Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, hai, furriends!

    We did not get to rite our bloggie fur 1 or 2 days (we iss kits--we can't count so good)..on accounta mom said she ran outta green papers and da innernets got shut off . MEW!  We finks she better get her purrorities figgered out!  We wuz furry sads not to be able to see our furriends.

  Mom sez it iss all fixed now, tho, so we kin rite today, and we hopes dat don happens again!  Dat wuz furry scary, you fink?

   Meantimes, we remembered annoder story about da Patches.   Dis happen few weeks ago.   Mom and dad wuz lookin all offur da house for her, an callin her name, and lookin an lookin, an no Patches anywhere.  Finally, mom finks she sees a piece of kitteh tail stikin out frum under da couch.

   Now, da couches our beans haz, dey sit rite on da floor, and dere iss no space to go unnerneath from da front.  Da stooooopid Patchy Cat, she went around behind, and sneekyed under da back side, and den she got herself stuck!

   Mom an dad hadda turn da whole couch upsidey-down, and dere wuz Patchy Cat, stuck hard in between da cloth on da outside of da couch under da arm, and da frame and da metal parts dat let da seat lie back for a nappy spot.  (Mom an dad call it a  reecliner?  We don know why dey needs a speshul chair to take nappys!)

   Anyway, Patches was stuck real good, an it took both mom an dad working for sum time to git her free.  She mewed a cupple of times like it hurt her pawsies or sumpin, but dey coudnt help it if dey wuz gonna git her out.  Da rest of us wuz pretty skeered, an we no got too close..we didn' wanna git stuck in dere!

   We don know how she got in dere to start wif, if it wuz so tight and hard to git out!  She didn't get hurted, but she wuz not a happy kitteh when dey got her out.  Dey tried to hold her an give her pets and snuggles, and she jus wanted to be put down, an she went runnin off down da hall all mad like.  Mom an dad said she wuz swearing!

  So, warning to all our furriends...if your beans has reecliney chairs, do not go behind dem and try to git inside.  It mite seem like a fun snuggle spot, but you mites git stuck!


Gracie said...

I am glad that you all found Patches. How terrible that must have been that she was stuck under the recliner. I hope she didn't get hurt and I really hope that she learned her lesson and will not go under that thing again.

The Island Cats said...

We bet Patches won't do that again!!!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Glad your internet is back and so are you. Poor Patches. She must have been terrified. Good thing no one sat in the chair and tried to recline.

Anonymous said...

Akchooly, furriends, we iss told ... dat was twicet dat Patchy Cat haz done that! She no learn!

The Creek Cats said...

So glad Patches is safe and unharmed, she is so silly!!
We have missed you furiends, so glad you are back online!