Monday, August 31, 2009

Mischeivous Mundee

Hai, efurrywun...

   Mom says she don't like Mundees.  We don't  know whys.. It is just anodder, tho, we iss havink company.  Mom's dotter and grandkiddies are coming to bisit... we not so sure we gonna like dis Mundee...

   Da baby is jus leared to walky, and she chase us...and da big girl.. I tink mom said she in sekind grade...  ... we's not sure what dat means... but she makeses funs of our names (speshly mine!) ..and you know us kits don' like dat at all.  dat's .almos as bad as water!..  So we mosly jus try to hide in mom's bed when dey come ofer.   ...  Sumptimes, our nappys get inneruptid...and we tries to just pretend we iss still sleepying.

  Dey issn't mean to us...we git pets and all..but so much noisy we not used to.   

So, we gonna go now, and find our hidey spots for da day.  Yous alls have a nice Mundee, our furrriends..

s.  ... Tigger


♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

Try not to hidee fur too long cuz ya never know when a good cuddle is lost or sumpin' good falls on da floors!

Anonymous said...

We hide from company when they first get here. Except Grayson... he likes everybuddy. He's weird that way.

Victor Tabbycat said...

I's not too sure bout bisitors meself. Sum are ok an sum are not. Da one Mom calls Mom is nice, but she doesn't know she's sposed to gif me sum of her chick-hen when I spin. I guess bisitors just isn't always furry well trained if they don't haf kitties of them's own.

The Creek Cats said...

We hidey when our mom's neice and nephew come over for a visit.

It's furry nice to meet you guys! Come by and visit us sometime, we just love company!

The Creek Cats

P.S. Our mom doesn't like the Mondays either!