Monday, August 31, 2009

Mischeivous Mundee

Hai, efurrywun...

   Mom says she don't like Mundees.  We don't  know whys.. It is just anodder, tho, we iss havink company.  Mom's dotter and grandkiddies are coming to bisit... we not so sure we gonna like dis Mundee...

   Da baby is jus leared to walky, and she chase us...and da big girl.. I tink mom said she in sekind grade...  ... we's not sure what dat means... but she makeses funs of our names (speshly mine!) ..and you know us kits don' like dat at all.  dat's .almos as bad as water!..  So we mosly jus try to hide in mom's bed when dey come ofer.   ...  Sumptimes, our nappys get inneruptid...and we tries to just pretend we iss still sleepying.

  Dey issn't mean to us...we git pets and all..but so much noisy we not used to.   

So, we gonna go now, and find our hidey spots for da day.  Yous alls have a nice Mundee, our furrriends..

s.  ... Tigger

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Later on Sundee...

  OMC--we gots so many comments today.  Fanks you to all our new furriends and followers...  It is furry nice to meet mew all.

  We iss gots a small problem, tho... mom can't figger out how to make a listy thing dat shows all da bloggies we iss following.  Like so many or our furrriends has a list of 'Bloggies I follows," and we have looked, and mom has looked, and we cant's figger out how to doos it..

  Mebbee someones could splain dat to us?

Mewy fanks!



Hai, to all our new furrriends.  Welcome, and yous can follow our bloggie too.  We likes to go read other kits bloggies, and so we follows so we don't furrget where we found da bloggies.

It iss real ezy...just click on the'follow blog' link at da top.  :-)

We is not going to do much today....Sundee is nappy day, after all...

s...Tigger, Jigsaw, Munchkin and Patches.

Saturday, August 29, 2009



  Happy Satturrrday ... Satidee...Satuday???  Uh, ohs.. I furrrgets how to spells it.   Oh, well, me Jigsaw, telling you about da Tigger's game wid mom.  He iss funny. 

  He iss laying on da rug, and mom says "I gonna git you."  and Tigger, he runs all over, and mom chase him... he goes under da table, he goes      on da scratcher trree...den he runs into a corner and waits to 'get got.'  Cuz when he gets got...he gets neck scritches and pets...  Dey plays dis 2 - 3 times a day. 

  I tink mom was gonna trys to play it wid me, too, but I got sorta skeered, an I hid.  But dat was before.  Now, I see da Tigger play da game... maybe looks like funs. 

  Well, efurrrybody else is doing da nappys, so I is da only one on da bloggie todays.  So mebbee I go try da game, den go take my nappy.

  Happy Sattudee to all our furrrriends!


Friday, August 28, 2009


Mew, mew mew!!!!  It's Furrriday...we likes Furrridays, cuz the hoomans are in a good mood.  We gits extra playtime, and Furrriday is treat day.   (We iz on a diet  :-(  our vet tolds our hoomans we not sposed to have our treatsies every day anymores.   Meeeeeeooooowwwwwwwlllll! Hisssssss!!)

We hopes Patches iss ok...she had da last three days wid her shaky-twitchy sickness..  Da hoomans had to gives her extry pills.  I don't tink she likes da pills too much.  But mom, she's real slick about it...Patches gits da pill befores she can complane.  We hope she will be okay..she is da oldest kitteh in our famly.  Mom says she is 11 year old.

Dad caughts me, Jigsaw, runnings all around da short table in da liffing room... round and round... I was gitting my exerlaps in...he told mom I wuz doing 'da kitty 500.' Iz not shur what dat means...but mom and dad thot it wuz funny, so maybes I'll do it sum mores.  Hee hee.

Moms showed us sum pickchurs of kittehs in hats and sweaters, and she thot dat wuz cute.  She had da nerves to ask us if we'd like some kitteh clothes... Exxxxuuusssseeee uss???  We don't tink so!!  Grrowwrrhiss!!

