Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hai, furriends!

We hopes you haz a happy Satidee and weekend.  Mom sez it iz a holiday, but how can we tell?  We iz cats.  We haz a holiday effurry day!  MOL!!

Oh, an' lookee heer--offur in da left (Tigger) an' Patches has gotted Senior Kitty Klub badges!  I guess dat means we iz old katz!  MOL

Well, it seems Mom was as good as her word.  We will not dowt her again!  Here iz two pages of CATS in her CAT-a-log. (Still no logs, tho, as House of Cats pointed owt.  MOL)

And she says there are a few more, but owt of stock, so she no haz pickchurs yet. 

You can click anywhere in da middle of either page above to biggify..dey iz not all diffrent pickchurs, but image cap-churs of da whole page. Der are also lots more of her stuffs on hers Flickr page, heer, as well as lots of odder pickchurs.

Is finally warm today, so we iz gonna be lazy.  Well, Mom finks we iz allus lazy!  Meowf!  How rude!  When iz cold, we haz to cuddle up to keep warm.  When iz hot, we haz to nap to conserve energy.  Rite?  Rite!  Enjoy your weekend, furriends!  Mom iz gonna go werks on her cat-a-log summore, an she says maybe make a post in her garden journal--if you wanna read dat, clicky heer.

Signed, Tigger and Munchkin

Friday, May 28, 2010

Paw-Bumps ... some pictures...

   We heard abowt a good idea on da Brewskie Butt's bloggie...fur fixin' da Wikipedia, and gitting proper 'paw bump' pickchurs owt der, instead of nasty-medical-disease icky pickchurs.  We fink it iz a really good idea, so we is contributin these entries fur consideration.

   Mind you, a paw-bump happens purrty quick, and mom does not alllus have da flashy-box ready at da time, so dis is da best we kin do.  We wonders if it is cheatin' to incklude a pickchur of an action shot, where Tigger wuz whapping at bubbles?    It sure looks like a paw-bump to us! MOL

Den, da next pickchur is of Munckin, and then da Tigger again. We finks none of dem quite fit dat bill, but we tried.

Heer is da Tigger, whapping (, paw-bumpin'!) a bubble
Heer is da Munchkin, paw-bump innertupted by da urgent need fur a sunpuddle nap--furry impawtent, you know!

And last, heer is da Tigger agin, I finks he must be paw-bumpin' da Munchkin, don't you?

We hopes dese pickchurs help git dat word owt dat a paw-bump iz not a disgusting disease thing alla time!  Fur more infurmashun, purrlease bisit our furriend Brewskie Butt, on his bloggie, heer: "Just Meowin."

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rrruff Week

Well, Hai, furriends!

  You mite think dat dis post wuz written by a woofie, by da title.  MOL.  Nope, just little ol' me...Munchkin! 

Da orange boys, as mom calls Jigsaw and Tigger, haz been haffing a ruff week.

Furst, dey keeps getting into scraps wif each odder.. and 2 days ago, mom heard a commoshun, and den found a HUGE clump of Tigger furz all across da hallway between her office and bedroom..and Tigger wuz hiding, and Jigsaw ran down da hall to hide.

Then, yestidee, da beans were eating dinner, & mom furgot sumpin, and when she came back frum da kitchen, Jigsaw had moved and he wuz eatin--and she didn't see him, and stepped on his tail!  Poor Jiggy went 'MROW!' and jumped outta day way in a hurry, but it wuz too late to move outta da way, since he already got stepped on.  Silly boy!

It took him almost all da rest of da evening to furgive mom an go sit in her laps agin!

Den I dunno what got into him besides, but he started gettin' in Mai face, and battin' at me!  WELL!   I cannot allows dat, you know, so I hissed at him, den he growled at me.  Mom and Dad hit us both wif da squirt bottle.  I owe him a good bopping fur gettin' us in trubbles!

Mebee he iz jus trying to git mom's attenshun, since she is so wrapped up in her noo cat-a-log.  Hmm.. I don't see any cats in you?  (She claims dis iz only one of da pages, and tells me der ARE kittehs on anodder page.  You finks I should beeleeve her?)

Signed, Munchkin

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sum of Da Pickchurs Mom Haz Been Takin'

Hai, furriends,

  We haz had a few peeples bof here and frum odder of Mom's contacts on Face Book and such, askin' abowt her ceramiks, and wantin' to see sum pickchurs.  So, here you go--we sneekyed in to Mom's compooter and found these:

Now, we don' know what's goin' on heer wif dis pickchur arrangement, but sumhow, they is not behavin' or landing where we told them to, so purrleese excuse da messy layout look. 
Uh-oh--Mom just caught us!  But she said it wuz ok, but to remind effurryone dat dese pieces are called "bisque" and dis is how Mom sells dem--all ready for painting at "Paint-On-Pottery" stooodeeyos.

