Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tigger is Annoyed

Dis is Tigger speaking.  I iz not happy.  I haz not been feelings good, and mom and dad are stuffing nasty-tasting stuff in my mouf every morning and evening.  Yuck!

Then, I keep gettin stuffed in mai carrier and took to da V-E-T.  Today, wuz furry humiliating.  Dey cutted off all mai belleh furz and smeered some cold goo all offur mai belleh, and goin round and round wif some kind of ball thingy.

It didn't hurt, but I wuz not happy.  How long will it takes for mai furz to grow back?  I iz nekkid underneath.  Iz not funny.

Signed, Da Tigger

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Another Interloper!

Mom and dad are in the dog house again!  Well, wait; we don't have a dog, so how can we put them there?  That's a funny thing to say, don't you think?

But there is another new kitty living here.  Oh, it all started out innocently enough; they took pity on her because she was outdoors, and it was getting toward winter last year.  And she's a tiny thing.  Poor kitty.

Then, they started stealing our foods to take out to give this stranger.  We hissed and batted at her though the window, but it made no difference.  And then, they made her a shelter from the cold outside.

That was fine.  Then she disappeared for a while.  It turns out, they had put her inside the shop with Patches.  She wasn't gone at all.

The next thing we know, they are bringing her inside our space a few times a week.  Our space!!   The nerve of these humans!  We hissed our displeasure, and we were scolded, told to "be nice; she's a guest."  

Guest, my tail fur!  Pretty soon, she was inside more and more, and now, if you can believe it, she lives here!  The outrage!  

I guess some of us have sort of come to terms with her being here, but we aren't really all that thrilled.  She's a gray kitty, and the humans think she's mostly what they call a "Russian Blue."  She's little, but she can dish out some pretty solid paw-whaps.  They named her "Shadow."

Here is her picture.  

Shadow lurking near OUR cat tree...

It was a few months after this girl arrived that Patches crossed the Rainbow Bridge, so our count is stable at 7 cats. 

 The humans claim they love us all; and all cats.  Should we believe them?  I hope they don't try to make all cats live here.  We don't have room.  What do you think?

Jigsaw Puzzle, Esq.  
Official Spokescat