Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hey, Nugget!! I see what you said--you stole MY keyboard!

Humph!  Nugget has some nerve talking about me like that!

I have seen him AND Munchkin, for that matter, also chasing their own tails!!  So there!

And Tigger just fell off the cat tree by doing nothing but having a nap.  So he is a klutz, too!

(Nugget swipes the keyboard)

Yeah, but at leas' me and Munchie have da sense to chase tail on da floor, so we doesn't fall off da bed!  (Sticks tongue out.)

(Jigsaw pushes Nugget off the keyboard)

Hey!  I am the official spokes-cat, and this is MY keyboard!!

(Nugget swipes keyboard back)

No, it izn't--iz mom's--she jus' lets you use it sometimes!

(Mom takes the keyboard)

Okay, you two!  If you're going to fight over it--out of the office!  Both of you!

(Shoos cats and shuts door.)

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ha Ha Ha!! Jigsaw Puzzle is a Klutz!

  Dis is Nugget, and I has to tell on Jiggy.  He is a clumsy kitty, and he duz such silly things!

Da other day, he wuz on mom's bed  (well, really, it's OUR bed you know; we just let her sleep there), and he wuz chasin' hiz own tail!  Silly boy.

Den, he got so buzy wif dat, he furgot to watch where he wuz goin', and he fell right of da edge of da bed!  MOL!!!  He wuz embarrisded, and left da room...

Iz too bad mom didn't haz da camera thingy to take a bideo!

Haz you effer heard of anyfing so silly az a kitteh chasing his tail?  We thot dat wuz a doggie fing!