Saturday, September 26, 2009



    Da beans slept late, which meant our breakfast wuz late!    Dey said dat none of us iss in any danger of starvings to death...  Whazzzzat s'posed to mean??   Not funny.

   Den, we iss all out of our Satidee treats food, and only got dry crunchies.  Dey wuz talking about sumting called a 'budget,' and says we has to tighten our belts jus like dey do. Hmph.  We no unnerstands... we don't wear belts...  Beans are furry strange.

  Mom said when dey goes shopping next Toesday, we will get summmore of our treat foods.   We don't know whether or not to wait nicely, or be bad kittehs and get into mischiff for revenge.  Tigger says wait nicely, it will be ok, Patches will wait, I wants revenge, and Munchie can't make up her mind.  What a purrlemma!


   OK..we will behave somewhat... Dad did give us some of our special treats from da crinkly baggie...

s...Jigsaw Puzzle

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