Monday, November 30, 2009

Back From Road Trip

Hai, Effurryone!
   Fanks you, furriends, fur stoppin by our bloggie an leavin us nice wishes fur Turkey Day.  We hopes you all had a furry nice day, too!  

Dis is Patches speakin.  I hads a wunnerful road trip.  I gots in my nice travel carrier wid a soft fluffy towel, and had a nice long nappy all the way up to what I iss told is 'grandma's house.'  Dey has a sorta big house...not quite as big as ours, but almos.

    I walked an walked an walked round and round ther house 'splorin.  I hads a purrivate litterbox and my own speshul food an water bowls wid no sharin.  But I wuz too excited to eat much.  I had a lot of nappys, too, and der were sunspots to nap in, too!  More than we haz at home!  It wuz furry nice.

   I even got to go outside on da deck wif my purrty blue harness and leash, an I gots to go on a short walk out to where da beans take der cars, an sniff sum grass.

   Twicet, I got sum turkee...dat wuz the only times I bothered to eat.  I unnerstand I wuz speshul, cuz da beans ate up da rest of da turkey, and dere wuz none to bring home. 

   Then, I gots to have anodder nice long nappy on da way home.   When I got home, and mom and dad let me out of my carrier, Jiggy an Tigger took turns goin inside an sniffin around.   Dere wuz nuffin in der but my travel towel.  MOL.

OMC  I fink Tigger, Munchkin and Jigsaw are furry mads or jealous.   Jiggy hissed at me las nite!

Well, I guess dat means all iss back to normal, now.   It wuz fun to hab an adventure, but it is also furry nice to be home agin, where I knows what to expect.



Sunday, November 22, 2009

Easy Sunday

Hai, all our furriends...

    We haz to inform you dat we will not be able to blog next week on accounta mom an dad bein outta town.  An where dey iss goin, haz no innernets.  Mom sez she will be sufferin wifdrawals...MOL

   Dey iss not leavin til Wensdee, but we haz been told dat there iss a lotta prepurration, an she won't have time to help us type.  Mew!  Iss dat fair or nice?  I mean, we iss da speshul kitties...don't we come furrst?

   So, while mom an dad purrpares to go away an leave us and take Patches, we iss banned from our bloggie!  So, furriends, have a good week an a furry happy Turkey Day.  Haff lotsa turkey...sneaky up to da platter when your beans are not lookin!  MOL

   We leave you wif dat, an we will post agin when our beans git home--dat will be Monday, da 30th, Mom sez.  Sigh... it feels like furreffur!  mew mew mew!  We just wanted to put one last post before then, so our furriends don't finks we iss abandonin' or ignorin' dem.

Signed, Tigger, Munchkin, Jigsaw and Patches

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Satidee...

Hai, furriends!

   Mom shur iss bizzy thees days!  Today, she sez she's gonna be in a purrade!   MEOW!!   A purrade?  Shouldn't we be inbited to pawticipate, too???

   She said iss fur beans only, an she iss gonna be wit her ka-rat-ee class, and do demos of how to defend yurself, effen iff you haz to walk wid a cane.  We wanna go!  We wuz tol we haz to stay home, dat purrades are not fur kittehs.  Meowf!  What's up wit dat?  Dey needs to fink up a new name fur dat kinda event!

  So, Patches iss goin on her road trip, we 3 will be left alone,  mom's daughter haz crazy work hours, so we prolly won't even get much but our meals and our boxes scooped out...and no play time!  I hopes da Jigsaw and da Tigger don't tear each odder apart. ... like dat story in da bean's book about "Da Gingham Dog an Da Calico Cat."   Come to fink of it, dat's a children's book...what a horrible story to tell to little beans! 

   So, furriends, I must close fur now, as mom sez she haz to go purractice her routine sum mores.  Haff a happy an peaceful Satidee, each and effurry one!

S.. Munchkin



Friday, November 20, 2009

Extry Furriday Post..

We founds this on another blog, "The Misadventures of Me."

What a lesson fur da beans all offurr da world!

Too cute to miss!

S.. Munchkin

Patches is goin on a road trip

Hai, furriends..

   We wants to fanks all of you fur yur support fur mom's campaign.   As a result of dis problem, da only solushun mom had wuz dat dey haz to takes da Patchy-Cat wif dem on their trip.  Iss da only was she kin git her meds on time, and haff  someone be dere to keeps an eye on how she's doin.

   Dey don't like diss solushun, but iss only way fur dem to not haff to cancel da trip.  Dey iss furry worrieds about Patches, cuz she iss not a young kitteh anymores.  Patchy-Cat, we iss told, does not travel well.  Seems she git sick in her car cage, an sumtimes poops in dere, too.  Diss is furry messy on a long drive.  Not sure what dey iss gonna do.  Purlease wish dem luck.

