Monday, October 26, 2009

Mondee Madness

We iss trying hard to stay out of mom's way today.. She wuz working at da compooter, and wuz having trubble wif sumpin.  She kept pounding da desk and saying stuff we don' usully heer her say.  An she sounded mad.

Der wuz papers all offur da desk, and dey wuz fallin on da floor.  She went out to talk to dad twicet, and we don' fink he could fix whatever it wuz for her, cuz he didn' com back in da house.  Mom and Dad beans no fight wid each odder...dis iss a furry nice house wid no argyments goin on, but sumtimes one of dem gits mad at sumpin else, an dey iss not happy fur a whiles.

We jus stay in da odder room so we don get stepsed on or sumpin.  I hope mom feels better soon so we can haz our scritches and belly rubs.

I know las nite, mom was upset wid da Patchy cat...she seems to haz a problem ... she finks if her face is offur da litter box, den she mus be in it... and alllus makes a mess on da floor dat mom haz ta clean up... but I don' fink dat's da problem today.. dat has nuthin to do wif da compooter.  I fink mom gits mad at da compooter a lot.   

So, we haz to cut dis short, now... heer she comes back agin.


Peeyess...I wuz pouting las nite, too.. I  gotted in trubble fur trying to help mom clean up after Patchy cat... I wuz jus tryin to bury da mess Patches left... nacherly da sand got on da floor--how else wuz I gonna bury da mess??


The Creek Cats said...

Oh noes! Sure hope the cumpooter gets fixed up soon. Those things can be so frustrating!!

Purrs to you furiends!

The Island Cats said...

Sometimes you just gotta stay out of the beans''s better to do that! We hope she figures out the computer soon!

Anonymous said...

I fink I offur-heerd mom tell dad it wuz sumpin about da papers, and she coudln't figger out how ta put dem in da compooter..and sumpin about da peeps dey works wid...
I don' see how to put papers IN da compooter.... no wonner she wuz havin trubbles.

Karen Jo said...

I would have trouble with that, too. I have never figured out how to properly work the scanner. I hope your Mom figures it out soon. I hope you didn't get into too much trouble for trying to help Mom with Patchy's mess.