Thursday, November 13, 2014

Good News/Bad News; Need Help

Hello, Dear Furriends!

We have an update to report.  It is a good-news/bad-news report.

On the good news side, Dad is doing better.  He did have a very bad episode that sent him to the hospital for a few days, and they said he 'flatlined' in the ambulance, but he came back to us.  

The doctors changed his medications, and it has helped him feel a lot better.  He is even trying to help mom around the house again.  However, he still does need a new heart, and is again being evaluated for the transplant list.

On the not-so-good news, Tigger is not doing any better; in fact, 3 days ago, he started refusing to eat.  Mom is trying to tempt him with special foods, and he does not want it.  Mom is having to make it all soupy, and make him eat it by squirting it into his mouth.

Now, we are in the very awkward position of once again needing to ask for some help.  Halloween night, the water heater gave out, and water was flooding out all night long.  Mom and dad did not notice at first, because it was raining quite hard.  It's a good thing the water heater is outside the house!

But, the down side of that disaster was that they did not have enough money to buy a new one, so they had to ask mom's daughter to put it on their credit card.  (Mom and dad got rid of credit cards years ago!)  Now, they need to repay the daughter! 

Tangled up in all of that are extra vet bills for Tigger, and the vet has allowed payments to be made over time, to a certain point.  We have reached that point:  no more adding to the tab until the current balance is paid.  

If anyone is able to help out, it would be so appreciated.  Mom set up a site for donations.  Please click here if you are able to help out.

Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can manage.  We really hate having to ask.  

Sincerely, Jigsaw Puzzle, Esq.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Cats Fear the Sucky Machine


Mom has been on a rampage with the sucky machine!  She chased us all over the house, and we could not find a safe spot to nap!  Why is she being so mean?  

(Mom's note:  Actually, they were fine where they were, but in their mad dash to get away, had to fly off the bed and jump right over the vacuum cleaner!  Had they stayed put, it would never have come that close to them!  Silly cats!)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

My friends,

We have not had access to our blog for some time.  Mom has been busy writing articles and taking care of Dad.  He is not doing very well; lots of health problems.  At last, they finally figured out what the latest problem was, that was sending him to the emergency room about every week.

Meanwhile, Mom is worried about Tigger.  He is the second-oldest of us kitties; he turned 13 this year, and he has been throwing up a lot.  Mom thought it was just hairballs, at first, and took to the extreme measure of shaving the end of his tail.  (He has always sucked his tail since he was a baby, and never stopped that habit)!  But, it did not seem to help, and this was way more throwing up than just hairballs.  Mom has to keep getting out the big carpet shampoo machine to clean up.
The last two nights, he has not slept with Mom or Dad like usual, but hiding inside the cube toys, and last night in the carrier Mom uses to take us to the V-E-T. ...  He did not eat dinner last night or breakfast this morning.  Mom is very worried.

But, in other news, there was something funny that happened, and we asked mom to draw a picture, so here it is (click to make bigger) :

Mom says she isn't an artist and can't draw, but we think this came out pretty good.  MOL

Cheers, dear blogging friends!

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle, Esq.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello, Furriends,
  Today, I am letting Mom take over the blog, as she has exciting news to spread about a new, safe way to keep nasty fleas and ticks away from all us furries. 

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle, Esq.

Well, hello, everyone!

   I don't know if any of you know of Claudia Tietze from Face Book.  She is the owner of Tiny Timmy, a kitty who has suffered severe neurological damage from toxic flea and tick products.
After Claudia rescued him, she set out to find a much safer way to control and get rid of these pests.  But, I'll let the press release tell the story:

Dirty Flea Soap is Kicking Pet Pesticides Off the Shelves

By Mandy Louise on Monday, April 21, 2014 at 11:02am
In 2008, the EPA reported that over 40 000 pet dogs and cats were injured or killed by flea and tick spot-on products. According to some veterinarians, these products contain toxic pesticides and are simply not safe for animals or people.  A small kitten, named Tiny Timmy, suffered permanent neurological damage from applications of an over-the-counter flea treatment, that left him “wobbly” and uncoordinated. His adoptive mom pledged to find a safe solution that would keep pets clean and healthy. The solution, launching this week via IndieGoGo, is Tiny Timmy’s Dirty Flea Soap!

Dirty Flea Soap is the product of intense research to discover what kinds of things could trigger not only immediate reactions in cats and dogs, but long term health issues as well. Did you know that essential oils, used every day in products for humans, can cause serious reactions in your pets? Neither did Tiny Timmy’s mom, until she took on this challenge. Together with the amazing soapmakers at Oregon Rain Soap, she found the perfect blend of safe ingredients for cats and dogs. With thick foaming action, Dirty Flea Soap fills the tiny breathing holes of the fleas on your pet and suffocates them on the spot - no pesticides needed!

