Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wow! What a Pawty!!

Wowee!  It tooked us a whole day to recover from all da funz at our pawty!  We hopes effuryone had as much funz as we did!

Dat wuz da bestest pawty effur!  We wants to fank effuryone who came and brot extra nip and noms and gamez!  We are furry happy dat so many anipals wuz able to make it to our pawty celebrashun!

Da typist is abowt haffway thru writin' personal fank-yoo's to all our guests, but we wanted to be sure an make a public fank-you as well fur helpin to make our furst-effur pawty such a rip-roaring success!!

Mom iz gonna haff her hands full for a while washin'  and mendin' curtains, puttin pull-chains back on da ceiling fans, sweepin up peanuts an torn boxes and mopping up spilled noms.  MOL  It wuz worth it!  

Fanks you all fur comin' offur!

Signed, Tigger, Munchkin, Jigsaw and Patches

Friday, August 20, 2010


Greetings, Furriends, One and All!

Fur today, we iz openin' da doors to all anipals, whether dey is kittehs, woofies, bunnies, duckies, piggies, or woteffur.  Nacherly, all our anipals is allus welcome to bisit at any time--we just wanna be furry specific dat effurryone is inbited, an iz not just a kitteh pawty.  
    Dis iz a furry speshul day fur us heer at Talk With The Paws.  In fact, it iz a dubble-speshul day, on accownt of it marks boff our 1-YEAR BLOGOVERSARY, and  our 200TH POST!!

  Come in, help yourselves to noms and funz from our menyoo and gamez list (see extry pages at top left).  Stay as long as yoo likes, and we hopes you haz a pawsome time bisiting wif us and each odder.

   Dis iz gonna be a real house-trasher pawty!  You iz welcome to invent gamez we may not kno or haff on our list.

   Commints will be open all day long.  Let da pawtying begin!