Mom haz a few of her finished pieces fur sale in her Etsy shop...we finks der is a linky sumwhere on da sidebar.

Fanks fur your innerest, and stoppin' by. 

P.S.  Mom sez she haz 432 feet of shelving stocked wif stuffs, and she haz only finished taking pickchurs of abowt half of it.  OMC!  Dat means more time bein' ignored while she is 'werkin.'!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We Are Still Out of Operation, here..

What we didn't tell you on our "we're back" post, is that our beans had some furry bad luck on their trip, and they haz been furry busy takin' care of all kinds of phone calls and paperwerks, so we is still not able to write in our bloggie!!  Mom iz giving me just a few minits before she shuts off her compooter fur da nite.

When they wuz almost all the way to where they wuz going on that Monday, some dummy didn't see that Dad was already stopped at a red light, and ran right into the back of their truck!  Dad kinda hurt his foot and ankle, and both he and Mom got sumpin' called 'whiplash.'

Dad is purrty sore--no busted bones, but the doctor said 'soft tissue damage hurts as bad or worse.'
Mom is just sore all over, but no serious damage, and no busted bones, either.  But they wuz both furry, furry mads that dis happened.!!  Dat makes da 3rd time sum dummy had rear-ended them while they were stopped!  Dad wants to know who painted a target on his backside!

The truck doesn't look too bad, and it was driveable, but it is in da shop fur repairs, mainly becuase it looks like the frame got bent, and there seems to be a bit of a problem with gears (whateffer those are!)  when it shifts.  (We only know about shifting to a noo position while napping!)

So, they is driving a rent-a-car fur now, and Mom iz all nervus abowt even goin' owt in traffic at all. 

Mom haz been furry buzy besides taking hunnerds of pickchurs of da ceramiks, and makin' a whole noo catylog fur their business.. She is at da compooter fur hours, and no time fur us kittehs to write bloggie entries.
So, we apoligizes fur still not bisiting effurryone, but Mom is werking furry hards.

We hopes dis situashun will correct itself before too long, or we may have to stage a revolt.

Signed, Tigger

Saturday, May 15, 2010

We're Baaaaack!!

Hai, furriends!

  We iz back!!  Mai goodness, but it seemed like furreffurs wifout innernets!  I hope we neffur haz to go thru dat agin! 

  Mom is not pickin us up an giving us cuddles, tho--she says it hurts--see wot happened to mom:

She says dey went to play golf on da last day where they were, and she didn't have any sunscreens wif her...and didn't even notice until that nite, when she felt hot.  Poor mom!

  Da beans was gone all dat time, and didn't effen bring us any extry treats!  Kin you imagine dat??!!  We wuz purrty good kittehs...'cept our sitter (mom's dotter--the "auntie" who gave us our Turbo Track), told on us.  Jiggy wuz notty, and sprayed da wall behind da litter box, and auntie had to clean up all underneath!  She wuz not furry happy abowt dat!

  MOL..."auntie"  left a note telling all da stuffs we did...Munchkin broke one of da fevvers off our fevver toy!  :-( 

An...hahaha....she told mom dat herz avocado seed wuz a 'water hog.'  ... MOL... but las nite, when mom & dad were sittin' on da couch, dad caught Jigsaw up on da counter, drinkin' da water owt of da glass wif da avocado seed!  So, mom hadda call her dotter & tell her that da plant seed wuz 'not a water hog,' but it wuz a notty Jiggy!!

Oh..and las' nite, da beans wuz furry tired, and went to bed really early, an Munchkin wuz playing around on the bed wif dad...and she embarrassed herself by fallin' off da side!  ROFMMAO!!!  Dat is usully a Patches' kind of stunt.  

Da biggest mews, tho, is dat Jigsaw Puzzle won da contest on Brewskie Butt's blog fur a noo Furminator.  He is furry excited abowt dat!  He luvs to be brushed, an frum wot we haz heerd abowt da Furminator, he will like dat even better!  Mom wuz furry surprized to open dat e-mail!  MOL  Way to go, Jigsaw!  (Do you finks he will share?)

 I finks dat wuz all our 'citement fur da week.  Mostly, I finks we jus had lots of extry naps, which is allus good.  So, dat iz all fur today... we just wanted to let our furriends know dat we iz back!!  Yippee!!

Signed, Tigger

Friday, May 7, 2010

Out of Touch for a Bit

Hai, furriends...

   Dis iz to let you all know dat we will be out of touch wif effurryone for dis next week.  Dad's mom has to go have sum surgeree, and needs for Dad and Mom to go where she lives to help her fur a few days when she gits home frum da hospiddle.  She lives 3 hours away frum us!!

