Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well, well, furriends...

     Anodder week iss gone, and wee is still waiting on our videeo... NOW mom says she doesn't have anymore tapes, and didn't have any extra munny to get sum..  MEW!   We kittehs do just fine widout dis munny stuff the hoomans is allus fussing about.

    Mom says mebbee we should be out doin' sumpin called 'panhandling' to earn us sum extra munny stuff.  I don't tink dat's a kitteh's job.  I tink she wuz teazin, I know dey would never put us out on da street, as careful as dey are about keepin us away frum open doors.

     I woke up mom today wid whisker tickles and purr songs.... hee hee  meww....  she no like da whisker in da nose, but den da purr song makes up fur it..  MOL...    den I pounce on her feets under da blankies.  Well...she wuz sleepin thru our brekkfist time!   Sumpin about "Hey, it's Sattiday--we gits to sleep in."  I no get it....dey never sleeps ouside.....always sleeps in.... ... and besides, it's CATurday!

    Well, I gonna go see what mishciff I kin find today.  Have a meowerful day, furriends!



Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Heehee!!! These mummy's, they need to learn that we need our food when we need it!!

A note for Munchkin (SMOOCH from Inigo) and Tigger - if it makes you both feel better, Inigo is just over 15 lbs and I am 15 lbs... and I'm still a kitten!!

We're both big boys (not fat, just solid)

Karen Jo said...

Mom's need to learn that they have to get up for breakfast, even when they can sleep late otherwise. I used to get up and feed the kitty, then go back to bed. You have a great way of waking her up.