Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordy Wensdee

Mew, mew, mewl, meeeeeooooooowwwooowwwoooowwwwwww!!!!

 We iss not happy wit mommy today.  She stepsed on an broke our favrit toy ball wit da jingly thing in side.  Den she has da nerve to tell us we haz plenty of odder toys!  Hissss!

We iss not haffing a good week:

  Da Munchkin, she kept getting underfoots and gots her pawsies and her tail stepsed on twicet dis week. 

Da Tigger kept getting in trubble for sitting on da short table in da liffing room, and I fell off da bed pillows and embarissed myself.  

And Munchkin tried to sit in da baskit of mom and dad's cleen cloze, like she luvs to do, and sumpin went wrong and Munchie and da whole baskit fell off da dresser upsides down!  Hee, hee... den Tigger thot it wood be funny to get in da basket behind the stack of cloze..and when mom tried to turn it offur, it wuz too heavy.  MOL!

Me an Munchie wuz in da offiss looking around, and dis jingly thing on mom's desk went off and skeered us both...and we had to scramble outta da room.  Dis is a slippery floor, we had trubble getsing our footings so we could scram.  Natcherly, our tails got all floofed, and mom thot dis wuz funny!  Mrrowr!

And Munchkin, she gots in trubble agin fur clawzing up da liffing room carpet.  Twicet.

We iss tinking, mebee just nappys da rest of da week, and better luck next week.  Mew, mew, mew.


P.S.  Tanks to effuryone dat voted fur me in da Catwalk Caturday contest.


Misha said...

I think your Catwalk Caturday prize will more than make up for that toy!

Lizzy said...

You are quite right, Misha... I'm sure Jiggy forgot all about that in his moment of pique.