Thursday, December 31, 2009


Mom skeered us!  She said dis would be our last post of da we thot she meant our last post!  OMC!  She should speak more clearly!

Well, anyway, it haz been an adventure, an we iz furry happy to have met lot an lots of mew furriends an der beans.

Mom haz not been so good at gettin to bisit everybody's bloggie...she gets furry busy, an runs outta time, she says.  WE know she meens well, tho, an she really enjoys readin' all da bloggies.  (So do we!)

We heerz it iz gonna be a noo decade, whateffur dat meens!  Mom says Jigsaw Puzzle haz to reesolv to stop chasin da Tigger.  MOL  I don't fink dat's gonna happen.  What iz it wif da beans an' dis 'reesolv' stuff??  We iz cats.  We don't 'reesolv' we just DO!  (whateffur we wants!)

Iz purrty quiet today. Mom sez she has a lot of housewerks to do, so she won't be in da office much, an she haz errands, and all..  So, I guess this is it--our last chance to wish ALL of our wunnerful furriends


Signed, Tigger, Munchkin, Jigsaw and Patches

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Mom haz banished us frum da office.  It seems she wuz in the middle of playing a game in an online 'ternament' Jiggy an Tigger wuz chasin' around, and went diving unner mom's desk, an managed to unplug her compooter right in da middle of her game.

She wuz not happy, and dey both got chased out an' scolded.  We haz tried scratchin' at da door, but we got ignored, scolded, or threatened wif da squirt bottle.  Mewf!

Iz not my fawlt Tig an Jig were bad boys!  Why I no can go in office?

Suggestchuns welcome.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Easy Sundee....

Hai, Furriends!

     Well, dunno what Sundee iss gonna be like...we had an easy least da beans did.  Dey wuz furry lazy all day long!  Dey played der bideo games, an mom neffur even got dressed!  She stayed in her jammies an robe all day.  We got to haz lots of nappy time, an time in our new kewbs!  Da only problem wuz, den when da beans went to bed, we wuz all ready to play.  MOL  

    Iss hard to play wif 3 kittehs when one of dem iss a toy hog like Munchkin!!    Patches doesn't play, so dat leaves jus da rest of us.  Tigger won't play unless mom annoys him wif da toy by boppin' him on da head wif it, or tickling his whiskers or his nose.  Den he will start to bat at it.  But, den along comes Munchkin, and pounces on da toy right in Tigger's face!  An dat iss da end of da game fur Tigger...he goes to his bed then.  He won't play wif me, either.  I tries to play, but he runs away frum me.  I don' unnerstand.  I no finks he likes me.  I jus wanna be furriends.  Munchkin pounces in my face, too, if I am innerested in da toy.  I no likes dat, so I can unnerstand Tigger goin off to hiz bed when she does dat.  But I still wanna play.

   Does anyone know how to cure a toy hog??


OH, NOES!! Tigger has barfed on a pile of mom's impawtent papers she haz to mail to sumone! How is dat gonna look??!! I don't finks dat washes offa paper too good.  MOL... I finks Tigger iss in trubble!

Well, I iss gonna go play wif my fresh nip mousie, and have a nap.  Haff a good day, furriends!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After...

Hai, Furriends!

   We hopes you all had a furry nice Chrissymouse, an got lots and lots of prezzies from Sandy Claws!

We got a furry nice prezzie.  Mom will haz to take a pickchur today.  Tigger's sisfur Kaylee got us a noo set of hidey-kewbs to play in.  Mom attached it to our other set, an now we haz a reeely neat maze to play in.  Tigger wuz furrst inside.. but I guess dat's ok, since da gift wuz frum his sisfur!

All 4 of da grand-beans wuz heer, includin' da littlest one.  She likes to chase us, and sumtimes she screeches an makes a big noise.  We no likes, so we spent mos' of da day in bed.  But we got turkee fur dinner.  Mom cooked up special fur us!  Nom, nom, nom!  She promised us more today, too!

