Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hai, Furriends!

   We iss doing da happy kitty dance.  Wheee.. Mom got out da video cam, and dusted it off.  She and dad went out Saturdee, to a model car race, and she tooks videos of da race.  Yestidee, she wuz working with da video in da computer, "edding" it, I tink she called it..

   Dat means our turn to be in video can't be toooo far behind... We iss doing da happy dance all offur da house.  Do yous tink we should praktiss acting for da camra??


Wheee...Meeeewwwwww  meeeeeeewwwhhhwwweeeehheeewww



The Creek Cats said...

Yay!! We are doing the happy dance with you!!! Can't wait to see your happy dance on video!

Misha said...

She took video of a stoopid car race before she took video of you guys? You need to sort out her priorities for her!

Karen Jo said...

It's good that she practiced on the car race to tune up her video skills before she gets to you. I think practicing your happy dance for the camera is a very good idea.