  We might miss da Patchy-Cat.  We iss not sure yet.   Dey will be gone 4 and a haff days.  Not one of us haz effur been outta da house dat long.  Only Soot, and she neffur come back cuz she went to da bridge.

Signed, Munchkin

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mom Haz Sumpin To Say

Hi, all
    I'm hopping mad, and I'm taking over the kitties' blog for today, to point people to my other blog.  I've posted an article there (and on Face Book) condemning the "Black Friday" shopping obsession.

Thank you, and thanks to the kitties for allowing me to borrow their blog page.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordy Wensdee

This iss da Jigsaw Puzzle speakin' here. ...  I iss furry upsets agin.   I wuz fixing to write up a big nice report and brag post for me to put up on Mondee, fur "Mancat Mondee,"  when I made anodder horrible discuvery!

I don know how to bring dis up, or even tells you, 'cept to just say it... 

But--dis iss most embarrasin'--an I hates to even say it, but I realized dat my mancat parts is missin!!  OMC!!

Now, how iss I spowsed to make a proud "Mancat Mondee" post??!!  

I seems to haz to spend a lots of times pouting in my chair lately.  Mew, mew, mew!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hai again

   Well, fanks you, furriends, fur yur reashuring comments abowt our purrthdays.  What a relief it iss to know we iss not alone, and our furriends won't be laffin at us.  We wuz so worrieds.  S.. Jigsaw

 (Tigger steps up to the keyboard)

    Hee hee... it wuz funny yestidee nite watchin Jiggy an Munchie haff a stare-down in da hallway.  Dey wuz both growlin, but speshully Munchie.  Jiggy an Munchie wuz flippin dere tails like crazy, and Munchie wuz hissin an spittin and finly she run to da bean's room, after dey got into a rassling match.

   It wuz funny to see him bother sumbudy besides me fur a change!   Mom an dad wuz jus standin there watchin the two of dem..and laffin.  I wuz watchin frum da odder end of da hallway.  MOL

   I never seed Munchie back off and turn tail before, tho.   Jiggy, he gettin to be a real brat.  Anyone want a used orange kitteh?  Cheap.  Mebee he an little Joey Cartwright Graves III would get along well togedder, and dey could hassle each odder, and dat would keep Joey out of Miss Elsie's furz.  Whadda fink?  MOL MOL  OMC...I iz too funny.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Satidee ..Hmm

Hai, furriends..

   We haz jus learned a horrible trooth:  our beans don't really know our real birfdays!  We wuz lissinin to dem talkin, and it turns out, we all jus has what dey calls 'assined' birfdates. Mewf!

   It seems our age on our gotcha days was jus calcoolated backards, to da month dey thot we wuz borned, and then we wuz assined a day in dat month. 

   Like me, da vet said I wuz 'about 8 months old' in my gotcha month of Febrooary, so they figgerd backards, and dat wood be June, so I was assined da same birfday as Dad.

   Munchin (an Sootsie, when she wuz wif us) also had dere birfdays figgered dis way, so dey is assigned to April 15th.  Sumpin about an easy date to remember, an makin sumpin nice fur dat date.

   Tigger, I finks haz da same day as Munchie, an Patchy Cat, well she iss assined da same day as Mom and Dad's anneeversary, (whaddefur dat means)!

    Do you finks we should give dem a poor purrformance reevew fur dat?   Hmmm.... Seems kinda sneeky to cum dey not know our real birfdays.  What are we gonna tell all our odder kitty furriends?  Dis iss a terribul discuvery!

  I iss gonna go nappy an pout, now.

S...Jigsaw Puzzle

Friday, November 13, 2009

Extry Furriday Noos. P.S... Ha, ha!

Da Tigger gots into big trubble tonite!  Mom wuz in da laundree room, and Tigger went in, and peed on a pile of towels!

Mom scooped him up an scolded him, and tossed him into dat bathroom wif da litter box, and shut him in der!  Good!  Serfs him rite fur bein all hissy to me! MOL


Furrriday, Furrriday!!

Mom iss alllus so happy when it iss Furriday.  We no sees any diffurence one day frum anodder.  Oh--'cept Furriday iss TREATS day!  Dad gives us our treats on Furridays!  MEW MEW MEW!!  We used to get treets almost effurry day, but da white coat said no, no....too many extry caleries--whatefur those are!  So we gots cut back to jus oncet a week.  Mrowl!

You knows, I iss glad dat dad saved me, and took care of me, and I now haz a furrefur home.  But I no unnerstand why da Tigger no like me.  I iss not hurt him.  I wants to be his furriend, I wants to play.  I try to say hello, sniffy him, give him headbutts, kissy, but he run away alla time, or he hiss at me.  I only wanna be furriends.  I finks he iss a grumpy old man-cat!  He no wanna play wif me.  I wanna sit wif him in da chair, an he jump down and run off!  Only time he stays iss if mom iss there, and pet him and tell him iss ok..den Tigger stay put, but I kin still see he no like me and wanna git down. 