Mom also fixed up our nip toys wif fresh nip!  Dat wuz furry nice.  Sandy Claws did not bring us our unnercover mousie toy we wanted, but we got da kewbs, so dat iss funs anyways.  We heered mom talkin' bout not haffing enuf green papers fur da mousie toy, but we iss confuzed.  What does dat haf to do wif Sandy Claws?  Sumfin smells funny, heer....  Mew!

Now we wuz readin on da innernets about today bein sumfin called 'boxing day.'  We iss wonderin what dat is.  We haz heerd about 'boxin' matches, ' where two beans go round and round smackin' on each odder, and den dere are boxes to hide in.  We likes those kind.  Boxes are da best, so dis sound like it mite be a fun day, if we kin find any boxes da beans didn't take outside yet.

We hopes all our furriends haf a furry wunnerful day an rest of da holiday weekend.    We gonna go play in our new kewbs, now.

Signed, Munchkin

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Meowy Chrissymouse Eve

Hai, effurryone!

   We unnerstans dat mom is not going to turn on da compooter tomorrow, cuz all da fambly will be here for Chrissymouse. 

   So, we wanted to take dis oppurrrtunity (iss der any 'toona' in dat word?)... to wish all of our furriends a furry merry Chrissymouse, an hopes you all gets lots an lots of purresensts from Sandy Claws.

   We haz been gettin' extry treets all week!  Om, nom, nom!  Whisker Lickin's  nom, nom!!  Da bean's got us a new kind too.  Me an Munchie likes, but Jiggy tried to bury his.. MOL... more for Munchie & me!

  I finks effurryone haz calmed down frum yestidee's I finks Sandy Claws will bisit us tonite, after all.  Iss so hard to be good alla time, an besides, we jus' joined da 'Naughty Kitties Club,' so we wood not want to jepardize our mew membership.  MOL

  Haf a furry merry, safe an' warm Chrissymouse, to all you furriends and your beans too!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wordy Wensdee

Hai, folks!

   OMC!  We don't finks Patches iss gonna git an purresents!  She wuz a horrible grump dis mornin' and she even growled and hissed at mom when she wuz gettin' her medicins.  She usully neffur does dat, but today she iss in a furry bad mood.

   We fink iss because Dad locked her out of da bedroom agin las' nite, so she iss grumpy today.  Jiggy thot it wuz funny to make her madder, an he kept runnin up an jumpin offur her.  She screeched like sumone wuz hurtin' her, but he didn't even touch her!  Mai goodness!

   Den, Jiggy jus ran past her in da hall, and Patches growled agin...and der wuz at least space fur anodder kitteh between dem.  After dat, she wuz jus sittin in da hallway all by herselfs, practicin' her swear-words.   Patchy-cat, you better watch out, or Sandy Claws iss gonna furgit yur stocking!

   Signed, Tigger

   Say, Munchkin, you better watch out yurself.  You had da nite crazies las nite, and you got booted outta da beans room too.   An you gits into stuffs alla time.  I sees you!

   Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle

    Okay, Jiggy...dat's enuf of blamin' yer antics on me!  You gits into way more stuffs than I do.I sees you!  You is allus in da village under da bean's tree!

    Signed, Munchkin

  Ok fur you, Munchie!  You gits no purresents either--you iss telling big stories 'bout me!

     Signed, Jigsaw

(Mom reclaims the keyboard)

Goodness!  Squabbling cats!   Lying cats!  The only true story is Tigger's--Patches was in a foul mood this morning.  All of them are guilty of getting into the village...and blaming each other.  ... ... What to do?  No presents for any kitties this year?   Hmmm... I will have to seriously consider whether or not I'm dressing as Sandy Claws this year....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


We iss bored today!  Dat prob'ly mean we will gets into trubble all day, lookin fur stuffs to do.  We no likes gettin'  hit wif da squirt bottle...but we no likes bein' bored, either.  We haz what da beans call 'a dilemma.'

Hmmm..what to do, what to do.......Lessee....der iss still all dat fun stuffs under da tree...we don't finks mom noticed dat sum of da tiny trees iss already knocked down.  MOL 

Mom iss still workin out in her stooodio a lot, and when she iss in here, she iss hoggin' da compooter, so our bloggie duties haz been seriusly affected.  Mebbee we will goes "on strike," whateffur dat means, (but it sounds good).

