Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Mewy Thursday, effurryone...

  OMC---How did you likes our 'Wordless Wensdee' bloggie?  MOL...  Hee hee hee... we didn't write any post yesterday...guess you can't get any more 'wordless' than that!   ROFMOL 

  Mom has been furry busy working on her ceramics we iz kinda bored dis week.  We knows she will make it up to us, tho.... we always gets late-nite playtime on her busy days. 

Our fave toy right now is a stick and string with a whole bunch of little strings on da says it is lether...whatefurr dat iss... but it is funs to chew on.  Mom says she likes dat toy, cuz we can chews it and not destroy it like we do wid da feather toy.  Awww....what's the fun in dat???

Patches has been a furry bad girl dis week... she keeps peeing behind da bathroom door...right next to da litter box.  Mom says Patches thinks dat if her face is ofur da box, she tinks she's in it!  She iss a bad kitteh!  We iss good kittehs...we don't do dat....well... 'cept maybe Jigsaw iss a bad boy sumtimes... he iss in da box alright, but den he stands up and sprays out ofur da edge!  Mom never catches him at it, so he never gits scolded.  Sumtimes Patches gits blamed fur dat.

But I iss a furry, furry, good boy.  I nefur git into trubble like dat.   I luvs mom, and I keeps her compiny all da time she iss in da office.   And I gits scritches and pets.

Iss nappy time now...and mom is leaving da office, so I have to get off da compooter...  be well and happy, my furriends...


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Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artangan Rumblepurr said...

Is hard work being a good boy, I know.

heh heh heh