Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pawty in the Near Fyoochur!!

Greetings, Furriends!!

  We iz furry excited, becawse Mom said we kin haz a PAWTY on our bloggie!! Purrrrrrr purrrrr prrrrr purrr prrrrrRP!

  It iz wif grate pride and pleasure dat we invites all our furriends to a twin celebrashun of our 1-year blogoversary and our 200th post!  Dis will be on August 20th, 2010!!

  We will haz noms an drinks an effuryone is welcome to come an pawty and dance an swing frum da ceiling fans!  (Uh, oh--better not tell Mom we said dat!!)  It promises to be a real house-trasher!  We will effen let woofies in!

  In order to purroperly purrrpare for dis event, and so da cownt of how many posts comes owt eggzackly rite, dis will be our last post until then!  (Any funny bizness or mischiff dat happens in da meantime will either be saved up to repurrt later, or posted on da Naughty Kitty Klub site.)

  We will be tweeting abowt dis, an' it will be posted up on da CB as well.  We is so furry excited to haz our furry furst real PAWTY of our own!!!  We just can't wait!  We look forward to haffing all our furriends join us fur dis dubble-whammy celebrashun!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well, furriends, I just don't know wot to tell you, and we don't know wot to finks!  But our beans were gone all day long yestidee, they did not git home until it wuz dark owtside,and our dinner wuz furry late! As if dat wuz not bad enuf..they had da nerve to come in smellin of woofies!!!

We dunno wot wuz goin' on, but we iz not amuzed!  Den, to top it all off, they wuz 'tired' an went to bed early, and we got no play time at all!!

What the mew?!?!?!

We hopes we iz not gittin abandonded fur woofies!!  Wot do you finks we should do abowt dis situashun???

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle, Esq.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Furry Silly Munchkin!

MOL!  Lookit dis pickchur Mom tooked of Munchin yestidee!  Anyone would fink it was da  middle of winter!  Iz not!  Iz da middle of summer, and wot da beans call a 'heat wave' besides! 

Did you effur see such a silly kitteh??

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle

Monday, July 19, 2010

Girl Cat Monday (oh, yeah..da Mancats too)

See--sometimes we can get along:

at least, when we iz odderwise occupied....
us girls is in da front, an da two orange boys in da back, where dey belongs!  MOL

Signed, Munchkin

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Funny Like Sundee..

Hai, Furriends!

   It's me, Tigger, again!  Munchkin if furry busy today.  She is runnin' all offur da howse, and keeps pestering Dad wif  "Mrow!  Meeooww!  Mo-ow! Mrrrp-mew!"  He pets her, and she starts to purr and den she starts in meowin' at da same time she is still purrin!  Wot a funny kitteh girl!

   Last nite, her wuz bein a pest abowt wanting da beans to turn on da water in da baffroom sink.  She likes to drink owt of dat fawcet instead of our common bowl.  I guess she finks she iz a princess or sumpin!  MOL!

   I iz haffin sum quiet time unner mom's desk in my speshul office bed, an is furry peaceful in heer, on accownt of Jigsaw kept gettin in trubble fur jumpin up on Dad's side of da desk and tryin' to sneek behind da winnow blinds.  Mom iz tryin to write, and she got tired of shooing him down effury 15 sekinds, so she chased him owt and closed da office door!  So der, Jigsaw Puzzle brat!

   Well, I hopes all my our furriends haz a nice easy, qwiet Sundee!  I iz gonna go back in my spot fur a nice nappy, now.

Signed, Tigger

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Terrific Thursday

Hai, furriends!

   It's me, Tigger!  I haz a noo pickchur I iz furry proud to show off.  Dis is me helping Mom to type.  I iz da keyboard offurseer, and I helps her type by sitting in her lap and watching all da keys for her, so she kin rest her eyes. 

She also kin give me a kinda kitty hug while she iz typin', cuz I is in da middle of her lap.  MOL.  So she haz to reach arouwnd boff sides of me to reach da keys.  Dat werks owt qwite well, I fink! 

I still finks I iz da fafurrite, but don't tell any of da odder kittehs.  Dey all finks dey iz da fafurrites!  MOL

Haff a furry happy Thursday, furriends!

Signed, Tigger

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Review of BERGAN Turbo Track Interactive Cat Toy

Originally submitted at Nip and Bones
It's a track...with a ball in it. What makes it different? You can arrange it into any configuration you want! Or, better yet, you can keep your cat from getting bored with the same old thing by changing it up every now and then. Each piece twist-locks together with any other piece, making the ...

Turbo Track for Sneaky Play
By Lizzy, "Mom" to 4 Kitties from Oakley, CA on 7/11/2010
5out of 5
Pros: Cat Likes It, Safe, Fun, Durable, Colorful
Best Uses: Kittens, Active Cats, House Cats
Describe Yourself: Long-time Pet Owner
This is such a fun toy, both for independent kitty playtime, and interactive play with the cats. One of the bunch pretends to be uninterested in the toy. Then, we hear her playing with it when she thinks no one is looking Too funny!

P.S.--You can click on the "Nip and Bones" link to go to their website & see all about this toy!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Furriday is Treat Day!

Hai, furriends! 

I am proud to report dat I haz figgered owt a way to get extry treats!

Me an Tigger an Jigsaw all gits up in our own speshul spots, an dad cownts owt our treats.  We each git 6.

So heer is my noo plan:  I starts in eatin my treats before dad can finish cownting dem owt... so mebbe I kin confuze him and trick him into giving me extry treats!

I am not sure it werked, on accownt of I no finks I ackchully kno how to cownt.  Mewf!  Does you finks my trick will werk?

Signed, Munchkin

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kitten, kitten, Where is the Kitten??

Who's that half hidden under the drapery? 

Aha!  It's Munchkin! 

This is not an old-fashioned double-exposure, impossible with today's digital cameras...and possible only with very advanced knowledge of Photoshop, which I don't have!  Just the way the sun was hitting the deck and not the window directly made for this odd effect of a cat peering through floorboards. 

I now return today's blog to the cats:

Hai, furriends!

Mom haz been furry bad agin abowt lettin us write in our bloggie.  She keeps on claiming 'werk' and then 'tired.'  Wot's up wif dat?   We has lots of energy at nite when she is tired.  Hoomans is built backwards, we finks! 

We iz furry sorry we haz not been able to go bisiting our furriends bloggies, either.  Mom says dat's abowt dis 'werk' fing, also.  Mewf!  Not fair!  She better watch out, come purrformance reeveew time!  Dat's all we got to say!

Signed, Munchkin