Mom effun had da nerve to iimply dat we mite not get to blog so much anymore...sumpin about her 'neeglectin' her crafts bloggie.  Well, Mewf!!  Issn't our bloggie more impawtent??

Mom haz been furry tireds lately.  She sez she issn't sleeping so good, so we iss not gettin our proper play times.  She sez she iss sorry, and gives us extry pets and loves, but we wants to play.  Jiggy speshully, he is almos still a baby, an haz lotsa extry energee.  It gits him in trubble a lot.  Mom haz already chased him off her desk like 5 times since I started writin!

Munchin, she jus' goes to sleep all day.  Den she takes her revenge all nite.  MOL   Las nite, tho, she went too far, and got herself, Jiggy and Patches all booted from da bedroom.  Patches don't need help dat way, tho.  She roams all nite sumtimes, and iss allus getting scolded fur jumpin up and down, up an down, up an down on an' off da bean's bed while dey iss trying to sleeps.  Sumtimes, she lands rite on der faces!  ROFMOL!!!

Well, I haz to go figger out today's mischiff, and repurrt back to da odder kittehs.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Easy Sundee???

Well, we wuz having our Sundee nappys... when allofasudden, der wuz dis awful racket.  Mom said it wuz mewsic from da bar across da hiway, but it sounded like noise to us.   Da beans went out to see, and repurrted back dat it wuz 'sum kind of Mexican' celebration, wif horses, an' live mewsic..and sum guy dad said wuz playin' sumpin called a tooba.

Well, mai goodness!  It wuz furry loud, and dat wuz da end of our nappy!  Me an Tigger got skeered, an wuz runnin all offur da howse lookin fur a hidey place.  But no matter where we went, we kin still heer it.

I guess it is gonna be okay, cuz even tho it iss furry noisy, it doesn't seem to be gittin any closer, so I guess nuffin iss coming to git us!  Iss a good thing mom and dad wuz home when da noise started, or we mite have been reely skeered, and climbed da bean's tree or sumpin.  Purrfect timing, cuz they had gone out fur a while, an had jus got home when da noise started.

Dey picked us up an gave us pets, and said it wuz ok.  I guess we trusts dem, cuz dey neffur haz hurted us, and dey gived us furefurr homes.  But we still no likes loud noises an dat kind of "mewsic."  Iss not mewsic to kitteh ears!

Mebbee if we go nappy unner da blankies on da bean's bed, da noise won't be so loud.  See yous later, furriends.  Hope you haz a nice easy Sundee.

S...Jigsaw Puzzle

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lazee Satidee

..An we don't mean us kittehs.  No, not effurr.. just coz we likes nappys does not make us lazee  Iss our typist who iss bein' lazee today.  She haz sum excuuse like 'hafta wraps gifts'  but we finks dat iss bogus.

I mean, dat can be done anytime, right?  Iss da gifts fur us kittehs?  Iff so, who needs wrappin?    We jus gonna tears it off, and we rathur jus have the stuffs.  Like nip mousies.  We luvs nip mousies.  Wrappin jus gets in da way.

If da gifts iss fur odder beans, well, same thing, rite?  Wrappin jus gets in da way.  We finks it iss a bad excuuse fur not lettin us do a proper bloggie post.

So... we iss now gonna go pout, and take extry-long nappys today.  Iss cold an gray outside wif no sunspots to lay in, we gonna go unner da blankies on da beans' bed!  MOL

Haf a furry nice day, furriends..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mommy is sharin' a Poem today

Hai, furriends!
   Today, we iss lettin' mom use our bloggie to post a poem she worted a long time ago, but she finks it iss still timely.  Since it iss da season fur helpin, dis poem iss about helpin shelter anipals find mew homes.

And now, heeeeerrre's mom:


I'm loveable,
          healthy, ALIVE!
I've a heartful
                  of love
                        to give!

Don't pass me by:
          I need a chance
                       a home.

No jailbird, I,
          despite these bars:
                       my prison,
           I don't understand.

Please save me from this place-
           there's no one here
                       I really know;
           I hear cries; smell fear.

