know where to go to hide...no matter where we wuz, it wuz loud and skeery.  An then the rain started turnin into liddle white ballz, an dat added effen more noise!  Dey got all piled up on da porch and da roof and da beans' cars.  Mom seemed to fink it wuz fun, and ran around takin pickchurs wif her flashy-box.  

Heer dey are:

WE no liked dis at all.  It wuz furry skeery.  We do not unnerstand why mom wuz haffing funz wif it!  Mewf!! 

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle, Esqwire  (sumone said if I put dat 'esqwire' thingee aftur my name, it would make me sound furry impawtent.  What do yous finks?)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Noo Look

Hai, Effurryone!

   Mom iz foolin wif our bloggie, an it iz gettin a noo look cuz she just learned sum stuff an haz to show off! MOL

Well,,she still doesn't know how to do anyfing real teknickal, but she haz learned sum tricks dat iz bilt-in to da blogger thingee.

Purrleese tell us what you finks.  Iz it lookin good, better, or did you like it da old way better?

MEANWHILE---if der ARE any tecknickal peeples out der who can 'splain to mom how to make da Catster Badges go in columz like our NKC badges, she would furry much appursheeate dat.  (It seems dat da Catster Badges are sum kind of code, but da NKC badges are 'pickchurs,' an dat iz what iz cauzin her da trubbles...Mom don't know from code.)

Fanks you all fur your patience while mom fiddles around.  She iz up furry late at nite--in fact, we finks it is morning time, but she says it's her birfday, so she no haz to get up early anyway.   Does we get to whap mom fur her burfday?  MOL

Signed, all us kittehs...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Munchkin's Toesday Post

Ok, effurryone.

   I am sure you all finks I iz a furry bad kitteh, wif all da tales dat haz been told abowt me lately.  I iz really a furry good girl...mostly.  Sumtimes, tho, da beans they jus leave innerestin' stuffs layin' around.  Iz like an inbitation, you know what I means?

  So, I iz gonna ignore all those stories, and share wif you my Toesday pickchur:

Ok, well, yous kin only sees my front feets heer, but all my feets are white on da toes like dat.  I am furry pawticoolar about my feets.  I keeps dem furry well groomed.

Signed, Munchkin

Munchkin in Trubble Again..

Dis time, da Munchkin gotted cot in da act. Dad cot her drinkin owta hiz choklit milk glass!  He put down hiz milk & went back to da kitchen fur his dinner plate, and when he got back, wuz like 5 sekkinds later, der wuz da Munchkin drinkin owta hiz glass! 

Dad wuz furry mad at herz, an she iz still in da doghowse wif dad.  Wuz no 'outside catz' heer.  Jus da 4 of us.   An, to make it worse, she spilled sum!  I fink dat happened when dad yelled at herz, an she jumped down in a big hurry to go hide. 

 She spent da rest of da time da beans wer eatin hidin unner da table.  (See, dey wuz eatin on da cowch, watchin' TV...like they allus do...so we no unnerstands da big deal abowt not gettin up on da table.)


(uh-oh.. no, dat wuz not me on da table yesturrdee makin traks..no, it wuz not...)