Da Munchkin, she chases me sumtimes, but sumtimes I chases her.  I finks she iss just playin wif me... we plays by da blue cubes...she goes inside, and paws da walls, and I stand outside an watch, an sumtimes I bats at her..den I run hide.  MOL   Sumtimes she puts da paw-bop on me, but she not so scaredy or mean hissy like da Tigger.

What kin I do, furriends?  I haz already had my 1st gotchaversary, back in what da beans call 'Febrooary.'  Dat iss a long time for Tigger to still be all stuck up.   My feelings iss hurt.

S...Jigsaw Puzzle

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hai, furriends!
   Mom sez she iss gonna make sum kitty coasters.  We iss not shur what those are, but she haz a poll for you to vote on her craft bloggie today:

   We saw a pickchur, and it iss a cute kitteh kinda wid blank spots.  Mom called it a 'stensill.'  We iss gonna see if we can helps wif dat.  It looks like funs.  Mebee sum pawprints would add a bit of class, you finks?  MOL

   Mom iss not givin us much bloggie time lately.  She iss kickin us off agin now.  She sez it's da beans dinner time, then she haz her ka-ratee class agin.  Didn she jus do dat da odder nite?  Mew!

   We has no odder mews, but we wuz excited dat she iss gonna make sum kitty stuffs.  We will see you all later, furrineds!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Very Late Wensdee

Hai, all--

   Is almost da bean's bedtime, and mom only jus turned on her compooter!  Hiss!  I fink mom did not feel too good today, cuz she was nappying in da middle of da day, an she nefur duz dat!

   So, we jus wants to say a big fanks you to all our furriends fur yur nice comments on our new Catster pages, and we will be accepting the furriend requests there.

  To JewelGirlsKatz, fanks you fur coming to bisit our bloggie, and we iss happy you likes da name of it.

  Now, dat is all we haz time fur to rite fur now.  We iss going ofur to Catster to takes care of buziness there, then mom iss shutting down her compooter again and headin to bed.

Goodnight, furriends.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Toosday Nite

Well, Hai, Furriends!

    It iss furry late fur us to be writing...but we has noos.  Mom gave us a Catster account, and now we each haz our own page!  Come bisit us there!  You kin click da linkys at da right.

    We did not do anyfing today. Mom made bread, and worked extra, cuz the peeples dat usuly come help did not show up today.

   Mom iz gettin ready to go to her ka-raty class, so dat iss all fur today.  We hopes to write more tomorry.

Haf a wunnerful evening, furriends!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Easy Like Sundee

Hai, Furriends...

   Well, things finlay settled down.  Patches quit walkin around like she wuz in a race.  I dunno if it was da new medicin, or if she just wore herself out, cuz she kept on doin it even after mom gave her da meds.   Anyway, she only had one dose of da mew medicin, and she's not doin dat anymore, so mom feels better.  But da vet said mom kin give it to her whenefur she needs to, but she don' hafta take it efurry day like her odder medicins.

   Hee hee...yestidee, all da odder kits wuz still sleepin, and mom wuz in da kitchen makin stuff for dad's lunch, and I got toona!  Just me!  Cuz I'm speshul!  Mom tells me alla time dat I iss her speshul Tigger!  And I iss her fafurrit Tigger, too!  She sez so alla times!  So I got toona!  Nobody else woked up!  I haz a speshul toona nose!  MOL

   Jigsaw chased me, an I wuz tryin to git away, cuz I no likes to be chased, so I jumped up on da coffee table and accadentilly knocked down moms candle thing.  Iss purrty glass, and kinda hevy, but good thing it did not break.  Then mom scolded me!  Can yu imagin dat??!!  Jiggy chasin me an I gits in trubble.  I no likes him!  I iss gonna put him up fur sale!  Anyone want a small, slightly used orange kitteh?

   Munchkin, she iss my best furriend.  We haz nappys together alla times.  But now, she iss nappying a lot wid Patchy Cat.  I wonner what's up wid dat?  

   Oh...I haz jus been told dat mom iss closin up da office so she can go paint summonre, and so dat means I iss done writing fur today...even iff I haz more to say. Mewf!  Mrowl!


Friday, November 6, 2009

Furreaky Furriday

Hai, Furriends!

   Heer it iss, Furriday agin.  Dis time, da Patchy Cat iss actin goofy.  She iss not sleepin, an she iss runnin around da house all cookoo like, and bumpin into stuff, an knockin offur stuffs, and Mom iss skeered she's gonna hurt herself or do sumpin stoopid like git stuck in da reecliner agin.