Although the people are kind,
                       I know
         I cannot stay.

Come, look in my eyes:
                      let me
                          take you away.

©May 1988 C. Elizabeth Carl
© 2009 C. Elizabeth Carl Elias

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jan's Funny Farm: Some Homes 4 Holidays


  We iz re-posting this linky from one of our furriends.  Dis iz furry impawtant,  iz about getting anipals furefurr homes.  Purrleeze helps any ways you cans.  Fanks you.

Jan's Funny Farm: Some Homes 4 Holidays

Signed, Tigger, Munchkin, Jigsaw and Patches


Well, diss iss not 'zackly a toesies pickchur, but iss a mini-cuddlepile.  Mom took dis of me and my best bud, Munchkin, during dere partee on Satidee. 

Signed, Tigger

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Easy Like Sundee

Hai all!

   Well, da beans had der partee, and after a while, since it wuz not toooo noisy, we went out and said hellows to some of da guests.  It was kind of an odd partee, frum what we unnerstand.  Folks wuz comin in an leaving all day, an der was like only 1 sets of guests at a time.  And it wuz mostly grown ups, and not too many little kids.  Jus' Mom's grand-beans, and dey usully don't bother us too much.

   Stuff wuz smellzin' pretty good, and after all da guests went home, we gots cheeeeez!!  Well, Tigger and I gots cheeeese.. Jiggy no likes...he no likes any peeple foods.  Da beans offer him stuffs, and he sniffs and walks away.. That be ok...more for me an Tigger.  MOL

  Patchy-Cat, of course, wuz sleepin' thru effurrythings.  She did come out once to make a few rounds and say hellow, but den she went back to sleepy.  She only likes ice cream, anyways, and der wuz no ice cream at dis partee.

  But we gots cheeeez!!  Yum, yum!  Almos' as good as toona!

  (Hai, Inigo Flufflebum--I sees you winkin' at me in dat corner offur der...  hee hee .. mew..)

Signed, Munchkin

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Well... diss iss a furry, furry short post, just to wish all our kitteh furriends (and woofies!) a nice weekend. 

Da beans haz been scurryin' around all week, and tooday they iss havin' a we iss banished frum da office.

I hopes we gits sum treats.  Sumfin smells good.

See you on Monday, furriends!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Furry Furriday

Hai, Furriends..

     Now, I knows a lot of our furriends out there has gorgeeus floofy furz like mine.  (Pardon me while I groom.) Ok..where wuz I?  Oh, yess, my floofy furz.

    Well, I happen to fink my furz are just purrfect da way dey are.  But mom is allus chasin me wif da brushy thing, and flattening my floof.  I no likes.  I makes her chase and follow me all offur da house when I see da brushy thing come out. 

   She gets done, an my furz are all flat an clingin' to me, an then I haz to shake and floof myself back up again.  Anodder reason I no likes, is cuz when my furz is all flat, I look smaller, and I iz a big kitteh!

    Do yous likes to be brushed down?  Mebbee I should takes a poll, and show Mom da results.  (Only if dey comes out in my fafur, howefur.  MOL)

Signed, Tigger

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Mew...mew...mew...hee hee hee..  I founds a way to sneeky into da village thingee under da tree widout getting caughts.  Well, almost ...  I did sorta git got...but mom kinda laffed, so I gots away wid it.

I wuz just playin' around da room wif my toy...a little plastic ring thing--Mom pulls dem out of da mew cartons of milk, and dey makes great toys. 

Anyways, I chased it, an' kicked it, an' picked it up an' carried it,  ... an'....uh--oh.... I dropped it. ... right into da village!!  Now, of course, I hadda retrieve my toy, didn't I ?????  (::::Bats innocent eyes:::::)

Den, da drapes wuz open, an' I found a path Mom kinda left thru da village so I kin git to da windowsill.  Me an' Jiggy wuz sittin up der.   We still got caught, and told to git out, so mebbee she didn't leaves da path on purpose.  But dat's not our fault, now, is it?  MOL


Now, on a seerius note...purrlease purrr furry hard fur our furriend Miss Elsie Fallulah Graves.  Her is sicks and in da hospiddle, an' her mom is furry worrieds.  We needs a pawcircle for her.
Fanks you.

