Thursday, April 29, 2010

When is Purrformance Reevue?

We can't wait fur da purrformance reevue!  Mom iz doin' a horrible job at lettin us do our bloggie!  She keeps going owt to her studio all day werkin' and we iz in heer nappin, when we could be tendin' to our bloggin' duties!  Well, that's not to say we don't like nappin--dat iz good, too.

When mom iz not werkin', she's owt in da garden messin' wif plants.  How boring iz dat??!!  Then, when she finally comes in, she says she's 'tired,' an' just wants to play her games.  MEOWF!!  HISS!

An now, she iz doin anodder videyo, but iz not abowt US!  Iz for her ka-ra-tee practice.  MEOWL!

We iz gonna go on da warpath, and fink up sum fine reevenge, and when it's time fur da purrformance reevue, she iz gonna get a failing grade! 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mancat Monday

This is me, Jigsaw Puzzle.  I finks I looks furry manly indeed on this perch. 

 Mom calls it my 'vulture' act; Dad thot I wuz cute, an he took dis pickchur.  I gits up heer a lot when mom is werking. 

Sumtimes I can't hold still, an keep turnin round and round, shakin' Mom's chair!  MOL  Sumtimes I keeps gettin up and down, really shaking Mom's chair.  She usually kicks me owt of da office den.  But I still finks I iz funny.

But really, don't you fink dis is my mos' handsome pose?  Does any of you haz a mirror?

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Yay!!  It finally worked!!  You can now see us heer:

Purrlease note:  mom haz not figgered owt how to add mewsick or anyfings, so da video haz only what she calls "am-bee-ent" sound.

Den, after waiting so long to git arownd to dis project, mom haz da nerve to call US "un-co-operatif"!!  Mewf!

Signed, Munchkin, the Movie Star

Friday, April 16, 2010

Well, phooey, rats!

This was spowsed to be our announcement of our video.. but... mom haz run into a noo problem at da noo video site! 

She got da video all edited & uploaded just fine, no problems, but then, it has to 'convert' on da website... an at furst it said 'will start converting in 5 min...'  .. an it did.  But, then it stopped, and put us at da back of da line, an said 'in 22 min.' 

So, mom went owt to do sum yardwork before it got dark, an when she came back in, and clicked 'save & finish' ...she got a error message dat said, "Der wuz a problem converting your video.  We'll try again & e-mail you when it's ready to view.  It might take a few hours."

Well, MEOWF!!  A few hours???  OMC.. dat will make it tomorrow before anyone can sees it!!  And we purromised our fans it would be up today!!  We iz gonna go hiss at da video site, now!

Signed, Munchkin


We iz dancing jigs today! Mom haz purromised to shoot our video today!!! So, we may have TWO posts, dis annowncement one, and den annoder wif da video linky.

Now, since mom haz taken so long abowt gitting around to it, wot do you finks we should do? Should we act all excited and play and put on a good show, or should we takes revenge an refewse to do anyfing but lay around nappin? Hmm... tough choice!

And we wants to fank all our furrineds once again who stopped by to wish Tigger & Munchkin a happy purrthday yesterdee. Mom wuz furry touched by all da nice wishes an greetings.


Oh, an on anodder issue...haz any of our furriends noticed sometimes a furry strange problem wif some comments? Mom came in & looked at our comments from yesterdee, wif all da purrfday wishes fur Tigger & Munchkin, and der were 2 noo ones. Or so she thot.
When she went to read dem, nothing wuz there 'cept a bunch of little empty squares and dots. "2-squares said, ".(whole buncha squares and dots)" "
and another one just the same, but "3-squares said... "
We haz seen dat happen before, an mom usully jus deletes them, cuz no point leaving a comment no one can read.... Haz dat happened to any of you?

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Video Furrustrashuns!

Mom wuz practicin' wif her crafty video, to learn how to upload it to da You Tube, so she can share da linky on herz crafty blog.  Den, she would haff all da skills she needs to put our video up.  Howefurr, der haz been a delay.

Da furst time she tried to upload it, it took over an hour, and then when it looked as if it had finished, and she hit 'play,' she got a message dat said, "Rejected:  too long."  Okay, well, it wuz too long, an she knew dat, kind of.  But da instruckshuns did not specifically say you could not upload longer than 10 minute videos--dey only said 'for best viewing.' 

So mom wuz furry mads, becuz she has watched videos on der dat are longer than 10 minutes.  Humph!  So, she left it go fur a day or two, and den did a re-edit, and cut it down, and tried again. 

This time, is said it wuz an 'invalid file type" or sum such nonsense.  So, mom looked up in da 'help' stuffs, and found a explanashun fur dat, and fixed dat problem.  Then, she uploaded da new edit again.  It went faster, but after it said 'success!' and she went to see the 'my videos' menu, it said, 'processing; please wait.  So, she went owt to her karate lesson, and when she came back, offurr an hour later, it still said da same thing.

