Sunday, November 1, 2009

Easy Sunday? Hmmm... We'll See..

Hai furriends...

   Well, we thot it was gonna be easy Sunday, but we wokes up and da beans wuz still sleepin, and we wuz starvin haff to deth...and they wuz sayin 'it isn' brekkfist time yet.'   We no kin read clocks, but we haz clocks in our tummies.

   Da beans sayin sumpin bout a time change an its a whole hour earlier than what our tummies say.  Well, mewf!   How iss we s'powsed to know dey iss messin wid what time it iss?   Daylite savins time iss offur?  Whats dat mean??  Iss time to eat, dat's all we know!

   Well, we made enuf fuss and gots underfoots enuf to make dem feeds us anyhow, but we sure wuz not furry happy about dat start to da day!

   Well, at least dey did go to da store and get us more treats yesterdee, an when dey got home, we got extry treats...we will give dem dat.  But this messin wid da time haz gotta stop!  Seems to me dat is twicet dis year!

    We hopes da rest of da day iss furry quiet and we kin get our Sundee nappy times.  We hopes all our furriends had a furry nice an quiet an safe Mewloween.  Now we iss going to go find our mischiff before we nap. MOL..

   S...  Munchkin


us4 gatos said...

oh yes, we too do the breasfast corral each morning. its our favorite time cuz we get soft goodness then. have a yummy sunday.

The Island Cats said...

We couldn't unnerstand why it took our beans so long to feed us this morning you sed, our tummies don't know how to tell time!!

Karen Jo said...

Your tummies do know how to tell time, it's just that we beans have been messing with it. You will get used to it after a while.