Signed, Munchkin

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We Gots Tags! Wheee!

Lookit what mom made fur us fur our gift-giving:

We liked them so much, and so did our Auntie (Kaylee's mom--you'll remember dat Kaylee iss Tigger's sisfur)...dat she mades more so lots of kittehs could hab sum.  She made sum for woofies, too!


Today wuz s'powsed to be "Toesday," but we haz no noo tosies pickchurs, an anyway, it turned out to be treats day!  We finks we likes treats better'n pickchurs anyday!

Speakin' of pickchurs, mom did not go outside an take da roof lites pickchur las nite.  She said it wuz too cold, an she did not wanna be out der freezin' her 'tocks off.  People 'tocks, dat iss... MOL

We looked in da compooter an found sum from las year.  Heer ya go:

Dis one shows da roof lites..kind of...

Dis iss da big window we likes to look outside from, but iss now blocked by all dat inside stuffs dat we s'powsed to stay out of. Mewf!

Dis iss lookin' back at da howse from da naybor's driveway.  His kitteh iss allus trespassin in our yard!

Mom can't figger out what's da matter wif dis last one.  It iss not sideways when she checks it in da Photoshop programmy, and it does not look like dat in da preview in da folder.  We sorry, but we don know how to fix it.  But dis iss da odder one dat shows da roof lites.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holey Meow! Lookit This!

OMC!!  Lookit what we gots to look at outside!!   Dad sez our house can prob'ly be seen from outer space!  Dey sez der iss stuffs on da roof, too!! But we no haz pickchurs of dat!  (You is spow'sed to be able to clicky on any pickchur to see a bigger size--but fur sum reason, it's not werking fur all of dem.  You jus haz to try and see..we sorry!)


Now, as if dat iss not enuf, lookit what haz happened inside!!  I mean, it wuz bad enuf wif a tree inside dat we iss not alllowed to touch, but now lookit!  Now we sees what mom's capshun, "tree before village" wuz all about!  MEW!!   Jus lookit all this stuffs!

Dis pickchur iss frum across da room.  Next are sum close-up shots.  (Mom sez she iss sorry if sum is kinda blurry, but she wuz at a awkwerd angle an too low to floor for da tripod thingee.)

Here are da close-ups:

Now, all diss furry inneresting stuffs, we iss s'powsed to stay owt of???!!  Excuuuuuuuuuuse us, but, we are Cats! We explore!  Dat iss what we do!  How is we s'powsed to stay owt of diss stuffs? 

Furthermores, as you kin see, it iss in da ways of our getting to da window so we kin look outside at da odder stuffs out der, not to menshun birdies and odder trespassin' kittehs!

We finks we knows what dat 'bah, humbug' man meant!  Did any of yous effur see such a display of innerestin' stuffs you hadda stay owt of??!!  MEWF!

(Mom sez she iss furry sorry, but dey haz no odder place to put der Holiday Village, and sez we kin have sum extry treats.  Well, furriends, do you finks we should accept dat excuse--and bribe??)

S...Jigsaw and Munchkin

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursdee Thots

Der iss an uproar going on in da howse.  Da beans are moving furrnichur all around, an changin stuff.  Den, dey brot in dis TREE, an puts all sorts of stuffs on it, an 'spects us to stay away.  Iss dat fair?  We don fink dat iss furry nice!

Der iss all sorts of odder stuffs bein put all offurr da rest of da howse, too.  Mew, mew, mew!   What iss it wif dese beans?  I finks dey haz sum kind of sickness, whadda you finks?

Those two pieces of furrnichur used to be on da odder side of da room!  I will shows you da next pickchur where dey wuz before:

An dis big piece used to be where dat fireplace fake thingee iss now.  Mewf!   An I jus looked at da capshun mom haz on dat furrst pickchur of da it sez, 'before village.'  Uh, oh...whaddya s'powse dat means??!!

I will trys to keeps you posted, but like yestidee, mom nefurr even turned on her compooter..dat iss why you didn't hear furrom us yestidee.  Meoowwwl!  Hiss!