Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toesday Funnies

OMC!  MOL!  Dis is jus too funny to wait for tumorrow... I know dis is s'posed to be 'Toesday,' but we didn't finds anymore toesie pickchurs....and den dis happend... I was ROFMOL!!!

It wuz about dinnertimes, and mom had to fill da big carton she serves us with outta da great big huge bag of kibbles.  Da big bag wuz almos empty, and mom hads to tip it way ups to empty it into da carton.

Munchkin, she can't wait, and goes to try and help mom, and gits in da way... MOL !!  Mew mew mew... Hee hee.... she bump mom's hand holding da big bag, and a whole bunch of kibbles fell down all over hers head!!  ROFMOL!!!

Mom scolded her and made her leave da area....  me and Tigger, we cant's stops laffing..  Too bad we didn't has moms camra.

s...Jigsaw and Tigger