Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Weeeeee!!!  Our purrrize came in today's mailbox!  Mew, mew, mew!!  We loves it.  We each got a speshul bag of nip treat wid a ribbon to carry it by.

We had all kinds of funs playing wid it, and now we iss all wored out, and iss nappy time.

Fanks you Misha, for putting us in your contest, and many  fanks you to Stuff Handmade Arts and Crafts for sending such a nice purrrize. 

Effurryones, yous can find more of her Stuffs at: . Purrlease shop wit her, she iss a furry nice lady to sponsor such nice purrrizes.

Nite nite.



Misha said...

Glad you like the toys! Look forward to seeing pics of you guys playing with them.

Anonymous said...

You are most welcome :D I am so glad to hear that you all enjoy the toys. Thank you for the lovely compliments and the link.

The Creek Cats said...

Yeah, we wanna see some pics too!!!
The toys sound like so much fun!!