Friday, February 12, 2010

Furry Furriday


  We haz all been attacked wif da floof-flattener!  We losted a lots of furz to da wastebasket!  We finks dat is so rude!  Jiggy losted da most after da Patchy-cat!  Then me.  I tries to hide, but mom knows all my hidey-spots.  No fair!

  Dad says "Jiggy has dander-ruff an needs a baff!"  MOL  I no finks he will like dat. Me an Munchkin iz da bestest kittehs, cuz we has neffur needed a baff.  Not effen oncet.

  Patches gets a baff purrty offen, cuz her gets stinky feets frum missin da litter box an walkin rite in her puddle.  But sumtimes she slips an falls in her puddle.  Dat iz so messy-stinky!  Da beans haz to shut her in da baff place to clean up after her, an den she gets a baff.  She no likes at all ..  her screams .. da rest of us go hide.  She makes it sound like she iz bein' hurt.  We knows mom an dad would neffur hurt any of us, but mai goodness, Patches haz a furry loud voice an it hurts our ears!

  Dad iz not home, so we know we iz baff-safe for today, cuz it takes both of dem to hold a kitteh still for a baff.  Tomorrow, tho, Jiggy mite get a baff. I will hide and laff.

  Jiggy haz been a notty boy, anyways.  Heer iz a pickchur mom took today of him sneekin up behind da fax masheen to look out dat winnow.  He iz not s'powsed to be up on da desk!

(You kin see all da smears on da winnow from da rain we haz had.  Mom says no point in washing da winnow before da rainy seeson is offur wif.) 

   After she took hiz pickchur, cuz she thot he wuz cute effen if he wuz bein notty, mom snagged him and put him outta da office.  MOL!



Jacqueline said...

We really aren't afraid of water and don't mind getting wet, but none of us has ever had a bath from Mom and we're not sure what we think about it...but, we hope you all don't have to bathe if you don't want to=we'll keep our paws crossed for you guys!...purrs...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Noll's Nip said...

Well of course Jiggy is naughty, he has to maintain his status in the Naughty Kitty Club ;)

Harry Spotter said...

I don't have a problem with floof and fur so but I can relate to your other problem. Fiona gets stinky feets too, she steps in her poops sometimes and then needs a bath. That floof and furs removers seems dangerous to me I would find another hidy spot if I were you.

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Protect the Munchkin floof!!!


Simba said...

Just hearing you talk about baths makes me worried. I have never had to have an allover bath, but a few times I have had to have a bum bath on accounta ...... well,know know ..... I HATE it.

Be sure to count some birds today!

Brian said...

Dad tried giving us a bath once, but our fur stuck to his tongue!

meowmeowmans said...

We've never had to give our kitties baths. We do know that our cat Moosey LIKES getting wet, though ... waits until the beans are done with their showers, then climbs right in! His brofur Sammy doesn't like the water so much, though.

Anonymous said...

We don't like baths - we scream and try to get away. Thank goodness we don't havta have one often!