Sunday, August 23, 2009


Today iz a lazy day, too...kinda like Sleepy Sattidy....but mom iz bizzy in her art place, so we gets to do more nappying. Today we is just putting up sum ideaz, but dey not parts of a story or news...just thinkings.

Mom is working on sum new kitty signs for people. They say fun things on dem... and she has dem in her shop at (See the EFA button at da top, it takes you der.)

She sez she is making sum doggy ones, too. We don't sees why, but mom say only fairs. We know kitties rule, anyways, so I guess it's ok. We kin let da doggies have der funs. MOL

Oh, good she sez sum peeples wants signs for horsies. I don't tink peeples keep horsies in der houses, do you? Do horsies use da litter box? ROFMOL!!

Heer is a joke: Why did da kitty cross da road? ... Cuz dat's where da chickens went! MOL We iz so funny!

Now, we is gonna go see if mom dusted off da video cam yet..and bugs her til she duz. Den, we go back to our nappying.

See you laters. Look for Mischievous Monday post tomorrow.

s...Tigger, Jigsaw, Munchkin and Patches


Everycat said...

Hello you lot! It's very nice to meet you. We tried to look at the signs but Etsy was playing up so we couldn't. We will look later.

Whicky Wuudler

Anonymous said...

Very nice to meet you all! We take lots of Naps. In fact we hardly have Awakes if we can help it!