Saturday, October 14, 2017

Oh, Boy! New Toys!

The "kids" were entertained with new toys the other day; I shot this, and I thought I had it posted, but somehow, YouTube had it still showing as a 'draft.'  Strange.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the silly antics. Click here to view

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Flowers Are Growing!

As of today's weigh-in, all but one of the kittens has reached that magic 2-pound mark!

Pansy, the little gray cutie, is the only one still shy of 2 pounds, but she was the smallest to start with.

Chrys---2 lb even  (The only male--the pretty tuxedo kitty)
Petunia---2 lb 1.1 oz  (the tortie with blaze on her face)
Tulip---2 lb 1.2oz  (the tortie with a mottled face)
Pansy---1 lb 11.9 oz  (the gray beauty, with a small blaze on her face, she's considered a  
                                 dilute calico)

So, Chrys is now just at required weight for being neutered, and the girls just a bit behind.  2 pounds is good for the boys; but H.A.L.O. prefers the girls to be a bit over that, since theirs is a more invasive surgery.


Did you know...

... that Tortoiseshell cats are a variation of the Calico color pattern, and as such are always female, just like true Calicos?

... that cats do not have taste buds for sweetness?  They may investigate your dessert because they are curious, but they cannot actually taste sweets; I guess to them, it's just 'blah. nothing.'

... that cats, like people, can be either right or left pawed?

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Adorable Flowers 10-8-2017

These babies are as silly as they are cute!  Check out this photo of where I found two of them napping when I went to feed them dinner!

Chrys and Pansy

Naturally, as soon as I opened the door, they were awake and on the move.  But really, kids?  Sleeping in the dustpan?  You are NOT trash to be swept up!  Set your goals a bit higher, will you?

Of course, Pansy had to try to move in for a beauty close-up:

Pansy, too close; you're blurry!

Next, on the chair, we had the tortie twins, Petunia and Tulip.  They are very hard to catch with the camera; the two of them are a study in perpetual motion.  See what I mean?

Pansy, lower left; Tulip leaning on Pansy!

Oh!  I stand corrected!  That's Tulip moving and blurring the shot; 
Pansy snuck in there and just used her ear to photobomb! Now, where is that rascal Petunia?  Truth is, I never did catch up with her tonight; she was in speedracer mode all evening!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Flower Kittens: More Mischief!

Ah, the adorable little darlings!  They are growing in confidence as well as in size.  It's amazing how fast they grow, and pretty soon, you can't believe how tiny they were when they arrived! 

I've only had them a week, and already they are getting bigger.

And stronger.

And better able to climb and jump!

We find them almost daily in some new place where they shouldn't be.  Today, it was in a box of antique dolls, after knocking a cake keeper off the top of the box!  Oh, dear!  
Later on, they apparently got up on top of the tippy-top shelf, and knocked off some stuff that was stored on top.  Fortunately, it was paper goods, and not fragile.

From there, they got on top of the kiln (luckily not currently in use), and stole a kitty toy that is not supposed to be used without supervision.  And sure enough, Chrys ripped one of the feathers from it, and had it in his mouth, growling at his sisters if they came near.

I am running out of spaces to put things out of their reach!  But, they are too cute to be angry with them.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Mischief is Afoot!

   Well, friends, it would seem that the darlings are now feeling comfortable in their surroundings, and have taken exploring to new heights!  Literally!

    Chrys was found today up on the 4th shelf of the shelving unit where I store all their supplies, from litter to food, blankets, etc.  Apparently, he got up there, and couldn't figure out how to get down again!  Naturally, this happened when we were out on an errand, and we were told about it when we returned, so phooey!  No photo!  But, he was rescued by my mother-in-law!

    Pansy and Tulip have been introduced to the squirt bottle for playing with a lamp cord, and people's shoelaces.  Neither item is a safe kitty toy.  Not to mention, who wants soggy shoelaces???

    I was able to distract and entertain them for some time this afternoon with the famous 'red dot bug.'  The girls loved it; Chrys only went after it half-heartedly.  One of my own male kitties is also kind of 'ho-hum' about it.  Not sure what that's about.

    Today's video features some new toys I introduced.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Flower Kittens Weigh In

Well, unlike "Foster Dad John," I don't have live streaming capability, so all I can do is report on the weight gains of the group.

They are doing quite well, and have made some nice gains.  As of this evening, they weighed in as follows:

Pansy-----------1 lb 7.3 oz; up from 1 lb 5.6 oz yesterday, a gain of 1.7 oz

Tulip------------1 lb 13.5 oz; up from 1 lb 12.3 oz yesterday, a gain of 1.2 oz

Petunia---------1 lb 12.4 oz; up from 1 lb 10.2 oz yesterday, a gain of 2.2 oz

Chrys-----------1 lb 9.8 oz; a slight drop from 1 lb 10.6 oz yesterday, just .8 of an oz down

Not to worry:  they do go up and down a little bit, and as he's the biggest anyway, I'm not going to stress over that.  It's only if the trend is generally and steadily downward that there is a problem.

Now, a word about Chrys.  (Pronounced just like Chris.) Since these are the Flower Kittens, but Chrys is a boy, I had to make the name more masculine sounding.  So, his full name should really be, "Chrysanthemum," but I shortened to just Chrys for him.  

And now you know...the rest of the story.

The Flower Kittens First Video 10-2-17

Greetings, kitten aficionados!

This post is short; I'll let the video speak for itself.  All four of the dear little flower babies had fun running around this evening.

  Last night, I had the  opportunity to follow some of their darling antics as they raced around the studio where they are currently housed.  Too funny, they were!

   Petunia and Tulip seem to have a great deal of fun wrestling with each other, as well as taking the occasional swipe at Chrys or Pansy as they happen to stroll by.

   Pansy spent some time watching the activity from up on a chair, while Chrys came down with a case of the 'kitty crazies,' and I could not pan the camera fast enough to keep up with him!

This video was shot on 10-2, but Blogger was having an issue, and wouldn't let me edit or publish the draft post, so I had to start again.

Update for 10-3-17:  Their weights are up by a few ounces each, with Petunia and Chrys outweighing their siblings by 2 or 3 ounces each!  For tiny kittens such as these, who were behind the curve for their age, every ounce counts!

Without further ado, then, here is their video, as seen on YouTube.