Saturday, May 1, 2010


I am speshul, cuz I gotted extry treats today frum Dad, an effurryone else wuz nappin!  He didn't even call dem to come.  Only I got treats today!  I guess Dad likes me after all, in spite of he's allus callin' me names like 'candy-butt' and 'furball.'  I iz a happy kitteh!

Here is my latest pickchur Mom took da odder nite--it took her a little while to get my attenshun, but den I sat real still and purrty for her.  What do you finks?  I fink it iz one of my furry best man-catly pickchurs yet. 

Signed, Tigger.

Hey, move offur, Tigger!  I gots noo pickchurs, too!  Only jus cuz mine is not so good an sharp, cuz Dad wuz ticklin' me.  He wuz purrtending to put makeup on me fur da camra, and using a liddle paintbrush dat tickled me.  Lookee here:

Mom kept sayin' 'hold still, Jigsaw, cuz she wanted to take pickchurs cuz she thot dis wuz cute.  But I couldn't hold still cuz Dad wuz ticklin mai furz.  Mewf.  So, finally, mom gotted dis pickchur of me, doin' my faffurrite vulture pose, only dis time on Dad's chair. 

You kin see his collection of Star Trek & Star Wars modelz in da background.  Sumtimes I git in trubble fur trying to git up der an see da modelz.  Oh, Dad no likes dat!  He worked many hours on each one, an he sez dey will break real easy.

Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle


The Island Cats said...

Well, we think you both are pretty handsome! Tigger, you're very lucky to have gotten treats!! And Jigsaw, we like how your dad was tickling you...we're glad he was just putting pretent makeup on you 'cuz everybuddy knows mancats don't wear makeup!!

Jacqueline said...

Tigger and Jigsaw are two very handsome mancats with sweet faces!...Silly Daddy tickling you with the paintbrush Jigsaw is pretty cute!!...Hope you all have a fun Sunday...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Tigger and Jigsaw, you are a couple of handsome guys.

Furkidsmom said...

That's a lot of handsome ManCatlyness in one post!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids