Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Thoughts


   Hai, furriends!  Mom is letting us haff a few minits to blog, but she says we has to be quick, cuz she is writing a article in her own bloggie.  She writes sumethings called 'photo tutorials.'  Dat bloggie iss at:

  We has read it, but it iss too confusling for us kits.  We don't take pickchurs, either, so we rather read about furry mices and nip toys.  MOL

   Iss sunny and nice out again today, after 2 days of gray stuff.  1 day stormy and 1 day just gray all day.  Not so purrrty.  Mom sez it iss gonna be like dat a lot coming up dis time of year.  Phooey... we likes sunny days better...Dere are more birdies to look at outside, and specially sunspots to nappy in next to da windows.

  Well, dat iss about all we haff time for now.. Mom is coming back, and wants to finish her artickle.

Mew for now!



The Creek Cats said...

Hi furiends! We sure will miss those nice toasty sunbeams when it gets colder and colder. We no like gray skies and cold.

Karen Jo said...

Maybe your sunspots will come back a few times before the really gray days set in. In New Mexico, we get lots of sunshine even in winter, but up in the mountains where I am it gets pretty cold.

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Hello Munchkin!! We think you should come here and snuggle with us, much less grey stuff out this way.