We is having funs writing our bloggie.  If yous likes our bloggies, pawlese tells your furriends, and let dem know dey can follows us.  We likes getting to know odder kittehs who write blogggies...

Well, it's times for nite time playtimes and den bedtime.  We are furry nice to let da hoomans shares our big bed.  Ya tink??

Later, fuuuriends....


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Tings dat make you go "Hmmmmm....."

What is up wit deese mousies?  We can't put da bitey on dem!  Dey iz hard and cold and go 'clink'!  Mom scolds us and says to get away afore we breaks dem.  Micees dat break??  What up wid dat?

Mom says for hoomans to hang in trees in a couple of months.   Miceses hanging in trees?  We iz confuzled.  Sounds kinda weird to us kits.  Whadda you tinks?

Mom say she gonna put dem in her Etsy shop in a liddle bit.  We still wishes we could put da bitey on dem...
Signed, Tigger, Patches, Munchkin and Jigsaw

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wenzdee???? Already???

Uh, ohs...did we sleeps thru all day Tuesdee???? OMC! Well, we all must have needed extra nappys, I guess.

Lessee...we iz gonna look thru moms pikchurs and see if we can find sum to put in here. We sees a lot of kitehs bloggies do a 'Wordless Wensday" thingee... so we will try to finds sum pikchurs.

Dis is da Tigger. He nappys on dis liddle cushin bed by moms feet in da office. He iz da biggest kitteh, and he squooshes hisself into the smallest places.. He funny.

An dis is me, Jigsaw Puzzle. As you can see, I am quite royal.

An dis one here, dis is da Munchkin. She tinks she's da boss.

An yous already met Patches... dat is her pickchur at the top of dis bloggie.

And dat's our 'Wordless Wenzdee," well it wuzn't 'wordless,' but not too many words..


Monday, August 24, 2009

Mishcievous Monday

Hai, efurryone..

Munchkin heer, telling today's mishief tale of a tail iz about der Tigger. Hee hee, moms wuz coming inside da house and she caughts him up on da counter by da sink. He knows he's not sposed to be up der. Den moms came in agin, and catchs him on da short table in da liffing room. Uh, ohs, Tiggers..youz in troubles now. Spec'lly he jus looked at her when she said to git down, he just stared, and mom had to come tap his butt before he moved. Bad Tigger today.

(Tigger shoves Munchkin away from the keyboard)

Hey, dat's not fair, Munchie...youz got in trubble, today, too. Mom's came in and caughts you clawzing up da carpet..twicet! An we gots dis really great scratcher and climbing tree for doing dat...and Munchkin, she's always clawzing up da rug... Bad girl! (See da pic of my friend, and Munchie's sisfur Soot on da right side...shes' on dat scratcher tree)

(Jigsaw says, move over-my turn!)

Youz 2 thinks youz all about dat, jus cuz youz wuz heer firstest. I sees you boths git scoldid all the times, and I has to MOL.. hee hee you iz in trubble--you iz in trubble... hee, I iz a perfec angel yessiree I iz.

(Patches stumbles up to the keyboard)

Not so fas, der, Jiggy...I may be sleepsy a lots, but I see and heers youz git scoldid too, spec'lly for chassing down da Tigger and pouncings him. Sumtimes even mom finds chuncks of Tigger furz on da floors.... and den she scolds you for pouncings him.

(Mom returns and finds kitties at play on her computer)

Ok, you four, you've had your fun for the day... You've all told stories about each other, and all of you are guilty of something or other from time to time. Just know this: you are all my kitty baby fur children, and I love you all a whole bunch, and I always will. Getting scolded does not change that at all... I hope you all understand that.
Smoochies and huggs to all my fur babies, and I'm glad you are enjoying your blog.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today iz a lazy day, too...kinda like Sleepy Sattidy....but mom iz bizzy in her art place, so we gets to do more nappying. Today we is just putting up sum ideaz, but dey not parts of a story or news...just thinkings.

Mom is working on sum new kitty signs for people. They say fun things on dem... and she has dem in her shop at (See the EFA button at da top, it takes you der.)

