Saturday, August 23, 2014

My friends,

We have not had access to our blog for some time.  Mom has been busy writing articles and taking care of Dad.  He is not doing very well; lots of health problems.  At last, they finally figured out what the latest problem was, that was sending him to the emergency room about every week.

Meanwhile, Mom is worried about Tigger.  He is the second-oldest of us kitties; he turned 13 this year, and he has been throwing up a lot.  Mom thought it was just hairballs, at first, and took to the extreme measure of shaving the end of his tail.  (He has always sucked his tail since he was a baby, and never stopped that habit)!  But, it did not seem to help, and this was way more throwing up than just hairballs.  Mom has to keep getting out the big carpet shampoo machine to clean up.
The last two nights, he has not slept with Mom or Dad like usual, but hiding inside the cube toys, and last night in the carrier Mom uses to take us to the V-E-T. ...  He did not eat dinner last night or breakfast this morning.  Mom is very worried.

But, in other news, there was something funny that happened, and we asked mom to draw a picture, so here it is (click to make bigger) :

Mom says she isn't an artist and can't draw, but we think this came out pretty good.  MOL

Cheers, dear blogging friends!

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle, Esq.