She wuz getting furry upset.  So, she thot she would try da 'play' button, and again, up in her face with the 'Rejected:  too long' stoopid message.  What The Hisss????   Too long???  Has to be not offurr 10 minits, and now she haz it edited down to only 7 minits and a few sekkinds?  How kin it still be too long???!!!

Then, she looks up at all da info, an fur sum stoooooopppid reason, da You Tube is NOT reading da new edited length, but only seeing da 'raw file data' and the original 28-minit length!!  Mom iz not happy rite now!  She could not find anyfing abowt dis in da 'helps,' so she put owt a post on da You Tube forum help board, but haz not got any ansers yet.

Does any of our furrineds know how to fix dis problem?    Mom is a techie dummy, an she is furry frustrated wif dis process.  An we are gittin impatient fur our video to be posted!!

Signed, Munchie

Friday, April 9, 2010

Munchkin--In trouble again!

The post is over at the Naughty Kitty Club today.  She was furry, furry  bad!  Here is a link:  Naughty Kitty Club

Signed, Tigger

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Video Getting Closer...

Hai, pals!

   We haz good noos!  Mom has been workin' wif her video cam'ra, and tryin to remember how to edit..well, ackshully, she had to learn a whole noo program...

   Anyway, she haz been playin' wif it, and you kin see a slide show she made of my brofur, Tigger, if you click Here.   (Use your browser's "back" button to return to our bloggie.)

   She also made up a whole video of sum of her ceramics process, so we are purrrty sure dat a video of US is not too far off, now!!!  YAY!!  You kin hold your breaf, or not, az you choose..... we iz not.

Signed, Munchkin

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easy Like Sundee

Yaawwwnn... what?  We get to write in our bloggie today?  Oh, my, well, we wuz nappin, but we haz not been gettin' to blog furry offen lately, so we better hop to it.  Hop.  Hahahaha.. like a bunny.. MOL  And today is bunny day!  ROFMOAO!! 

We iz funny kittehs.  Well, at least I iz.  I wonder, iz der any kitteh commediens?  Hee hee hee... gonna laff myself silly. Do you finks I haz a future in comedy?

Mom has been in an' owt of her stoodio all day long... she says she iz makin a videyo.  Well, how cum we iz not in it, I wants to know!??!  She says its fur her crafty bloggie.  OMC.. she needs to git her priorities in da rite place!  Kittehs first, last and in da middle.  Nuffin but kittehs!

We finks it would makes a great videyo to shows us all nappin fur 5 hours.  We iz nap masters, and nappin iz da best.  It would make a wunnerful instruckshunal movie fur young kittens, don't you fink so?  I mean, who can argue dat kitteh naps iz just da cutest fing around? 

An den, we wakes up, and streetccchhh and show off our tosies and make a biiiiggg yawn, an turn around an lay down an nap summore.  Oh, we could be such movie stars!

Yaaaawwwwwnnnn... oh, I needs to git back to my nap.  Mom iz going back owt to her stooopid stoodio agin.   Wake me when dat videyo camera is pointing at me

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle
P.S. Happy bunny day, effuryone.  Don't let da beans put silly ears on yous.  We hopes you gits lots of nip eggs.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Heartfelt Thank You

To each and effurryone of you dat helped our beans owt wif a donashun, we fanks you frum da bottoms of our furry little toes.  And our beans fanks you frum da bottoms of der hearts.  It really was a big help, and it did make a difference, and lifted a lot of da stress dey wuz haffing.  Dey wuz able to pay down sum bills and speshully da gas an lectrics. 

 Mom says we did not quite make it alla ways to da $1K goal, but we gots purrty close.  Since we feel dat effurryone who wuz able to help haz already done so by now, mom iz gonna go ahead and close owt da donashun button, and hold da drawing fur who gits to pick sumpin frum her Etsy shop.

Da winner will be annownced on Satidee, and Mom will e-mail da winner to let dem know. so be sure an watch your e-mail fur dat notice to see if you iz da lucky winner. 


Meenwhiles, mom iz still sick, but finally gotted all da medicin she wuz spowsed to get--aftur da dockter's office messed up abowt gettin it sent to da drugstore.  So, she wuz 2 days late starting the rite medicins.  She wuz not happy.

Today, she feels good eunf to sit heer for a while, so we got to tell you da exciting noos abowt da drawing.  An she felt good enuf to upload da latest pickchurs of us:

Dis one shows Tigger's habit of holding down da Patchy-cat.  MOL  Patches jus' stays there.

Dis is anodder view --->

Here, do yoo finks Patches iz sayin' "Yeah, I sees him back there and one of dese days, I'm gonna git him fur pinnin' me down all time"  ??

Mom finks dis is one of da best portraits she haz effur got of Munchkin.

Dis close-up of Munchkin shows howcum Dad calls her "booger-nose."  MOL

And finally, does you finks da Tigger is winking or squinting? 

HEY!!  Wot's goin' on, heer?? I jus noticed dat I iz not in any of dese pickchurs!!!  MEOWF!

S..Jigsaw Puzzle