Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Minute Chrissymouse post

Hai, Furriends!

   We knows we haz been missin' frum da CB for sum time, now.  Meowmy haz been furry bizzy writin' articles fur green paperz, so we got our bloggy rights tooken away fur a while.

  Iz now Chrissymouse eve, and Meowmy purromised us we could put up our pickchurs.  Blogger haz been actin' up, an not lettin' us put dem where we wants dem on da page, so purrlease 'scuse da goofy arrangement.  In no particoolar order, then, here iz our meowliday pickchurs:

Dis is me, Jigsaw Puzzle, wif da Sandyclaws suit.  I finks I wuz being purrty good.
Dis is Patches on her 2nd try.  she came owt da bestest, meowmy said!  Humph!

Dis iz me agin.  Yu kin see I iz not purrleased at having to pose agin when I thot I wuz fine in da furst pickchur!

Munckin looks furry disgusted, don't you finks?

Dis wuz Patches' second try...a little bit closer.  She just woked up, so sat still better.

Take One--Tigger wuz strugglin and haff da hat iz owta da pickchur!

Now he haz da hat haff off hims head an not lookin at da flashy box, but yu kin see da jingle collar

Chrissymouse eve--Sandyclaws arrives in sleigh
Munchkin says, "All did meowliday snoopervisin' is furry hard werks!"

Finally dad managed to point da Tigger at da flashy box.  Da hat iz still not rite, but it wuz kinda too small for him..