Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Greetings, Furrriends!

    We finally has sum offishal Toesday pickchurs.  We hopes you likes dem.

Dis is Munchkin--one of her odder names da beans call her is "Pretty Paws."  Hey!  I tink I has pretty paws, too!  :::pout:::

And heer she is again, makin' biskits.

Dis is da Jigsaw puzzle--I guess he didn't want to show off his toesies today.

Here is Patches, "thinkin' " ... you see her toesies better in the bloggie header.

And finally, we has, me, da Tigger.
Mom calls this pickchur "Tanglefoot Tigger"  MOL.

And dat is our Toesday entry.



The Creek Cats said...

You guys have the greatest sets of toesies!!
Happy Toesday!

Karen Jo said...

Lots of very nice toesies on display today.