Friday, April 16, 2010


We iz dancing jigs today! Mom haz purromised to shoot our video today!!! So, we may have TWO posts, dis annowncement one, and den annoder wif da video linky.

Now, since mom haz taken so long abowt gitting around to it, wot do you finks we should do? Should we act all excited and play and put on a good show, or should we takes revenge an refewse to do anyfing but lay around nappin? Hmm... tough choice!

And we wants to fank all our furrineds once again who stopped by to wish Tigger & Munchkin a happy purrthday yesterdee. Mom wuz furry touched by all da nice wishes an greetings.


Oh, an on anodder issue...haz any of our furriends noticed sometimes a furry strange problem wif some comments? Mom came in & looked at our comments from yesterdee, wif all da purrfday wishes fur Tigger & Munchkin, and der were 2 noo ones. Or so she thot.
When she went to read dem, nothing wuz there 'cept a bunch of little empty squares and dots. "2-squares said, ".(whole buncha squares and dots)" "
and another one just the same, but "3-squares said... "
We haz seen dat happen before, an mom usully jus deletes them, cuz no point leaving a comment no one can read.... Haz dat happened to any of you?

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle


Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Munchkin movie.... *happy purrrrrr*


The Island Cats said...

We're gonna go pop some popcorn so we'll be ready to watch your movie later!

Au and Target said...

We can see you but it's slooooooooooow. Waiting for the movie!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh nooooos, we missed Tigger and Munchkin's purrthdays...Happy Belated Purrthday!