Monday, September 14, 2009

Mischief Monday

Well, hello, all our furrriends.  We hopes you had a nice weekend.  We wuz kinda bored, cuz mom and dad were gone all day both days, den dey came home all tired, and went to bed early.

I guess it wuz ok, tho, cuz we got extra nappys.  Mom tried to let us play with our feather toy when dey got home, but da Munchkin, she iz a toy hog, and no one else can play!  I tried to catch da toy, and she pounced on it right in my face! I tink she even stepped on my whiskers, dat's how close she came!  Not fair!  

So, we wuz plotting revenge, and sum kits left comments for how we could do dat, but we tinks it is ok now, cuz after all, mom and dad work at home, so really, dey iz here wid us efurryday anyhow.  We gits pretty much a lot of pets most days...and playtimes if we feels like it.

I loves running what mom and dad calls 'da kitty 500' all around da house.  Funs!  Hee hee... sumtimes I crashes into fings...and den mom or dad yells at me...or sumtimes it makes a big bang and I git skeered.  But we has funs...and we luvs nappy piles.   Iz it nap time yet?

I tink we wore ourselfs out trying to tink up mischiefs.  Dat is hard work.  So maybe we don't do mischief todays.  We surprise dem and do it on Toesday instead.  Mew mew mew!!  MOL!!


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The Creek Cats said...

Sounds like you kept yourselves busy over the weekend! Your Munchkin sounds like our Ferris, he is a huge toy hog!