Friday, September 25, 2009


  We think that for Fuuuurrrrriday, we will sheds furs all over all da furrrrniture and mom and dad's bed. 
  They had to get out da lint brush last night before they could get in da bed! 
  Dat wuz Jigsaw and Patches did dat--right between their pillows!  (MOL--snickering behind paws...)  Dey sneekys under da covers... hee hee.. mom and dad tinks cuz da covers is up, da bed is 'safe.'  ROFMOL
   Jigsaw sleeps all nite on da pillows above mom's head.  Or, at least, dats what mom tinks.  After she is sleepying, he sneekys down and shares her pillow.  Den she wakes up wid fuz-furs in her face.  MOL

   Tigger, he has a bad habit--he sucks his own tail--and mom finds hairballs all da time.  Last nite, he coughed it up in his own bed.  Dat wuzn't so funny to Tigger.  Now, he has no bed till mom washes it, and his pillow takes a few days to dry all da way.  But, he doesn't learn not to do dat.  Silly boy!  Has any of you odder kits effur heard of such a silly habit? comes da Tigger... gotta hid dis quick, so he don't sees we told on him.  Dat's all for today.

  Purrrrrssss to all our furrrriends.

...s. Munchkin


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Danielle said...

Hi Munchkin!

I tend to shed all over my bean's clothes. The bean, for some reason, doesn't like this. I'm trying to get the bean to look like me!