Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ha Ha Ha!! Jigsaw Puzzle is a Klutz!

  Dis is Nugget, and I has to tell on Jiggy.  He is a clumsy kitty, and he duz such silly things!

Da other day, he wuz on mom's bed  (well, really, it's OUR bed you know; we just let her sleep there), and he wuz chasin' hiz own tail!  Silly boy.

Den, he got so buzy wif dat, he furgot to watch where he wuz goin', and he fell right of da edge of da bed!  MOL!!!  He wuz embarrisded, and left da room...

Iz too bad mom didn't haz da camera thingy to take a bideo!

Haz you effer heard of anyfing so silly az a kitteh chasing his tail?  We thot dat wuz a doggie fing!

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The Island Cats said...

MOL! I've been known to chase my tail when I'm on the cat tree. Funny...I haven't caught it yet. ~Zoey