Friday, September 11, 2009


Hmm.. we missed Thursdee... mom furgot to wakee us up to write our bloggie!  Today, we don't have  a article planned, just going to put sum stray thots.

Well, anyway, it's Furrriday agin, and we iz looking fur mischif.   We tinks Furridays are fur mischif...don't you?  Mom says she's gonna try and make sum bookcuvers... we iz not sher what dat means, so we iz hoping for a oppurrtunity fur mischif.

Nobuddy commented on our post a cupple weeks back about da hard cold micees, so we guesses no odder kits likes dat kinds of micees, eider...Mom musta just made dem for da hooman beans.  Hoomans are furry strange, don't you tink?

And anodder strange thing about da beans...dey always gettin in dis big tall box and gets all wet, and says dey is 'bathing.'   Munchkin, she waits till Mom gits out, den she tries to help Mom dry off, and help comb her hair, but mom tells her to scoot.   Much more efficient to just lick yurself clean, we tinks. Den you don't has dis thing da beans call 'laundry,' and they don't seem to likes it.  Furry puzzling.

But we know our beans luvs us, and we got a great big compliment on our purr songs. Mom said dat there is no sound more soothing than a cat's purr.  Issn't dat sweet of her?  We practices our purr songs and purr chorus a lot, spec'ly when we is getting pets and scritches. 

Well, we iss still gotta bug mom to dust off da video cam...she didnt' get it out yet.  She said she don't has a U-Tube account, and don't know how to put moving pickchurs online anyhow, so I don't know how dat iss all gonna turn out.  We iss still trying, tho, our fuurrriends...Mebbee sum of yous has sum idees how she kin learn dat stuff?   

I tink dat iss all fur now... YAWWWWNNN.. I tink iss nappy time.


Peeyesss....I seems to be doin' most of da tink da odder kits iss lazy, or what?  I tink it is funs.


The Island Cats said...

We think every day is for mischief!! Heehee!

Tell your mom putting videos on u-tube is real easy...if our mom can do it, so can yours!

The Creek Cats said...

We loves finding mischief!! It's so much funs!

Our mom uses vimeo and youtube. We hope to see you guys in action sometime soon!

Our mom is gonna try to do a video of us this weekend.

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artangan Rumblepurr said...

Oooo, you totally need to get on the youtube.... we wanna see videos of ya!!