   Since it iz da liddle-girl-grand-beans birfdays pawty on Satidee, and den our beans iz going owt Satidee nite, dat leafs dem only Sundee to git ready fur der trip to Dad's mom.  So today an' tonite is our last chance fur a while!

   Dey will be at her howse probly until Thursdee, and OMC..can you imagine such a fing...der is no innernets at her howse!!  An Mom an Dad no haz cell phones, either, so we will not be able to write in our bloggie, go bisitin' or talk to our furriends on Twitter.  How will we survive???

  Mom's dotter iz gonna come take care of our foods and boxes and Patches' medicins an stuff, and we gits playtime wif her..but no innernets fur a whole week almos'!!  It is jus too terribles to fink abowt.  We will miss our furriends so much!  Tigger won't be able to sit wif mom in da office...oh, dear!  MEWF!!  Jigsaw won't be able to sit in Dad's lap while he watches da TV  (Jiggy likes to watch TV!)

Signed, Munchkin

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Missing Post?

Lookin fur a noo post?  Today, it's offur at da NKC:  Click HERE

Fanks you!

Signed, Tigger.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

How To Give Your Pet A Pill

Greetings, furriends.  Today, we iz lettin' Mom publish a funny piece she wrote.  This originally appeared on her guest-bloggie spot offur at . Da lady who runs dat site said it wuz ok if mom put it on herz own bloggie, too.  Enjoy "How To Pill Your Pet" :


1) Hide the pill in some canned food, a piece of cheese, glob of margarine, or any other kind of food.

2) Offer it to the dog, (who is prancing about in eager anticipation), and watch as he swallows it whole and wants more. You are done.

3) Repeat for all remaining doses.


1) Hide the pill in a piece of cheese, soft treat, or anything else the cat likes. Watch as he thoughtfully chews it and swallows.

2) At the next dose, watch the cat now refuse to eat his former favorite treat. Add the pill to a different food. Watch as the cat sniffs the food, and tries to bury it.

3) Attempt to place the pill directly into the cat's mouth.

4) Discard soggy pill. Fetch bandages for your fingers. Call your doctor to see if your tetanus shot is current.

5) Get fresh pill. Get a towel, and try to wrap the cat to hold it still. Remove pill from your ear, and fetch bandages for your arms.

6) Ask for assistance. Have helper get cat down from on top of china cabinet. Both of you wrap cat in towel to immobilize him. Retrieve pill from folds of towel. Call your insurance to see if your friend is covered for multiple scratches.

7) Sneak up on the cat from behind, blocking his rearward escape with your feet. Reach over his head, covering his eyes, and pry open his mouth. Get bandages for the fingers of your other hand.

8) Spend half an hour looking for the cat. Use push-broom to shove him out from under the exact center of your bed. Repeat a dozen times, as the cat runs to the opposite side and scoots to the same hiding place. He loves this new game!

9) Decide to wait until the cat is asleep to sneak up and deliver the pill on the sly. Wake up from your own nap to find the cat wide awake and staring at you with an evil eye.

10) Crush the pill and add it to the cat's water.

11) Take cat to vet for dehydration after he's refused to drink the contaminated water. While there, tell the vet to just give the cat an injection of the medicine.

12) Go home and pour yourself a good stiff drink.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I am speshul, cuz I gotted extry treats today frum Dad, an effurryone else wuz nappin!  He didn't even call dem to come.  Only I got treats today!  I guess Dad likes me after all, in spite of he's allus callin' me names like 'candy-butt' and 'furball.'  I iz a happy kitteh!

Here is my latest pickchur Mom took da odder nite--it took her a little while to get my attenshun, but den I sat real still and purrty for her.  What do you finks?  I fink it iz one of my furry best man-catly pickchurs yet. 

Signed, Tigger.

Hey, move offur, Tigger!  I gots noo pickchurs, too!  Only jus cuz mine is not so good an sharp, cuz Dad wuz ticklin' me.  He wuz purrtending to put makeup on me fur da camra, and using a liddle paintbrush dat tickled me.  Lookee here:

Mom kept sayin' 'hold still, Jigsaw, cuz she wanted to take pickchurs cuz she thot dis wuz cute.  But I couldn't hold still cuz Dad wuz ticklin mai furz.  Mewf.  So, finally, mom gotted dis pickchur of me, doin' my faffurrite vulture pose, only dis time on Dad's chair. 

You kin see his collection of Star Trek & Star Wars modelz in da background.  Sumtimes I git in trubble fur trying to git up der an see da modelz.  Oh, Dad no likes dat!  He worked many hours on each one, an he sez dey will break real easy.

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle