Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursdee News...commentary

Well... phooey!  We gots told dat da linky didn't work.  Dat's too bad!  We saw mom copy and paste it jus like the directions said for "blog it."

And mom looked agin, and can't find the original post on her facebook page where the linky was. 

We so sorry.  But it was a nice story about a woofie that wanted "out" then jumped over the fence in his yard, and came back wid a tiny kitten someone threw away inside a plastic baggie.  How RUDE!

But, da doggie got da kitten in time, and his mom and dad took it to da vet, and da kitten is going to be just fine.

Isn't dat a nice woofie?


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Here, we found the link for you.

Lizzy said...

Fanks you, Jan....