Sunday, March 6, 2011

Toyz, Toyz, and More Toyz!

Hai, Furriends!

Dis is Tigger heer!  I sneekeeyed in when no one wuz lookin!  Mom haz been so furry bizzy writing articles day gives her sum green paperz dat our bloggie dooties has bin neglecktid fur a long time! (I hopes you likes dis color--it matches mai furz!)

We haz missed all our furriends boff heer on da CB and at da Twitter Pawties.  Den Jiggy gots a big hed on accounta he went to skool to learn "gud inglish" to be da 'spokes-cat.'  Boo, hiss at him!  Now he finks he iz all dat!

Well, I am heer to tell yous all how to make sum furry fun toyz iffen your beans haz no green papers!  Iz funz an easy, an Meowmy haz made us a bunches of dem!

Furst, have yur beans save up all da empty rollz frum der litterbox room. Dese iz fun to play wif in many ways.  Our meowmy fixed up a bunch of dem on a string, an she pulls it down da hall.  Iz just like chasing a worm or sumpin. 

Just have your beans take a long string, almost as tall as dey are, and run it inside da rollz.  At da end you will be chasin, dey should poke 2 holes in da side of da roll, and stick da string out one an back in da odder, den tie a knot to da rest of da string.  Tape da string inside, offur da knot--dey kin use wide tape like fur closin' up boxes--den, put da next roll on da string, and stick da string to da insides of da rollz wif da tape. Do this fur each roll.  Uses abowt 7 or 8 rollz.  Dey kin leaf part of da string stickin owt da top, and tie a loop fur dem to pull it wif.  We luvs dis toy!

If it iz neer da howlidays, (or sum bean's birfday), dey kin save up da plastic spools frum da ribbon.  Deez are funz all by demselves!  Dey roll reely gud, and fur a long time.  Da beans only has to set da spool up on edge, and gives it a push.  Will roll alla way down da hall, wif kittehs in purrsooot!  Iz gud fur starting a game of THoE.

Boxes!  Kittehs, do not let yur beans throw away purrrfecktly gud boxes!  We all knows us kittehs luvs boxes!  We don't effen haff to fit inside da box!  Da challenge of tryin' to git in iz haff da funz! Our sisfur, Soot (who now lives offer da RB) luved to try an stuff herself into tissue boxes!  She wuz so silly!  Heer iz anodder example:  Lookit dis bideo of da famus cat, "Maru" tryin' to git into an impossible box!

Anyfings wif strings espeshully shiny ribbon strings, is fun to chase.  Da beans can easy tie dem or tape dem to a stick or a great big paper rolly fing, like dey gets wif dat gift wrappin' paper!  Is grate funz, just tape or pokey holez to tie da strings or ribbons to one end, and put enuf down thru da paper toob so it sticks owt da end abowt a tail length.  Den, yur beans kin wave ta toob arownd, an you kin jump at da string, an see how hi you kin jump.  If dere iz more dan one kitteh in yur howse, it iz a gud contest!

Dis toy kin also be used as a sneeky-up toy, if yur beans keep it owt of yur sight, 'cept fur da ribbon, which dey kin wiggle..den, when youz go to pownce on it, dey kin pull da ribbon up inside, an you kin stick ur paw in to try an find it. 

Iffen your beans haz any old leather wallets dey is abowt to throw away, meow yur head off, and don't let dem!  You need dis toy!  You kin nom on it, bunny-kick it, carry it in your mouth, and if yur beans really luvs you, dey can sprinkle da inside wif NIP! (Just be sure dey takes owt any plastic window parts dat mite cut you, or zippers dat mite hurt your teeth.)

Dat is sum of my suggeschuns.  And a word of warning: as temting as it mite be, purrlease stay away frum your meowmy's hair ties, and those paper clip and rubber band thingees you may find in da beans baffroom or in der desk.  Dese iz furry dangerus fings fur kittehs, an not toyz.

As fun as it iz to make toyz owt of wot looks like nuffing, dere are a lot of gate toyz to be had as well as lots of odder nice kitteh stuffs iffen your beans haz any of dos pesky green papers dey all seems to fuss offur.
Heer iz a link to a sooper place to order all kinds of fings fur us kittehs.  (Oh, okay..dey haz woofie stuffs, too--but we furgives dem fur dat, on accownt of dey is so nice!)
So, purrlease also bisit our furriends at Nip and Bones fur grate toys, grooming, traveling and all kinds of fings.  Dey haz furry fast shipping, an all da toyz an stuffs iz purrsonally tested an inspected by Chief Kit, Baby Patches!  I'm sure many of you knows her frum da CB, da Facey-Book or Twitter!  (We allus keeps a linky to der shop offur to da left in da sidebar, so you kin find it anytime.)


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hey, good to see you post. Glad your mom is getting some green papers and making you some toys. Stay well!

meowmeowmans said...

Oooh! Homemade toys are the best! :)

Karen Jo said...

These toys all sound like great fun. Happy Birthday, Tigger and Munchkin!

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Happy Birthday Tigger & Munchkin!!! Hope all is well with you!!
Howdy from your TX furiends,

meowmeowmans said...

Happy birthday, Tigger and Munchie! We hope you guys are doing well ... we miss you!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Happy Birthday, Tigger & Munchkin. Hope you have a special day and your mom's work is rolling along.

Jacqueline said...

Happy Birthday Tigger and Munchkin!...We hope you both enjoyed a fun day with lots of extra cuddles and treats, sweet friends...We miss you all!!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Eric and Flynn said...

Happy Birthday Jigsaw.

Mr Puddy said...

I come from CBD. I just want to say Happy Birthday to Jigsaw : )
I hope you have a wonderful day !

meowmeowmans said...

Happy Birthday, Jigsaw Puzzle! We hope you have a great day and that your year is filled with love and happiness (and TREATS). :)

We hope you guys are doing well. We miss you!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Happy Birthday, Jigsaw!

ArtemisiaFSS said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Jacqueline said...

We stopped by to wish Jigsaw a Happy Birthday!!...We hope you get lots of extra cuddles and treats on your special day, sweetie...We miss you guys and hope everyone is well...big smoochies...Calle, Halle, Sukki