Monday, August 24, 2009

Mishcievous Monday

Hai, efurryone..

Munchkin heer, telling today's mishief tale of a tail iz about der Tigger. Hee hee, moms wuz coming inside da house and she caughts him up on da counter by da sink. He knows he's not sposed to be up der. Den moms came in agin, and catchs him on da short table in da liffing room. Uh, ohs, Tiggers..youz in troubles now. Spec'lly he jus looked at her when she said to git down, he just stared, and mom had to come tap his butt before he moved. Bad Tigger today.

(Tigger shoves Munchkin away from the keyboard)

Hey, dat's not fair, Munchie...youz got in trubble, today, too. Mom's came in and caughts you clawzing up da carpet..twicet! An we gots dis really great scratcher and climbing tree for doing dat...and Munchkin, she's always clawzing up da rug... Bad girl! (See da pic of my friend, and Munchie's sisfur Soot on da right side...shes' on dat scratcher tree)

(Jigsaw says, move over-my turn!)

Youz 2 thinks youz all about dat, jus cuz youz wuz heer firstest. I sees you boths git scoldid all the times, and I has to MOL.. hee hee you iz in trubble--you iz in trubble... hee, I iz a perfec angel yessiree I iz.

(Patches stumbles up to the keyboard)

Not so fas, der, Jiggy...I may be sleepsy a lots, but I see and heers youz git scoldid too, spec'lly for chassing down da Tigger and pouncings him. Sumtimes even mom finds chuncks of Tigger furz on da floors.... and den she scolds you for pouncings him.

(Mom returns and finds kitties at play on her computer)

Ok, you four, you've had your fun for the day... You've all told stories about each other, and all of you are guilty of something or other from time to time. Just know this: you are all my kitty baby fur children, and I love you all a whole bunch, and I always will. Getting scolded does not change that at all... I hope you all understand that.
Smoochies and huggs to all my fur babies, and I'm glad you are enjoying your blog.

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Jade said...

Hi, Tigger, Jigsaw, Munchkin and Patches... we get scolded too. There are just two of us cats here & a woofie. It nice to read more about you all...

Purrs... Jade & Myst

Woofs... BG