Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Satidee...

Hai, furriends!

   Mom shur iss bizzy thees days!  Today, she sez she's gonna be in a purrade!   MEOW!!   A purrade?  Shouldn't we be inbited to pawticipate, too???

   She said iss fur beans only, an she iss gonna be wit her ka-rat-ee class, and do demos of how to defend yurself, effen iff you haz to walk wid a cane.  We wanna go!  We wuz tol we haz to stay home, dat purrades are not fur kittehs.  Meowf!  What's up wit dat?  Dey needs to fink up a new name fur dat kinda event!

  So, Patches iss goin on her road trip, we 3 will be left alone,  mom's daughter haz crazy work hours, so we prolly won't even get much but our meals and our boxes scooped out...and no play time!  I hopes da Jigsaw and da Tigger don't tear each odder apart. ... like dat story in da bean's book about "Da Gingham Dog an Da Calico Cat."   Come to fink of it, dat's a children's book...what a horrible story to tell to little beans! 

   So, furriends, I must close fur now, as mom sez she haz to go purractice her routine sum mores.  Haff a happy an peaceful Satidee, each and effurry one!

S.. Munchkin




The Island Cats said...

Hope your mom has fun walking in her parade...too bad you couldn't go with her!

Kaz's Cats said...

Don't worry about the parade Munchkin - you get to relax at home instead. Hope your Mom does okay and enjoys herself. We hope Patches is not too stressed on her trip, and gets her medicines when she's supposed to have them.


Gypsy & Tasha