Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Munchkin Is Mad

Hai, effuryone...dis is Patches, and I wishes to fank effuryone dat wished me a happy gotcha day...I finks I is a purrty old lady by now, but my medicines haz me kinda confuzled 'bout dat.  I still like to walk all offur da howse, and chow down mai foodz, and help all da odder kittehs finish der foodz, too!

And now, Munchkin wants to take over da keyboard...

Hai, dis is Munchkin, and I am furry madz at mom!  She got owt da sucky macheen today, and she sucked up mai spring toy dat I had gotted shortened up to just da rite size, den, she sucked up mai plastic flag tab thingy...it came in dad's noo keyboard...and it wuz funz to chase and bat and made a neat crinkly noise!
Den, she threw away mai fafurrite catnip mousie...just cuz it wuz coming apart wif da stuffing sticking owt.  I mean, isn't dat wot we kittehs is s'pozed to do wif mousies??? Kick and bite da stuffin' owt of dem???
Now, I haz to start all offur agin wif a noo mousie, just when I had dat one all broke in!  Duz any of you odder kittehs owt der know how to break a sucky-macheen?  Dat wud fix dis problem, I fink!