Sunday, January 24, 2010

Easy Like Sunday,or so they say

Hai, Furriends!
    (Yaaawwwwwnn.  Streeetccccchhhhh). Oh?  Time to get up?  Already? I thot we jus went to sleep!

Mom an Dad went out las nite an left us all alones fur like haff da nite!  Dey boff put on cowboy hats an boots an left us.  We don' know where dey went, but we don finks dey went cowboyin', cuz dey dad had on der best coats, an no had muds on der shoes when dey got home.

But, dey seemed furry happy when dey got back, an we got pets an scritches, an did not get chased offa da bed.  So I guess it iss ok if dey goes out like dat sumtimes.  Dey haz been kinda grumpy lately, and today it feels better around heer.

3e4mn hjoooooooooooooooopp0sa uyadsalk           hjjjjjsaaaaaaas assssssssss gfreadsssst dsddddaywa left da compooter fur a few minits, and lookit what happened!  I guess dat's why we needs a typist--our pawsies are tooooo big to fit on da keys quite rite.  We wuz tryin to say we hopes all our furriends haz a great day!

Back to the serious business of nappin.



Furkidsmom said...

You did a good job typing! We walk on Mom's keyboard sometimes too. It makes her really happy!!!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

The Island Cats said...

We're glad your humans went out and had some fun so they won't be grumpy anymore!

Simba said...

My Hoomans went out on Saturday night too, and also seemed less grumpy as a result, but Mom got pretty grumpy again with 7 hours of non stop football on the tv. She escaped for a little while to get a few groceries and some gas for the car. She is interested in the outcome of the games but gets stir crazy sitting and watching them.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We don't have your email address, so we stopped by to thank you for your kind words when Crystal died. He is really missed!