The IndieGoGo campaign will last from April 21 to May 12.  Please contact Karma Lynn Hurworth at, or Donna Savory at for more information, or visit the IndieGoGo page

I know everyone who loves their dear furry friends will be delighted to find this product, and give the pass-by to the toxins sold in stores and even by your veterinarian.  Thanks for stopping by to learn about this, and please, pass the word along!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

What An Insult!

Deer Furriends!

Dis is Tigger, and I is taking offur blogging dooties frum Jigsaw today, cuz he dun fell over frum shock when he read dis notice we found posted today.

We got to da kitchin, and der, on da fridge, wuz dis note:

Rules for the Cats:

  1.  The hallway is not a race track!
  2.  Your sister is not a punching bag; do not bop her on the head.
  3.  There is nothing in the closet that concerns cats.
  4.  The sound of shoelaces being tied is not a call to action!
  5.  The water bowl is not a washing basin for toys.
  6.  The couch is not your scratching post.
  7.  Two O’clock in the morning is not playtime!
  8.  Human food, not cat food is kept in the refrigerator; keep your noses out!
  9.  Pillows are for human heads, not cat butts.
  10. Pens, pencils and electrical cords are not for chewing.
We wuz incensed!  How dare da hoomans make up such roolz fur us, after all we haz done in bein' der, and taking care wif purr songs and all.

What does you finks?  Should we haz a hunger strike?  A mutiny?  Excape owtside?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We Are Still Alive!

Yes, furrriends, don't be shocked or fall over in a dead faint.  It is I, Jigsaw Puzzle, back from exile to assure you that the Talk With The Paws crew is still here and still functioning.

Dad had a very rough year last year, but is still hanging in there, and the doctors seem to have gotten his medications adjusted so that he is at least stable.  He no longer needs the oxygen machine, because it turns out the problem with his breathing was too much fluid in his system, so on one of his hospital stays, they gave him medicine that made him lose like 2 gallons of excess fluid!!  After that, no more breathing troubles, so that was a big relief.  He is now on a very tightly restricted fluid intake per day, though, and that can be tough, especially in the warm weather!

Mom had her own adventures in 2013; after finally officially becoming an old lady by turning 65, she was at last able to get medical coverage, and get her knee fixed.  It turns out the fix was surgery to install a new knee!  She had a bit of a protracted recovery, though, because just when she started to be able to do her exercises and drive again, is when Dad started being in and out of the hospital, and she had to become his full-time caretaker.

All of that is the excuse we've been given for being denied access to our blogging duties.  Can you imagine??!!

Well, here it is a brand new year, and we cats have all gotten together to create our Resolutions for the year.  Here they all are, complete with the names of the contributing kitties:

  1. Get better at blocking mom's view of her monitor--she needs to pay more attention to ME!  (Nugget)
  2. Grow some more.  I need to block dad's view of the TV (Lil' Miss Fuzz)
  3. Lose more toys under the furniture. (Bobbie)
  4. I will get under people's feet more often, so I can scream for attention when I get stepped on.  (Tigger)
  5. Open dad's drapes earlier so he wakes up to pet me! (Nugget)
  6. Turn on the faucet in the bathroom on my own, so I don't have to wait for hoomans! (Munchkin)
  7. I, Jigsaw Puzzle, need to get better at learning to steal toys from the others!
  8. Just sleep and wander around some more. (Patches)
  9. Find a way to hide the claw trimmer. (Munchkin)
  10. Step on the "off" switch on mom's computer! (Tigger)
  11. Perfect the art of begging for hooman food. (Nugget)
  12. Learn to jump up and open the door lever on the office.  (Bobbie and Tigger)
That's a pretty good list, don't you think?  We are rather pleased with it.  Do you think mom will agree?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Cats in Support of Dad

Jigsaw Puzzle, Esq., here, official spokescat for Talk With The Paws.

It is my honor to be the self-appointed spokescat.  Since I took the trouble to go to school and learn proper English, that should be my right, do you not agree?  I thought so.

Well, in our last post, Tigger informed everyone of the updates about purrthdays, and made mention of Dad's health.  He is not doing all that well--he's tired all the time, and it's no wonder:  his heart is very weak from all the heart attacks he's had.  He's not even 60 years old, and this trouble started back before he was 40.  The doctor said she honestly doesn't know why he is still here.

I must give Munchkin a shout-out here for taking it upon herself to act as personal 'nurse-cat' to Dad.  She sleeps in his room, often on his bed, and wakes him up if he starts having breathing troubles, so he can take his medicine for that.

We all want to thank you so much for your purrs and well-wishes for him, and I want to take this opportunity to let you know about the whole, big long story, for anyone who may be interested.

Mom has started a new blog, detailing his issues and all the things she and he are having to deal with.  
You can click here to visit that blog if you wish; it will open in a new window.
If you want to read from the beginning, all that happened, then start at the bottom and read the posts going up the page.  Blogger is supposed to have a function to put them in order,oldest first, but Mom said it is not working.  Mew.

Thank you very much again for all your good wishes, purrs, meows, woofs, and so on.

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle, Esq.