Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Monskers Are Here to Stay!!

OMC!!  Those liddle monskers I told you abowt before, two of dem is here fur good!    Mom and Dad decided to keeps Bobbie an Lil' Miss Fuzz! 

Dey are all part Siameez, and Mom haz fownd owt dat Bobbie is a "Flame Point," and Lil' Miss and Mr. Tabbs are "Lynx Points." 
Heer are Lil Miss an Mr. Tabbs wif Jigsaw Puzzle, Patches and Muchkin

Mr. Tabbs wuz adoptified by our aunty, an she changed hiz name to "Stormy."

Dat iz Mr. Tabbs/Stormy yawnin'.  Bobbie iz next to himz, and Lil' Miss is in back. 

All of dem is bigger now.  Dey is now 4 months and one week olds.