Friday, January 22, 2010

Furrigid Furriday

Brrrssseeess!  Iz cold heer today.  Mom hadda turn up da heat alla way to 72 before it started to warm up da howse!  An where we live, we don't even git dat white stuff fallin' from da sky.  But dad said, "if it rains today it will snow!"  We kin watch out da winnows, an see, an still be warm an dry!  MOL

Mom's dotter said der wuz snow up on da mountain..'mount deeablo,' she said  I dunno how to spellz dat.  Dat iz not too far frum where we live, so you know iz cold.

Mom won't let me git up on da desk to see outta dat winnow, so I iz gonna nap in dad's chair.  Hee hee .. he's not home...I finks he will neffurr know! 

We iz havin trubble getting to do our bloggie, cuz mom is hoggin da compooter all day lately.  She says she's workin, but we don't see nuffin but her typin an typin.  Der are still papers all offur her desk.  What work?  We fink she is messin' wif us!

Well, anipals, we haz speshul noos...we gotted tooona last nite!  Reeel toona!   Mom wuz makin' sum fur dad's lunch, an she put sum down fur us.  Tigger was da hogggggg, tho!!  I went to get sum, an he pushed me outta da way!  Dat neffur happens!!  I run da Tigger out alla time!  Mai goodness, but I wuz so shocked!  Dad finally gave me, Munchie and Patches a bowl of our own, so I did get sum.  Munchie, she no liked it!  Did you effur hear of such a silly kitteh who no likes tooona??!!  Patches had sum, an I got sum, too.  But Tigger, mai word, he had way more dan hiz share!  Mom said, "oink, oink, Tigger!"

Well, iz time fur my nappy, so I iz gonna go sit in dad's chair, an have me sum toona dreams! 



The Island Cats said...

Well, if Munchkin doesn't like her tuna, that means more for the rest of you!!

Harry Spotter said...

Have a great weekend!