   Mom called da vet for what to do, since Patchy Cat iss alreddy on sum strong medicins fur her epilepssy, so da vet hadda look up a mew med she coud take along wif dose.   Mom went an gots it, and give Patches sum, and she still walkin around da house all fast an goofy like.  We neffur seen her act like dis.

   Patches iss 11 years old, and her gotchaversary iss comin up in Deecembur.  Mom's eyes were leaky last nite--we finks she iss skeered dat Patches mite be fixin to go to da bridge.   We hopes not.  Mom wood be furry sads.  (Ok, we wood miss her too...but don' tell anyone we said so.)

    It iss quiet now.  Maybe da medicin finlluy worked.  Now we kin haz our nappys.

Haff a good weekend, furriends...


Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, hai, furriends!

    We did not get to rite our bloggie fur 1 or 2 days (we iss kits--we can't count so good)..on accounta mom said she ran outta green papers and da innernets got shut off . MEW!  We finks she better get her purrorities figgered out!  We wuz furry sads not to be able to see our furriends.

  Mom sez it iss all fixed now, tho, so we kin rite today, and we hopes dat don happens again!  Dat wuz furry scary, you fink?

   Meantimes, we remembered annoder story about da Patches.   Dis happen few weeks ago.   Mom and dad wuz lookin all offur da house for her, an callin her name, and lookin an lookin, an no Patches anywhere.  Finally, mom finks she sees a piece of kitteh tail stikin out frum under da couch.

   Now, da couches our beans haz, dey sit rite on da floor, and dere iss no space to go unnerneath from da front.  Da stooooopid Patchy Cat, she went around behind, and sneekyed under da back side, and den she got herself stuck!

   Mom an dad hadda turn da whole couch upsidey-down, and dere wuz Patchy Cat, stuck hard in between da cloth on da outside of da couch under da arm, and da frame and da metal parts dat let da seat lie back for a nappy spot.  (Mom an dad call it a  reecliner?  We don know why dey needs a speshul chair to take nappys!)

   Anyway, Patches was stuck real good, an it took both mom an dad working for sum time to git her free.  She mewed a cupple of times like it hurt her pawsies or sumpin, but dey coudnt help it if dey wuz gonna git her out.  Da rest of us wuz pretty skeered, an we no got too close..we didn' wanna git stuck in dere!

   We don know how she got in dere to start wif, if it wuz so tight and hard to git out!  She didn't get hurted, but she wuz not a happy kitteh when dey got her out.  Dey tried to hold her an give her pets and snuggles, and she jus wanted to be put down, an she went runnin off down da hall all mad like.  Mom an dad said she wuz swearing!

  So, warning to all our furriends...if your beans has reecliney chairs, do not go behind dem and try to git inside.  It mite seem like a fun snuggle spot, but you mites git stuck!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Madness

Hai, Furriends!

    Lookit what time it iss!  Almost dinnertime!  Well, mom says still 3 hours, whatefur those are....but she only jus turned on da compooter.  We wuz finkin we wuz not gonna git to write our bloggie today!

     Da beans iss workin too much, we finks!  Allus out in da 'shop.'  Talkin bout 'orderz.,' an 'gettin' ready fur da holidayze.'   We dunno bout dat.  I guess we no care, cuz we gits lots of nappy time widout anyone botherin us, but sumtimes we likes to play.

     Well, we playz, and when da beans come inside, and wanna play, we purrtend like we jus wanna stay asleep and no wanna play.  Den, when dey go to bed, we gits in dere face and jump all offur and wanna play.  Guess dat will teach dem, you fink?

     Well, now mom sez she wants da compooter back so she kin check her facebook.  Huh??  A book on her face?  I no see a book dere.  Mew mew mew!!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Easy Sunday? Hmmm... We'll See..

Hai furriends...

   Well, we thot it was gonna be easy Sunday, but we wokes up and da beans wuz still sleepin, and we wuz starvin haff to deth...and they wuz sayin 'it isn' brekkfist time yet.'   We no kin read clocks, but we haz clocks in our tummies.

   Da beans sayin sumpin bout a time change an its a whole hour earlier than what our tummies say.  Well, mewf!   How iss we s'powsed to know dey iss messin wid what time it iss?   Daylite savins time iss offur?  Whats dat mean??  Iss time to eat, dat's all we know!

   Well, we made enuf fuss and gots underfoots enuf to make dem feeds us anyhow, but we sure wuz not furry happy about dat start to da day!

   Well, at least dey did go to da store and get us more treats yesterdee, an when dey got home, we got extry treats...we will give dem dat.  But this messin wid da time haz gotta stop!  Seems to me dat is twicet dis year!

    We hopes da rest of da day iss furry quiet and we kin get our Sundee nappy times.  We hopes all our furriends had a furry nice an quiet an safe Mewloween.  Now we iss going to go find our mischiff before we nap. MOL..

   S...  Munchkin