Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hello, Peeps and Kittehs!

It has been a very busy year so far, and we haven't had time to keep our bloggie up to date.  but Mom has allowed me some special time on the computer this evening to update all our furriends.

First, we had a sad time.  On April 13th, 2016, Tigger had to be helped to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  He was Munchkin's best buddy, so she was pretty sad for quite a while, and of course, Mom and Dad and Auntie all cried.  Mom swears she doesn't play favorites, but I think Tigger was her favorite.

He was laid to rest in the yard, next to Patches, because they were the first two kittehs Mom and Dad got when they first got together.

Then on July 7th, 2016, (last Thursday, from where I am writing), we had another sad time.  Bobbie had a terrible accident.  Dad had a big ball thing up on a stand.  Mom called it a globe; it had maps or something on it, but it was too high, and roly-poly for us to get up and see.  (I think they did that on purpose.)

Anyway, near the bottom of the stand was a small shelf, with scrollwork cutouts.  Bobbie and her sister have always and forever laid under there to nap, since they were tiny kittens.  So, Thursday, Bobbie was under there, as usual.  Mom came in the back door to do something, walked past Bobbie, and all of a sudden, she heard Bobbie scream, and take off running as fast as she could go.

Mom tried to catch her, and see what was wrong, but Bobbie moved too fast for her.  Then mom saw it:  the tip end of Bobbie's tail was stuck in the shelf!  She'd gotten it caught, and panicked, and then, when she took off running, she yanked it clean off!  

Mom knew she had to get her to the vet right away, but Bobbie didn't want to be caught!  She led Mom and Dad a merry chase all over the house before they finally corralled her to put her in the carrier.  Unfortunately, the vet was not able to re-attach the piece of tail; they said there really was very little actual tissue there, and not enough to work with.  So, they closed over the end of the tail that was still attached to Bobbie, and sewed her up.

The vet bill was over $300, and Mom and Dad are already on a fixed income, so Mom is asking for anyone who is able to help out, to please send any donations to her Pay Pal at: .  Several folks have already helped from Face Book, so she is about halfway to the goal amount.  Even a very small bit will help, and thank you very much.
If you can't afford to help, don't feel bad; we understand:  then just send good wishes through the universe for Bobbie's fur to grow back in quickly so her tail looks nice again, instead of shaved. 

Bobbie had a short, stubby little pom-pom tail anyhow, and it probably won't be noticeably shorter, but she won't have the pom-pom anymore.  Mom is very distraught that she wasn't able to save Bobbie from this awful accident, and says she can't "un-see" it all happening.  I don't know what humans mean by that, but I guess it isn't good.

I wish I knew a joke or something to lighten this post, as it is all sad news.

Respectfully submitted,
Jigsaw Puzzle, Esq.,
Official Spokescat