Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sleepy Sattiday

Yawwwnnnsss... We all sleeps in on Sattidays....even the hoomans. Dat Patches, tho, she's always asleep...think so even when she's walkings around. She gots some kinds of twitchy-shaky sickness, and the hoomans, they always putting pills in her mouth.... every days. We tries to plays wit her, but she is eider sleepy or grumpy at us.

Jigsaw, he's da scamp... he wakeys evfurrybody up. Sumtimes da hoomans close him outta da room .. hee hee... he gits up on da pillows by their heads....

Tigger he lazy sumetimes, too.. Jiggy likes to chase him up da hall...sumtimes Tigger chases back.. sumeitmes I chase Jigsaw... funs. Den I gits yelled at and I gits shut outta da room, too. Oh, noes... too much funs.

Tigger he my buddy ..we iz best furriends.. esp since my sisfur, Sootsie passed. I misses her. Tig and me, we plays chase and hidey-seek in our blue cubes..den we go nap to gether. I tink mom has sum pix of us nappying.'s one:

Das all for Sleepy Sattiday... I'z going to take a nappy nows.

.................signed, Munchkin


Noir in Texas said...

Love the photo with 'togetherness!" Nice to see some fellow kittes get along! :)

And sleeping on Saturdays are the BEST!

Noir in Texas

The Island Cats said...

It's nice that you and Tigger get along so well! Look how cute you two are together!