Thursday, August 20, 2009


Meows to all our furrriends. And a special fanks you to Baby Patches for being our furrst follower!

Furridays are Furrr Funs, so we is going to tell a funny story today. Dis happened a long times ago, and we heard it, and mewed ourselfs silly. We is posting it before it is quite Furriday, cuz we has to be off mom's puter before she turns off for da nite.

Dis happend, we is told, when Tigger wuz a little kit. (Shh...I don't thinks he saw us come in here to tell dis story on him...)

Mom wuz gonna git into a bubbly baff...and wuz all settled in. Tigger, he pushed open da door, and sneekyed in. Mom didn't sees him.
Now yous all knows most kits don't likes water, and Patches kitty, she's a year older than Tigger...she tried to warn him. She said "Be carefuls, Tigger, I smells water." Tigger, he says 'All I smell is this funny smell. I gonna see what it iz.' Patches, she shrugged and went off to da bed.

Now, we knows you sees whats coming, but it wuz so funny anyhows... Tigger, he gots up on his hind paws, and patted at the bubbly stuffs. Mom didn't see him..she wuz relaxin wid her eyes shut.
The bubbly stuff felt funny, so Tigger wanted a closer look.. UP he jumped onto da edge of da tub, and reached out to feel the bubbly stuff sum mores. It popped under his nose, and made him sneeze, so he losted his balance and slipped and fell right in.
NOW mom sees him, and she hollers for dad to come get a soggy kit. We don't knows who wuz more suprized.
Dis was furry funny...we iz still laffing. Hee hee hee...always funny when it happens to another kit. MOL!!


Anonymous said...

Oh noes! Poor Tigger! We have jumped up on the side of the tub, too... but we did not slip into the water!

Yay for you getting your own blog!

Baby Patches Confessions of the Plume said...

OMC! Dat just too funny MOL hehehe But so very cute too cuz I could sees how dat would be somefing you would wants to check out but bewares of dat water huh?! I luvs water so me don't mind it but most others no likes at all. I bets your momma was purrty surprised to hears a little sneeze and kitty fallings into a wet tub!


Everycat said...

Haha! That's so funny, I bet Tigger didn't check out any more bubbles after that!

Whicky Wuudler