She sez she is making sum doggy ones, too. We don't sees why, but mom say only fairs. We know kitties rule, anyways, so I guess it's ok. We kin let da doggies have der funs. MOL

Oh, good she sez sum peeples wants signs for horsies. I don't tink peeples keep horsies in der houses, do you? Do horsies use da litter box? ROFMOL!!

Heer is a joke: Why did da kitty cross da road? ... Cuz dat's where da chickens went! MOL We iz so funny!

Now, we is gonna go see if mom dusted off da video cam yet..and bugs her til she duz. Den, we go back to our nappying.

See you laters. Look for Mischievous Monday post tomorrow.

s...Tigger, Jigsaw, Munchkin and Patches

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sleepy Sattiday

Yawwwnnnsss... We all sleeps in on Sattidays....even the hoomans. Dat Patches, tho, she's always asleep...think so even when she's walkings around. She gots some kinds of twitchy-shaky sickness, and the hoomans, they always putting pills in her mouth.... every days. We tries to plays wit her, but she is eider sleepy or grumpy at us.

Jigsaw, he's da scamp... he wakeys evfurrybody up. Sumtimes da hoomans close him outta da room .. hee hee... he gits up on da pillows by their heads....

Tigger he lazy sumetimes, too.. Jiggy likes to chase him up da hall...sumtimes Tigger chases back.. sumeitmes I chase Jigsaw... funs. Den I gits yelled at and I gits shut outta da room, too. Oh, noes... too much funs.

Tigger he my buddy ..we iz best furriends.. esp since my sisfur, Sootsie passed. I misses her. Tig and me, we plays chase and hidey-seek in our blue cubes..den we go nap to gether. I tink mom has sum pix of us nappying.'s one:

Das all for Sleepy Sattiday... I'z going to take a nappy nows.

.................signed, Munchkin

Friday, August 21, 2009

Check out Mom's Shop!

Mom has a shop on Etsy. She tolds us to mention that all of her animal-themed items will donates 10% to Etsy For Animals (EFA) Charity of the Month. See whats she has at:

Fanks you.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Meows to all our furrriends. And a special fanks you to Baby Patches for being our furrst follower!

Furridays are Furrr Funs, so we is going to tell a funny story today. Dis happened a long times ago, and we heard it, and mewed ourselfs silly. We is posting it before it is quite Furriday, cuz we has to be off mom's puter before she turns off for da nite.

Dis happend, we is told, when Tigger wuz a little kit. (Shh...I don't thinks he saw us come in here to tell dis story on him...)

Mom wuz gonna git into a bubbly baff...and wuz all settled in. Tigger, he pushed open da door, and sneekyed in. Mom didn't sees him.
Now yous all knows most kits don't likes water, and Patches kitty, she's a year older than Tigger...she tried to warn him. She said "Be carefuls, Tigger, I smells water." Tigger, he says 'All I smell is this funny smell. I gonna see what it iz.' Patches, she shrugged and went off to da bed.

Now, we knows you sees whats coming, but it wuz so funny anyhows... Tigger, he gots up on his hind paws, and patted at the bubbly stuffs. Mom didn't see him..she wuz relaxin wid her eyes shut.
The bubbly stuff felt funny, so Tigger wanted a closer look.. UP he jumped onto da edge of da tub, and reached out to feel the bubbly stuff sum mores. It popped under his nose, and made him sneeze, so he losted his balance and slipped and fell right in.
NOW mom sees him, and she hollers for dad to come get a soggy kit. We don't knows who wuz more suprized.
Dis was furry funny...we iz still laffing. Hee hee hee...always funny when it happens to another kit. MOL!!


Greetings, one and all, and welcomes to our mew bloggie. We is a crew of 4 kits, and we would likes to share our kitty tales and things wiff effuryones.

We will trys to has a daily bloggie, but it depends how much time mom lets us use her bloggie account.

Wif 4 of us, there is sure to be things to say alls the times. Welcomes to our furrr friends who want to follow our bloggie.


Tigger, Munchkin, Jigsaw and Patches